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Revenge. Edie Swann has hungered for it since she fled her hometown as a little girl. Now she’s returned, ready for payback. Armed with a list of names, she leaves each one a chilling sign that they have blood on their hands. Her father’s blood. What happens next turns her own blood cold: one by one, the men she’s targeted start dying.

Sheriff Holt Drennen knows Edie is hiding something. She has a haunted look in her eyes and a defiant spirit, yet he can’t believe she’s a murderer. As the body count rises and all evidence points to Edie, Holt is torn between the town he’s sworn to protect and the woman he’s come to desire. But nothing is what it seems. Long buried secrets begin to surface, and a killer won’t be satisfied until the sins of the past are paid in full–this time with Edie’s blood.


One of the most fun aspects of writing fiction is living vicariously through my characters. This was especially true with my heroine in One Deadly Sin, Edie Swann.

Edie is a Harley-riding, tattoo-sporting, mascara-wearing tough guy. In short, your average biker chick. She tends to leap before she looks and speak before she thinks. Which is how she finds herself caught in the trap she sets for others.

But she’s also real, with an unexpected soft spot for a five-year-old and lots of regrets. Over the course of the book, she discovers a lot about herself and her thirst for the truth. And especially about that old adage to be careful what you wish for.

What was fun about writing Edie was that I could live her life without having to live it. I could be reckless and wild. I could zoom off in her Harley, look as good as she does in leather, and not care a whit what other people think of me. Being Edie was fun, even when things got dark and dicey (maybe because I knew, somehow, it would all end up all right…)

So that got me wondering. Who do other readers wish they could be? Would you trade places with Edie? How about with Clare Randall in Outlander, or Eve Dallas in J.D. Robb’s books?

Clare gets that fabulous Jamie (sigh), and Eve gets the equally fabulous Rourke (double sigh). Who wouldn’t want to be them, if only for a night?

And then there’s real life. We all have people we hold in esteem and admire. One of mine is Florence Nightingale. Today she’s become a bit of a punch line, but she truly changed the world. She singlehandedly created nursing as we know it as well as the modern hospital. And she did it during war, fighting The Powers That Be every step of the way.

I’m not sure I’d want to be Flo, but I sure as hell would have loved to be there watching her work. Which is why I enjoy the character of Hester Latterly in Ann Perry’s historical mysteries. Hester worked with Nightingale in the Crimea and returns to Victorian England stronger for it.

So there they are—some of my fantasies. Who are yours? If you happened upon a magic genie who’d let you become anyone in fact or fiction, who would you choose?



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