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Before I head off to give the Diva a bath, I had her pick a name for the winner of one of Nalini’s books.
Winner is……..
Congrats Allison!
Please email Nalini your snail mail addy at nalinisinghwrites @ gmail.com (without the spaces). Enjoy your prize! )

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The little Diva is sleeping so I had my oldest help me with picking out a winner for Karen’s post.
Winner of COSMIC SEX is…….
Congrats Pam! Please email Karen your snail mail addy at kkelley @ classicnet.net (without the spaces). Enjoy your prize! 🙂

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Loving Alpha Heroes


I’m really excited to be here chatting with you all today – thanks to Fatin for inviting me! I thought that since I have Mine to Possess releasing in a few days, and it’s a book that features a hot alpha hero, it would be fun to talk about what makes an alpha hero so fascinating.



First, how about a definition – for me, a true alpha hero is protective to the core. He might snap, growl and be otherwise unwelcoming to the heroine, but when push comes to shove, he’ll be there to protect her from harm. These are men with a rock solid core of honor – they might act like Neanderthals on occasion, but they’ll never choose to harm an innocent.


It’s why, I think, we like the bad boy biker hero, or the brooding loner. We know that despite his apparent heartlessness, he not only has a heart in there, it’s a powerful one, one that will cherish any woman lucky enough to see through his hardened exterior.


And is there anything more emotionally wrenching than the moment where the tough, alpha hero opens up and hands the heroine his heart? Here are a couple of my favorite moments where the hero offers the heroine everything he is, body and soul.


You have my heart—don’t break it.

~ Stephanie Laurens (Ask in the comments if you want the title of the book – I don’t want to spoil it for anyone)


I love this declaration because it’s so short and to the point, so alpha, and yet, he’s given the heroine such incredible power over him. Wow, just wow.


“I need you like the desert needs rain.”

~This one’s from one my own books and I really love this entire scene, because this hero is so proud, so contained, but with these words, he tears open his soul and shows the heroine just how vulnerable he is to her.


Do you have favorite moments like these? Want to share? What about alpha heroes in general – what do you love most about these men? Any that you adore more than others?


All comments go into a draw to win a signed copy of a book from my backlist, (not including Mine to Possess). And talking about prizes, I have this competition about hot heroes running on my blog (http://www.nalinisingh.blogspot.com) where you can go into the draw to win a $50 Amazon voucher plus a cute prize pack. It closes end of this week, so enter before it’s too late.

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I love writing and being a published author.  It’s definitely a dream come true.  Actually, it was almost the dream that didn’t come true.

I fell in love with romances when the kids were little and Karl and I could only afford one vehicle so I was stuck at home most of the time.  Not that it mattered since I didn’t have a driver’s license.  Romance books transported me to another place and another time.  I was hooked.  Then one day I came up with the idea that I could write one.  It looked so easy(snort).

I sat down in front of an old typewriter that we had and painstakingly managed to get three pages.  I think I used a whole bottle of whiteout.  The pages were pretty good, though.  Then I told my mother that I was going to write a book.  She told me that I wasn’t smart enough to write a book.  Wow, talk about a kick in the stomach.  And what was worse, I believed her.  Why shouldn’t I believe her?  I hadn’t finished high school.

A few years later, she said I wouldn’t make it through nursing school, either.  But I had to do something.  My husband had just been diagnosed with a form of crippling arthritis (he was 25 at the time) and was told he’d be in a wheelchair in five years (he’s still not in a wheelchair).  I got my GED, went to nursing school, and finished in the top 5 of my class.

I continued to devour romance books, but I still believed I wasn’t smart enough to write one.  Then one day my son, who was about 12 at the time, found those first three pages I’d written all those years ago.  He came into the living room where I was and asked why I’d quit writing.  He told me those 3 pages were really good.  He was the only one who’d ever seen them.

I had given up my dream because someone told me I wasn’t smart enough.  It still took me another 6 years, and learning more about the craft of writing, before I sold my first book.  (It wasn’t as easy as I’d first thought)

My mother passed away 3 months before my first book came out, a Kensington Precious Gem, but she knew I had sold.  She told me she hadn’t wanted me to be disappointed and that’s why she’d said I wasn’t smart enough.

I’ve sold 11 single titles and 5 novellas since then.  I’m no longer in nursing except to keep my license current.  I’m living my dream and I’m having a blast.

Currently, I’m writing hot, sexy paranormal romances with a lot of comedy. Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind, first book in my planet Nerak series has been nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award.

And this from Romance Junkies on my second book in the planet Nerak series that has just been released:

COSMIC SEX is a laugh-a-minute, out-of-this world romance.   I love Kia’s quirky personality and her no-nonsense attitude. She never lets Nick get away with anything. Nick is a hero with a lot to offer once he gets over his love ’em and leave ’em attitude. The explosive love scenes scorch the pages of this amazing sexy book. I could not put it down and read it in one sitting! Karen Kelley’s creative writing ability and sense of humor is obvious throughout the entire book.   I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this awesome series. By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass 5 Blue Ribbons.

Just make a comment, say hi or whatever so I’ll know who you are and I’ll put your name in the hat for a chance to win a copy of Cosmic Sex.  And if you want to read an excerpt check out my website at

Good Luck,

Karen Kelley

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Make sure you join us this week at Novel Thoughts. I’ve got Karen Kelley & Nalini Singh popping in and giving out prizes.

January 28: Karen Kelley Guest Blogging

January 29: Nalini Singh Guest Blogging

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Choosing the blog winner was very difficult. I enjoyed everyone’s post so much. You all have wonderful imaginations! But, I did have to choose one, and the winner is Buffie!
Buffie, please drop me a note at paula@paulaquinn.com with your address and I’ll get you book right out.
Thank you ladies, for making my visit here so special. I hope to be invited back 🙂

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More book shopping! :)

Went to BAM again today…one of the girls needed a book for a report she’s doing and while I was there I ended up helping the manager put out the romance books…LOL I think I came home with half of what she had on the cart to put out. She said I could come back and help her anytime I wanted since I made the time go faster for her. ROFL

IN THE HIGHLANDER’s BED by Cathy Maxwell
THE BRIDE by Carolyn Davidson
MINE TO POSSESS by Nalini Singh
TO PLEASURE A LADY by Nicole Jordan
SOMEONE TO LOVE by Jude Deveraux
DEMON NIGHT by Meljean Brook
KISS OF FIRE by Deborah Cooke

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How did you two meet?


Thank you, Fatin, for inviting me.


When people discover that my husband and I were childhood sweethearts, I’m often asked how we met. It’s something you never forget, especially us women.  I can give the exact day of the week, the time, place, circumstance, etc. of the event that changed my life. I was fourteen years old and traipsing down the street, walking my dog while covertly eyeing the cute Irish boy lounging on the hood of a parked car, laughing with his friends. When I walked by him, he cleared his throat and asked me what my dog’s name was. I told him. He smiled and asked, “What’s yours?” How’s that for smooth, I ask you? Hey, it’s smooth to a fourteen year old, ok? And the rest, as they say, is history.


Meeting my characters for the first time is a bit like meeting my husband that fateful day-not as heart stopping, but always exciting and unforgettable. Like a chance encounter with the man of one’s dreams, the heroes in my books usually appear when I least expect them, sweeping my muse right off her feet.  When I’m getting ready to begin a new book, every face I see is a potential candidate for the lead. I sometimes have dozens of handsome men pacing about in my head, eager to audition for the part. (It’s a tough job, I know, but someone’s got to do it.) But my muse is a fickle diva and most of the time she turns up her nose, sending them all away. I’m visual. I could have the entire story-line plotted out, know exactly what the hero should be like, and what his conflict will be, but it’s the face (and of course, the body) that makes him come to life in my head.  Authors are also casting directors, you know.


When I was writing Lord Of Desire, I knew the setting, the other key players, even the hero’s name, but it wasn’t until I was watching a concert on television, not even thinking about the story, when the hero introduced himself to me. He was singing and his voice pulsated with emotion while his fingers picked and strummed a mournful, yet furious sonata on his guitar. The passion was Brand Risande, hungering for something lost, bitter with betrayal. “That’s me,” he whispered. “Let me tell you my story.” He did, and every word, every page grew around him.

Prince Gareth from Lord Of Seduction really kept me waiting. I was beginning to panic when my muse remained indifferent and unresponsive to every applicant who applied for the job. I’d written eight chapters starring a one dimensional hero and the deadline clock was ticking. At that point, I wanted to smack my muse in the head. You see, she’d been spoiled by Lord Dante Risande, my hero in Lord Of Temptation, who came to me without her help. Like my husband, reclining lazily on the hood of that car, Dante appeared before me, curled his lips into a carefree, dazzlingly roguish smirk and took my breath away. Ha! Who needs you anyway, diva?  I did, she painfully reminded me as she hurled another five candidates for Prince Gareth into oblivion.  And then it happened again. I was sitting with my family, watching American Idol and there he was!  Who would have ever thought my hero was a long-haired hippie type from Alabama?  Well, it wasn’t really Gareth, but it was the face, the subtle hint of deviance in his sensual expressions, the silky, honey colored mane that danced around his shoulders while he moved. My muse elbowed me in the ribs. There’s your Gareth, she whispered with snooty satisfaction. Now get on with your story. So I chucked those first eight chapters and began again.


With my most recent release, Laird Of The Mist, I’d had the story in my head for years, even before Lord Of Desire was published. I had done most of the research on the MacGregor clan and even attempted to write the story a few times, but something was missing. Callum. This story had a life of its own, with a hero who had to be born for the role. I didn’t try to find him. Somehow I knew he’d find me. I once heard that a story chooses the storyteller, not the other way around. I think this is true with characters, as well.  So I waited patiently, writing other stories in the meantime.  The meeting was quite unexpected. I was waiting to cross one of Manhattan’s busy streets and was nearly run over by a bus.  As I leaped back, heart jarred from its place, fist curled at the bus driver, an enormous face stared back at me. It was one of those huge advertisements they paste on the side on the bus for pedestrians to see from a safe distance away. This one was introducing a new actor on the American scene, soon to be starring in his first major role as Attila. His name was Gerard Butler, or as I soon began to call him, Callum MacGregor.  He was perfect! My gosh, he was even Scottish! His character was so strong, so real for me that he began to take over all my hero’s faces. But he was born to be Callum and nearly killed me to let me know it.


So what if it’s eccentric. I’m a writer and I can be a little overly imaginative if I want to be.  As a reader, so can you, and you certainly don’t have to envision the same face the author chose.  Have you ever read a book where you imagined the hero to be a certain someone? A man you felt was born to play the role?  Tell me about it. Or tell me about how you met your partner. I’ll be choosing one winner from the comments to receive a signed copy of Laird Of The Mist.


Think hard, and watch your step while crossing the street.

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Deborah Cooke

I think these covers are so sexy! I can’t wait for the first book to come out on the 5th! 🙂



Dragonfire: Book 1
One kiss can change the course of destiny…

When ace accountant Sara Keegan decides to settle down and run her quirky aunt’s New Age bookstore, she’s not looking for adventure. She doesn’t believe in fate or the magic of the tarot—but when she’s saved from a vicious attack by a man who has the ability to turn into a fire-breathing dragon, she questions whether she’s losing her mind—or about to lose her heart…

Quinn Tyrrell has long been distrustful of his fellow Pyr and a self-reliant loner. When he feels the firestorm that signals his destined mate, he’s determined to protect and possess Sara, regardless of the cost to himself. Then Sara’s true destiny is revealed—and Quinn realizes he must risk everything—even Sara’s love—to fulfill their entwined destinies…




Dragonfire: Book 2
One act of passion can change the world…

Scientist Alexandra Madison was on the verge of unveiling an invention that would change the world—then her partner was murdered, their lab burned and their prototype destroyed. When recurring dragon-haunted nightmares threaten to land her in a psychiatric hospital, Alex knows she has to escape to rebuild her prototype in time. But first she must return to her ruined lab…

Handsome, daring, and impulsive, Donovan Shea is more than willing to do his part in the Pyr/Slayer war and save The Madison Project. Assigned to kidnap Alex, Donovan is shocked when her presence ignites the firestorm. He has no desire for a destined mate, but when Alex is attacked by a Slayer, Donovan finds himself meeting fire with fire in her defense. Won over by Alex’s intelligence and determination, Donovan fights to rebuild her invention in a race against time. By the time the Slayers close in on their prey, Donovan knows he’ll surrender his life to protect Alex, –but will have to lose his heart to possess her…


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Did some book shopping…

Went to the mall to get hubby a few birthday presents…and before we left, I made a pitstop at BAM and picked up some books for me. 🙂

GIVE ME A TEXAN by Jodi Thomas, DeWanna Pace, Linda Broday & Phyliss Miranda
PROMISEGIVERS by Dorothy Garlock
EXTREME DANGER by Shannon McKenna
COSMIC SEX by Karen Kelley
THE SECRETS BETWEEN US by Barbara Delinsky

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