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Hot in Here

She wasn’t his dish-until someone turned up the heat.

Celebrity chef and infamous ladies man Bryce Ryder can’t believe the thoughts he’s having about his old friend Jenna McCabe. She’s always been the shy girl-next-door, but when some bad publicity threatens everything he’s built, Jenna gets down to business-and shows a side of herself that is take-charge and totally irresistible.

Soon things are heating up in and out of the kitchen-and all of Jenna’s secret fantasies about Bryce start coming true. But will she be the one to tame his heart, or is the sexy chef just indulging another one of his cravings?

Thanks to Fatin for having me here today.

At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to blog about, but then I realized that I had to talk about the premise of the book. I love cooking and thumbing through cookbooks! I also love to eat! I find cooking a good creative outlet, as well, it’s usually when I come up with some good ideas for brainstorming a writing a problem. So, it doesn’t surprise me that my first erotic contemporary book is about food, and the love of eating…as well as a few other fun things to do with food!

I remember the night the idea for Hot In Here came to me. I was stressed. I was under some tight deadlines and the paying job was not going so well. I was picking up something at my mum’s and happened to see a cooking magazine on the counter (My mum is a FANTASTIC cook!) That magazine was Richardo. He’s a Canadian with a neat cooking show on the Food Network. He’s kind of cute, too!

So, I made the off handed comment, as I’m running late and still have a few things to do before I have to go home and make supper, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work and have some hunk standing there in your kitchen with a gourmet meal ready for you?’ My mum snickered, and my imagination went into overdrive.
That evening, I had a premise. Bryce is a sexy man who can cook! Who likes women who eat! He’s my fantasy, to be honest. I love him.

I had so much writing this book and researching the recipes that Bryce uses. He loves chocolate, and he’s highly creative with it! I’ve since tried to get my husband into cooking, but so far he’s not biting! He’s more of a grilling type of guy!

So, if you could come home to some gorgeous guy, and a knock out meal he’d prepared for you with his gorgeous hands, what would you want that meal to be?


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