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9780451415325_medium_The_Mistress_MemoirsDisgraced by her past employer, young governess Kate Walcott owes her loyalty to the only woman willing to hire her—the sought-after courtesan Mrs. Georgette Lawson. Georgette entrusts Kate with the care of her unruly children—and the writing of her shocking memoirs, which detail her affairs with famous gentlemen, including the rakehell who promised to marry her, then ruined her.

Sir Colin Boscastle intended to keep his promise to Georgette—until his father was murdered. Thirteen years of chasing vengeance pass before he returns to find Georgette sleeping in his enemy’s bed. Revenge has destroyed their romance, but the two former lovers agree to set a trap to restore Colin’s honor.

Caught in this deadly game, Kate struggles to resist Colin’s virile charm. She knows he is a born heartbreaker and unreliable rogue. Should she believe him when he whispers that, for her, he will change his sinful ways?


NT: Hi Jillian! Thank you for being our guest today.

Thank you for inviting me! I’m happy to be here.


NT: When did you know you want to be a writer? How long did it take for you to make your first sale?

I’ve been an avid reader all my life. I started writing stories when I was about sixteen. But it wasn’t until I was in college that I realized I wanted to be a writer. I sold the first historical romance I submitted, but it wasn’t the first book I’d written. It took me seven years to write a book I thought was good enough for publication.


NT: You have a new release this month, THE MISTRESS MEMOIRS. Can you tell us about it?

The Mistress Memoirs is a continuation of the Boscastle series. Basically the hero, Sir Colin Boscastle, returns to England for revenge and to make amends to the woman he abandoned only to find she has become his enemy’s mistress. Neither Colin nor his former lover, Georgette, want to resume their romance; in fact they don’t even like each other. Caught between their crossfire is Georgette’s companion and governess to her three children, Miss Kate Walcott. It isn’t long before Colin realizes that everyone in the household relies on Kate; he can’t resist her, either.


NT: Do you have a writing routine? What is your average writing day like?

I exercise and read emails in the morning and then tackle the hardest scenes I have to write. This is my core writing time. I take a break in the afternoon for family. After dogs and daughters are fed, I’ll sneak in another few pages. Unless I’m on deadline I usually research at night and organize my office for the next day. On deadline I might write until dawn.


NT: Is there anyone you can use as a sounding board when you are stuck on a scene?

My husband is a wonderful sounding board because he’s analytic and I’m not.


NT: What was the most interesting thing you had to research and what was the hardest thing to research?

The most interesting thing I had to research was sword fighting. I took lessons from actor/weapons instructor Anthony De Longis, and had incredible fun. I also threw knives and a tomahawk. I’ve admired Anthony ever since he trained Michelle Pfeiffer with the bullwhip for her classic Catwoman role.

The hardest thing I’ve had to research might have been the history of anesthesia for A Deeper Magic. I wanted the details to be as accurate as possible. The hero was a Scottish doctor.


NT: When not busy writing, what do you like to do in your spare time? (If there is such a thing *G*?)

Spare time? I like to garden, go to the beach, and find treasures at flea markets.


NT: What are the latest additions to your TBR pile? What are your most eager to read?

The new releases from Lisa Kleypas, Elizabeth Hoyt, and Julia London. I’m most eager to read the last Maeve Binchy.


NT: Any advice to aspiring authors? What craft books helped you that you would recommend to aspiring writers?

I recommend the Writer’s Digest magazine and the books they publish. Some of the advice might sound basic, but if you’re just starting out they explain all the basics. Whatever you do, don’t stop writing. Self-publishing is opening doors, and if you haven’t had luck with a publisher, this might be an option. Seek out organizations that support the books you want to write. This is the age of the entrepreneur.


NT: What can your fans look forward to from you in the near future? What are you working on now?

The Mistress Memoirs will be published March 5, 2013. The book I’m working on now is Damien Boscastle’s; Damien is the eldest brother to Colin, Gabriel, and Sebastien.


NT: If someone has not read any of your books, which would be the one you’d recommend they try first.

If you’re going to read the Boscastle series, I’d suggest starting with the first book, The Seduction Of An English Scoundrel.


NT: how can readers contact you?

Readers can contact me through my website (jillianhunterauthor.com) or on Facebook.


NT: Thanks for being our guest today!

Thank you again for having me! It was my pleasure.


For a chance to win THE MISTRESS MEMOIRS, just leave a comment below. Good luck! 😀


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wild invitation with shadow

Beat of Temptation

Tamsyn knew at age 15 that Nathan was her mate but she was much too young. At 17, when the the DarkRiver pack was nearly destroyed, Tamsyn stepped into the roll as pack healer. Now at 19 she is more mature than her years and the ache for her mate has become unbearable but Nathan is determined to give her more time. His own past has shown him how devastating a young union can be and he can’t allow that to happen to his Tamsyn. But his good intentions backfire as he unintentionally pushes Tamsyn away and makes her think she’s not worthy of him. With his leopard raging at him, he must make Tamsyn see how he really feels or lose the person most precious to him.

I read this story when it was first published in the An Enchanted Season Anthology and I loved it just as much this go around. While seeing his point, I still spent most of the story wanting to shake Nathan and smack him in the head but when he finally got it, he really got it. He opens up, becomes vulnerable, and gives Tamsyn exactly what she needs. I adore their HEA.

“And neither of you tried to stop her from leaving?”

“Why would we?” Lucas’s tone was hard. “You made her cry, Nathan. You made your mate cry and then you didn’t hold her.”

Stroke of Enticement

Annie Kildarire has watched for years as her mother loved a man that no longer loved her back and she vowed that would never be her life. When DarkRiver sentinel Zach Quinn starts flirting with her, she decides to go with it. He’s gorgeous and accepts her in a way no one else has. She’ll give in to the attraction but she won’t risk her heart.

Zach understands her fears so he doesn’t tell her right away that she is his mate. He knows it will make her bolt. His plan is to show her his loyalty and wait until she warms up to the subject of a lifetime commitment. As time moves on, they grow closer but they mate bond doesn’t connect the way Zach hoped. Now he has to trust in their new love enough to tell her the truth.

This was a sweet, romantic short story. Every scene with Zach made me want to hug him, which isn’t my normal reaction to a Singh hero but there it is. I’ve used the word already but Zach and Annie were just so sweet together! I’m not sure the two of them would be able to hold my interest for a longer story but this was good and I hope to see glimpses of their life in future books.

For him, she’d break every rule, allow him into her home, into her very soul. For him, she’d jump into the abyss and worry about the bruises later. Because sometimes, there were no choices.

Declaration of Courtship

SnowDancer lieutenant Cooper has waited patiently for the shy, submissive wolf Grace to settle into the den but now it is time to make his intentions clear. Grace has wanted to crawl all over Cooper since their first meeting but her wolf is terrified of him. Dominants and submissives mate all the time but not couples that are this far apart in the hierarchy. Cooper will have to woo not only Grace but her wolf as well because only the ultimate trust will give them both what they desire.

This one was great. Seeing badass Cooper be gentle, patient, and romantic was heart warming but he’s also a dirty boy. The things he says! Shew. *fans self* He’s swoon-worthy. I also loved seeing Grace’s strength and how her submissive nature allowed her to return Cooper’s care. This was my favorite of the four stories.

“Play with me and I’ll teach you all sorts of bad, bad things…but you’re only ever allowed to do them to me.”

Texture of Intimacy

This was a nice catch-up with the SnowDancer pack. Walker and Lara are newly mated and Walker is adjusting to these emotions. Except for one small hiccup, every thing is going great between them and is very romantic. I enjoyed seeing glimpses of what’s going on with Tai, Sienna, Hawk, Judd, etc but with such a short story, I would have liked it to be more focused on Lara and Walker’s relationship. Though there were some possible hints about the future of the series that has me on edge for the next full length novel.

Wide shoulders, ridged abdomen, taut muscle, and a will akin to steel, this was a man who would stand unflinching against any wind. And he was hers, touched her with a devotion that was breathtaking in its passion, piercing in its honesty.


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Format: Print and digital

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Welcome to the next stop on Vivian Arend’s HIGH RISK blog tour!

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Disclaimer: I’m a big fan of the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley but I haven’t previously read the others in this anthology. If you have been following these series, your reading experience will likely be very different from mine.


Enforcer by Angela Knight

This is the climax of Angela Knight’s Time Hunters trilogy. Dona and Alerio have fought their attraction for 2 years. After a battle that almost took Dona’s life, Alerio decides to stop wasting time. They both want each other but they will have to fight both the ghosts of Dona’s past and their current enemy, the Victor, to have any shot at happiness.

I was a little lost with some of the futuristic phrases in this one but Dona and Alerio’s romance was easy to follow. Dona’s past was compelling and made the conflict believable and it was nice to see a heroine that kicked ass. Alerio was a little too perfect to me, and without any flaws, I wasn’t that interested in him. This was an okay read for me but I don’t think I’ll be picking of the other books in this series. Enforcer is the longest story in this anthology and takes up almost half of the book.

“First you kick Ivar’s cyborg ass, then you tell the girl how you feel. Viola: your basic happily ever after. All you need now is a fairy godmother and a magic glass dildo.”

Alerio’s swallow of ale slid down his windpipe. Once he stopped coughing, he wheezed, “Glass slipper, not glass dildo.”

“You’ve got your version, I’ve got mine.”

Perfect Mate by Jennifer Ashley

Cormac has arrived in the Nevada Shifertown looking for a mate, specifically Nell. Nell has spent more than half her life alone, has raised her two sons into adulthood, and has no intention of taking a new mate. But when a past shifter enemy shows up and endangers her oldest child, Cormac shows her that she doesn’t always have to go it alone.

Nell was a fierce heroine and I liked her strength and Cormac was everything I like in a bear shifter. However, this story was less than 24 hours long from the time Nell and Cormac meet until the I love yous and permanent mate bound. The romance itself seemed very rushed and I didn’t quite buy their HEA.

“No, he’ll have a snarling mama bear ready to kill for her cub,” Nell said. “I hope I rip this stupid dress when I shift to beat his ass.”

The Hunter’s Cabin by Jean Johnson

This is a steampunk story from the Vulland Chronicles. I was confused from the beginning and gave up less than halfway through. I can only assume that the earlier books in the series are necessary to understand this world.

No Surprise More Magical by Hanna Martine

During the old political regime, Kelsey and David were forced to become engaged. When the regime fell, David gave Kelsey what he thought she wanted and released her from the vow. Now they have to work together and both start to realize what they really want.

This story seemed to stand alone without having read Liquid Lies, the previous book in the series. Unfortunately, nothing about it held my attention and I found myself skimming often. I did enjoy the end and found it believable.

Genre: Sci-fi/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Format: Print and digital

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Maya Banks has shared her newest cover. HIGHLAND EVER AFTER will be the third book in the Montgomerys & Armstrongs series. So pretty!


After Scotland’s three strongest clans forge a formidable alliance, an uneasy king plots to consolidate power. Knowing that true strength lies in possessing land, fealty, and hearts, he orders sweet Taliesan McHugh to submit to a marriage that will give him control of the coveted McHugh keep. A tender beauty, Taliesan accepts her fate, certain that her lame leg has made her undesirable to any man—until she is swept into the powerful embrace of rugged, devilishly sensual Brodie Armstrong, a warrior who vows to shield her from brutality at any cost.

Fearless and bold, Brodie refuses his king’s command to stand down. Instead, he conspires to rescue the rare beauty whose bravery and innocence stir his blood as no woman ever has. As desperate power struggles reverberate throughout the Highlands, Brodie defies his king and devotes himself to the only mission that commands his loyalty, his blood, and his honor: winning Taliesan’s heart.

September 2013


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Email Issues

Just a quick heads-up that I’m having email issues so if you’ve sent me an email anytime between Friday & today, I did not get it. An alternate addy you can use for me is MAD4ROMBKS @ gmail . com (without the spaces) if you need to send me that information again. So sorry for the inconvenience and I’m hoping to have these issues resolved soon.

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