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Don’t you love the beginning pages of a romance when the hero and heroine first meet? Their smoldering stares, their first words as they size up each other?

I do. That’s one of the parts I like to write most. When neither character quite knows where this might be heading…they just know where they would like it to go.

Usually during these encounters, we – the readers – get to know the characters better, to fall in love with them as they begin the journey of falling in love with each other.

In Take Me Away, my newest erotic romance, Kyle’s reluctant to let Lexi stay at his cabin, while she sees it as her only means to avoid the hounding press. Their first moments alone are telling for what they both think and want.

Here’s a blurb and an excerpt to show you what I mean.


She’s everything he escaped…and all that he desires

Three years ago, Kyle turned his back on a pro-football career and being the target of tabloids or gold-digging groupies. Craving privacy, he gets it at his roadhouse in Northern California until Lexi Sands invades his life. Indulged and surely phony, she’s exactly what Kyle fled.

An actress since childhood, Lexi’s fresh out of an anger management program, court-ordered when she lashed out at a badgering paparazzo. Weary of the press’s harsh scrutiny, she sees Kyle’s secluded cabin as the ideal place to hide out and him as a damn-near perfect alpha male. Deliciously virile. Protective. Principled. She offers him serious cash to let her stay for two weeks, assuring there will be no complications or touching.

Yeah, right. Passion flares, along with tenderness. Kyle recognizes how lonely Lexi really is, while she’s falling hard. Through intimate days and impassioned nights, they explore their most shameless needs, until a cruel betrayal exposes their growing love, forcing a choice neither anticipated.




Lexi caught his scent, more pronounced this time, delivering a hint of musk. Something needed and desired coiled within her, despite the fact that they’d just met.

A moment passed. Papers rustled as though he was moving or reading them, keeping himself busy, avoiding the inevitable, turning her down.

Lexi’s longing remained even as reality kicked in. Fiona’s plan to help her hide out had been kind, but unreasonable. At least for Kyle. He had a life he enjoyed. He didn’t want her presence and celebrity to screw it up.

Steeling herself for the worst, she opened her eyes.

He was leaning against the edge of his desk, arms folded over his broad chest, feet crossed at the ankles, his gaze on her.

A pulse beat crazily in Lexi’s throat. The sound of her thrumming heart drowned out the puppy’s thin whines and the muffled noise coming from the bar. She expected Kyle to look away as he had in there. He did not. Once more, interest flashed in his eyes – or at least she thought it did.

Remember, her counselor had said, what you want isn’t always what a person is willing to give.

Tell her something she didn’t know. For as long as Lexi could remember, she’d wanted a home life like other kids had. Parents that adored her because she was their child, not for the income she could bring in.

Even after all these years, the truth still wounded. Refusing to let it defeat her, she made her voice light. “So when did you?”

Kyle’s expression went from intent to confused. “When did I what?”

She smiled at the puppy licking her fingers. “Get Baby here.”

His gaze dropped to the dog, then returned to her. “Buddy.”

“Right. Buddy Baby,” she amended.

Kyle laughed.

Pride and contentment rippled through Lexi for having caused it. For having brought back those killer dimples. God, how she enjoyed seeing them and listening to his laughter. So easy and free. So intimate.

A kiss, a fuck, couldn’t compete with a man and a woman sharing a laugh. That’s what bonded two souls. Joy. Happiness. Friendship. Not mere lust.

A second ago, she’d been willing to leave without a goodbye. Now, she wanted to stay, even though she knew Kyle would never like her as deeply as she required. Lexi saw it on his face, in the way his laughter wound down and his dimples disappeared.

Didn’t matter. For a few days, no more than two weeks, she longed to be around a man who couldn’t care less about her fame, who didn’t want to use it to further his own interests. She ached to get away from the craziness, the pain, the loneliness of her world. “Before you say no, I’m willing to offer five thousand dollars.”

His brows shot up. “Pete said three.”

She was being too needy. Something else her counselor had warned her about. “Okay then, three.” She smiled. “Are you always this easy to negotiate with?”

Kyle’s gaze settled on her smile. His expression became heated, all male.

This time, Lexi knew she wasn’t imagining it. He did find her interesting. The real Lexi, not the tramp she looked like tonight or the Hollywood invention. She saw that truth in his eyes. Excitement raced through her, but she kept it from her voice. “I won’t be in your way at all. I’ll stay in my own room. I’ll only leave it when you’re here or wherever else you may go. I’ll amuse myself outside.”

His gaze turned inward as though he were trying to imagine such a thing. Whatever his thoughts conjured up, pleasure relaxed his features.

Now she had him. “I’ll even take care of Baby for you. I’ll act as his sitter.”

A smile tugged at the corner of Kyle’s mouth. Not enough to make dimples, but surely enough to arouse. “Buddy,” he corrected.

“Sorry. I forgot. Buddy Baby.” Giving the puppy a kiss on his snout, she lowered him to the floor, pushed to her feet and advanced.

Smile fading, Kyle watched.

At his office chair, Lexi stopped. With her right foot on the seat, she slipped her hand into her boot.


Kyle stared at her naked thigh. Her skirt was so short the damn thing practically exposed her ass. From his vantage point, he could see she wasn’t wearing regular panties. Whether she had on a thong was debatable.

His mouth went dry. He pulled in a deep breath, which rewarded him with her alluring rose scent.

I won’t be in your way at all, she’d said. I’ll amuse myself outside.

With those words, he’d pictured the creek behind his cabin. Lexi shedding her clothes and boots on the bank. Sunlight caressing her nudity. The water swirling around her sleek thighs, dampening her bush, licking her cunt. Beads of moisture clinging to the soft swells of her breasts, dripping off the tips of her nipples.

A groan of pleasure and frustration bubbled up. Kyle fought it, remaining silent, not daring to ask what in the fuck she was doing. Adjusting her sock? Removing a rock that had somehow gotten into her boot and was hurting her foot?

His guesses weren’t close to correct.

She pulled out a wad of hundred dollar bills.


In the coming moments, they learn quite a lot about each other, which stokes their interest and passion.  😀

Take Me Away is Available Now!

Buy Linkhttp://www.jasminejade.com/p-9333-take-me-away.aspx

Email: tina@tinadonahue.com
Website/blog: www.tinadonahue.com
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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000458023097

To celebrate the release of Take Me Away, I’m offering a contest today. One lucky commenter will have her choice of one of my following ebooks**:

Adored – RWA award-winning; EPIC 2011 Finalist; 4 Stars RT
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** Winner chosen at random.








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Three days of hell, in charge, and running out of antacids.

As the pack’s Beta, Robert needs to watch over the Vasi werewolf pack for a few days. He hates the responsibility, but his job is to dissolve any problems while his alpha honeymoons. Nevertheless, trouble comes to town and her name is Esther. She’s beguiling, beautiful and picks his pocket. Although Robert doesn’t trust her, he still wants to possess her.

Esther arrived in Chicago with the intention of slaying a vampire named Daedalus. While trailing her quarry, she encounters Robert who unhinges her world. He doesn’t know her trade, and she doesn’t know his connection to the vampire. Disturbed by her attraction to this unusual werewolf, she can’t decide which prey to hunt. The one who’s stolen her heart or the one who’ll fill her bank account.

Hot graphic werewolf sex, growing body parts, and one pissed off Nosferatu.



The idea of a slayer is romantic, a hero or heroine fighting the monsters, defending those who lack the skill or courage. Many popular paranormal stories contain these fabulous warriors: Buffy the Vampire Killer, Beowulf, Dracula’s Van Helsing, Blade, etc.

I like slayer characters. They need to be intelligent and ruthless. Writing smart people appeals to me.  I’ve created two slayer characters. The first, Colby, is a secondary character in my Angler’s series and the other, Esther, is the heroine in my new release, The Beta Book 3 of The Vanguards series.

Who are some of your favorite slayers?

I’ll be choosing a commenter to win an ecopy of either The Omegas or The Alpha.


He couldn’t believe his ears when she asked him for the time. Tall, she had long legs with a nice curve to her hips and breasts, intelligent blue eyes and a personality playful enough to draw him out his shell. She’d taken control of the conversation, no hesitation in asking him to accompany her home or in kissing him. He loved smart, confident women but one had never liked him back.

Grinning like a fool, he jogged to his car, burning off the extra energy her kiss produced.
He’d wanted to do so much more with her, like push her against the wall so she could wrap her legs around his hips and allow him to grind against her core. Maybe tomorrow night, he’d get what he fantasized.

Approaching the car, he pulled out the keys. The gas gage was on empty on his way here. He needed to fill the tank, but he couldn’t recall how much cash he’d brought with him. After working for banks and credit card companies for the last few years, he never liked using either, not trusting the system. His right back pocket, where he usually placed his wallet, was empty. Checking the left pocket, his heart sank into his gut as it turned out empty as well. He patted the front ones and only found his cell. Maybe he’d dropped it while wrestling with Talon?

Deep down inside, he knew the truth. Esther.

He was such a fool. Beautiful women didn’t ask geeks like him for a kiss. Grinding his teeth, he pictured her laughing at him as she flipped through his wallet, counting what little cash he carried.

The hole in his gut grew wider. Crap, he didn’t have anything to buy gas and no way to get home but his own two feet. The last thing he wanted to do was call Daedalus or anyone from the pack for a lift. He’d never hear the end of it.

Respect was something you earned, and how would he ever obtain any if he fell for obvious scams? Clenching his fists, Robert turned around and marched back to where he’d left Esther. His beast stretched inside him, frustrated that he wouldn’t release it. Control over one’s inner monster sounded easy, but the struggle became an hourly routine. Shifters dealt with this all the time, day or night, in sickness or in health. The first rule of the Vasi pack was human dominance over animal instinct, because once the beast started calling the shots the shifter began to forget right versus wrong and listened to the laws of the jungle instead.

Robert crouched by the spot where Esther had stood as she’d kissed him. Sometimes animal instincts came in handy. Her scent left a trail. He wanted his wallet back, and his pride.

Annie Nicholas

Buy Link: www.lyricalpress.com/the_beta


A big thank you to Annie for joining us today!

Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win. Good luck! 😀

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wins THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE by Stefanie Sloane

Congratulations! Please email me at lillie80 at gmail dot com to claim your prize!

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Lord William Randall, the Duke of Clairemont, is a wicked rake with little regard for society—a most unlikely suitor for the prim and proper Lady Lucinda Gray. But his latest assignment for the Young Corinthians, an elite spy organization, involves protecting her from a kidnapping plot and to do this, the notorious “Iron Will” must get close to Lucinda, and convince her that he’s a man worthy of her attention. It is a simple enough task to use his devilish charm to seduce her, but William never would have guessed that he’d become enthralled by the lovely Lady Grey—or that he’d lose his own heart in the bargain.

Beautiful and fiercely intelligent, Lucinda has managed to gracefully sidestep even the most persistent suitors. Until the Duke of Clairemont, that is. His rugged features, sinfully sensuous mouth, and piercing eyes are as alluring as the champion thoroughbred he tantalizingly offers in exchange for the honor of courting her, and she finds it hard to resist either temptation. The feelings he stirs in her both excite and arouse, urging her on despite the very real danger he represents. But when the truth is revealed, will Lucinda risk her heart and her life for a chance at everlasting love?


I wish that I could claim divine intervention or even a stroke of sheer genius. But honestly, in the beginning, I did not set out to write a series when I conceived of my debut book, The Devil in Disguise. My hero, William Randall, the Duke of Clairemont, was destined to be a member of the Young Corinthians, an elite spy organization—that much I knew. And Lady Lucinda Grey, heiress and a web of womanly complexities and skills, was far more than the ton had ever given her credit for being. And as I began to add plot points and characters, story arcs and settings, I realized that the foundation established in this book could well serve a number of subsequent adventures. The members of the Young Corinthians are much more than just spies. They are brothers in arms, all drawn to serve crown and country for very personal reasons. Deeply committed to the organization and to each other, even death itself is a reasonable price to pay for the honor of calling oneself a Young Corinthian.

To me, exploring the possibilities that additional heroes presented was exciting. Add in the formidable women that are their matches and I was hooked. But the real trick to turning one story into three, four, or even more would be to do it well. There’s so much to love about connected books. In Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, the familial interactions are nothing short of brilliant. You can’t wait to read the next book, both to meet new characters and to revisit beloved friends from the past. Stephanie Laurens’s Bar Cynster installments manage to feature a succession of impossibly strong and powerful characters, and yet somehow, Laurens skillfully balances everything out, leaving the reader begging for more.

Did any of the Quinn magic and Laurens’ mystique rub off on my Regency Rogues series? I sincerely hope so—and I certainly read both series enough for it to happen! But how about you be the judge? Please check out an excerpt from The Devil in Disguise here:


And sign up to receive my newsletter, where you’ll automatically be entered to win a signed copy:


Many thanks to Stefanie for joining us today!

To find out more about Stefanie, please visit www.stefaniesloane.com. And for a chance to win THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE, leave a comment below. Good luck! 😀

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The ‘Traditional’ Book Signing Revolutionized:

New York Times Bestselling Authors Julia Quinn and Elizabeth Boyle

Featured in Streaming Online Book & Author Event


Friday, June 3, 2011; 7:00pm PST/ 10pm EST;

Live from Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing (Beaverton, OR)


New York Times bestselling authors Julia Quinn and Elizabeth Boyle headline a much-anticipated virtual book signing, powered by Vivo, taking place at 7:00pm PST on Friday June, 3, 2011. Veteran romance writers Quinn and Boyle will discuss their latest releases JUST LIKE HEAVEN and LORD LANGLEY IS BACK IN TOWN (respectively). Both authors with answer questions and sign copies for virtual event attendees, as well as those who attend live from Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing in Beaverton, OR. Information regarding the streaming event can be found online at www.avonromancelive.com.

“This is the seventh live-streaming event brought to fans by Avon Books,” says Senior Publicity Director Pam Jaffee. “Our recent ‘online signing’ from Turn the Page Bookstore in Boonsboro MD featured authors such as Nora Roberts and Jeaniene Frost, and was enjoyed by more than 1500 romance fans around the world via Livestream.  Attendees travelled (virtually) from as far as Germany, Kenya, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Nigeria and Tunisia!”

What is an “untraditional” event in this day and age? These new streaming signings marry bricks-and-mortar with online; driving a dedicated digital fanbase to support stores at local independent booksellers.

“We’re eager to have Julia back,” says Regional Marketing and Publicity Manager of Powell’s Books Michal Drannen. “That she’s joined by Elizabeth Boyle, and that the evening will be streamed live makes the event doubly exciting. Fans of romance, this is one event you won’t want to miss!”

Readers can contact the skilled staff at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing (503 228 4651) to order personalized copies of the participating authors’ newest titles.  Newly released books from both authors include JUST LIKE HEAVEN by Julia Quinn and LORD LANGLEY IS BACK IN TOWN by Elizabeth Boyle.

More information is available online at www.livestream.com/romance and http://www.powells.com/biblio/2-9780061491900-42


Friday June, 3, 2011

7:00pm PST/ 10:00pm EST


Virtual event at www.avonromancelive.com

Live Book Signing at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing (3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, OR, 97005)

NOTE: Readers can log onto the Powell’s website to pre-order signed and personalized books.


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I love this cover. So pretty!

September 27, 2011
Pocket Books
ISBN: 1451616384

A passion this seductive is more precious

than diamonds. . . .

Sir William Christie, ruthless tycoon and notorious ladies’ man, is dead. Now his four grown children have gathered for the reading of his will. What lies in store for half-siblings Vivienne, Alexander, and twins Gareth and Gwyneth? Stunning challenges that will test their fortitude across a royal empire…and lead them to the marvelously passionate adventures of their lives.

Lady Vivienne Bancroft fled England for New York, hoping to shed the confines of her arranged marriage to unrepentant rogue Miles Durham, Viscount Bancroft–though she never forgot the fiery desire he unleashed with his slightest touch. And when the gambling man arrives on her doorstep for a little sensual revenge for her desertion, he is met with Vivienne’s dilemma: she must earn her father’s inheritance by profitably running a diamond business worth millions in colonial South Africa.

Swept together in an exotic undertaking filled with heated passion and hungry temptation, will Vivienne and Miles discover that the marriage vows they once made are the greatest snare–or the most treasured reward?

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Lisa Collins

wins THE LEGEND OF MICHAEL by Lisa Renee Jones



wins THREE TO TANGO from Bethany Kane


Chris Bails

wins THREE TO TANGO from Emma Holly


Karen H in NC

wins UNDERCOVER and LAID BARE by Lauren Dane


Danielle Gorman

wins THREE TO TANGO from Lauren Dane


Jolene A



Congratulations to  the winners! You have 48 hours to contact me at lillie80 at gmail dot com to claim your prize.

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Help Write Now

The writing community has once again come together to help those in need. There is an auction happening now to raise money for the victims of the tornadoes that ravaged the southeast last week. ARCs, entire backlists, ereaders and critiques (plus more) are up for bid and many items are still at a very reasonable price. To find out more, please visit:


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In Emma Holly’s FLIPPING FOR CHELSEA, Shay and Liam shared an unforgettable night with their lifelong friend, Chelsea, awakening a rush of forbidden feelings—feelings they have to reckon with when the three reunite, and the unrequited lust between them is too much to bear.

Though Ava left her hard-knock Georgia childhood behind, she never forgot Luca and Angelo. Together they were best friends with a bond that could never be broken. But when she returns, the three must decide whether to face the fires that burn between them, or forgo their desires forever in Lauren Dane’s DIRTY/BAD/WRONG.

In Megan Hart’s JUST ONE NIGHT, fun-loving couple Kerry and Jeremy find themselves in a triangle of trouble when Kerry’s old crush, Brian, returns for a school reunion, and Jeremy gives her his enthusiastic approval to seduce him. But while Jeremy has no trouble sharing Kerry, Brian isn’t sure he can handle what’s coming.

Years ago, Walker walked out on Madeline when she needed him most. Now, the ex-Secret Service agent is back—hired to protect both Madeline and their billionaire friend, Tony. Madeline is determined to make him pay for denying her desires—and she’s not above bringing Tony in to sweeten the deal in Bethany Kane’s ON THE JOB.


Just One Night

That’s the title of my story in Three to Tango, an anthology I’m proud to be in with such great company as Bethany Kane, Lauren Dane and Emma Holly. When I was asked to do the story, all I had to go on was that it needed to be a menage or threesome premise, and that it had to be a romance. Strangely, the idea that sprang first to my mind was not about three people getting frisky in the sack, but instead about a woman caught between two men. Sometimes, that happens!

Kerry and Jeremy have been dating for a while. Living together. They don’t talk about marriage and love and babies, but she’s fine with that. Kerry loves Jeremy — at least she feels like she does, in whatever way it is that works for them. She has an unfulfilled fantasy, though, and the chance to make it happen. Jeremy’s not a jealous guy. In fact, just the opposite. He gets turned on by the thought of Kerry with another man and encourages her to fulfill her dream of having hot sex with her high school crush, Brian. So long as she comes back and tells him all about it, Jeremy’s more than cool with it. But as Kerry discovers, sometimes just one night isn’t enough!

Relationships take a lot of work, even with just two partners. Add a third and things become complicated, as Kerry discovers when she seduces Brian. Having two lovers takes up a lot of time and energy. Sometimes, a fantasy isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, and getting what you want means someone else has to go without.

Writing this story got me thinking about how easy it can be to fall in or out of love, and how twisty the path to “true love” can be. How people don’t always meet or start relationships in traditional ways. The world is full of romantic stories that do not begin with “Boy Meets Girl” and still end with “Happily Ever After.” I hope you enjoy reading Just One Night as much as I liked writing it — which was a lot!


Thank you Megan for visiting with us today!

To find out more about Megan Hart and her books, please visit www.meganhart.com. And for a chance to win a signed copy of PRECIOUS AND FRAGILE THINGS, just leave a comment below. Good luck! 😀

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