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Anyone who’s followed my writing career for a while has probably learned that the heat level of my sex scenes ranges wildly depending on the story. Just as I weave back and forth among historical, contemporary, fantasy, and paranormal, I also go light or heavy on the sex depending on what a particular story calls for.

A Gypsy's Vow“A Gypsy’s Vow” is a traditional, old-fashioned tale about a traditional, old-fashioned girl without any sexual experience. Just moving her from virgin to non-virgin was about all the heat level the woman could take. But I believe a story can be plenty sexy even without very explicit sex scenes. The heat of a man’s glance, the timbre of his voice, the light stroke of his hand against your skin—what could be sexier. Hey, how many of you watched Prison Break back in the first season when it was still actually interesting? There was no sexual contact between Michael and Sarah but their telling glances and tiny little touches had all the more significance for it. No wonder Victorians used to go gaga over the mere flash of an ankle!

Anyway, the point is there are only a few sex scenes in “A Gypsy’s Vow”, the story of Bess the innkeeper’s daughter who falls in love with a wandering rogue named Alexi and must decide if she dares to give up her safe, sane life to go with him. Some might consider the scenes mild, but they certainly fit the story. “A Gypsy’s Vow” is available now at Liquid Silver Books.

Butterfly UnpinnedMy other May release, available from Samhain on May 25th, is Butterfly Unpinned, co-written with Laura Bacchi. You couldn’t get farther on the spectrum of sweet to steamy than Butterfly Unpinned is from “A Gypsy’s Vow”. This BDSM romance is about a woman called Butterfly who lives an extreme, 24-7, master-slave relationship. The story contrasts the difference between BDSM practiced between reasonable, consensual partners and the twisted, abusing variety inflicted by Butterfly’s self-styled Master.

The woman has locked herself into a little box and needs some help to gather enough self confidence to fly free. That help comes in the form of Bryan Lapahie, a Navajo carpenter hired to sculpt all the women in the Master’s harem. Bryan is entranced by Butterfly, wins her freedom, then gives her the space to grow and change into the woman she wants to be. The pair enjoys some sexy bondage and discipline scenarios of their own along the way. And in the end the heroine is strong and proud once more.

So, whether you like sweet and sensual or cutting edge steamy, check out my upcoming releases for 2009 at http://bonniedee.com. See my backlist of books or the coming soon page which includes soon to be released Prime Passions, A Hearing Heart and The Thief and the Desert Flower, among others.


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