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Yes, it’s me! :)

So sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been a bad bad blogger, I know…so sorry I went MIA! I got myself a new toy last week….minds outta the gutter please, this is a family blog! 🙂

I got myself this. It arrived by FedEx on Wednesday afternoon and I’ve been fighting with the thing since then. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uploaded my e-books to it, only to delete them because the font comes up so tiny…even hitting the zoom button did nothing for the font size. Sony Techies have been worthless when I’ve called them so I’ve been emailing with several ladies, trying to get around Sony saying that some pdf files are not compatible with the Reader and that only books bought from them will work on the Reader. Bull.

First I tried this program. But something in the conversion was making the books come out like this…


Which, needless to say, looks very annoying. Who the heck could read a book like that? Then I realized I had another problem. Most of the books I uploaded were each missing the last half of the book! Which meant deleting everything and starting again. At this point, I was very tempted to send the Reader back to Sony with a “You suck!” note. I wanted my books and I wanted them intact, not messed up like they were coming out.

Then I emailed Chantal about her eBookwise and we got to talking. She offered another solution and I figured I had nothing to lose since nothing else was working and tried her method. Let me just say I *heart* Chantal!! With her help I finally got the books to come out looking normal and without all that yuckiness of how it was coming out before. I’ve been working since then on all my ebooks. I’ve done 38 so far and still have about 200 left to go but I’m just thrilled that I finally got it working right. Thanks again, Chantal!

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