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Dee Tenorio Book Winner



We have a winner! Dee’s hubby randomly picked a name from those who left a comment and the winner is…..






Congrats Angel!



Please email Dee at laideebug @ gmail.com (without the spaces) and she’ll send you an e-copy of TEST ME once it’s ready. (she’s currently working on editing it)


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Jane Porter Contest



I met Jane online several years ago, when I first came online…I can’t recall right now, but I think I sent her a gushing fangirl letter after reading one of her books. 🙂  Ever since then, she’ll surprise me by sending me an ARC of her books, letting me get a sneak peek.



I usually don’t get into books written in First Person but this year I found myself reading several of them and ODD MOM OUT was one of them. I simply loved it. I loved everything about Marta. Loved how she did her own thing and refused to change and be like the other moms in her town. It was kind of freaky reading about the Stepford moms Jane wrote about because I could have sworn she was writing about the moms I see at my daughters’ school every time I go there.  *grin*



Anyway, because I’m all about supporting my favorite authors, I bought five copies of ODD MOM OUT with the idea that I would run a contest for it. At first I debated what kind of contest. After going back and forth with it, I decided I would just ask a question (or two) about the book. Duh, right? *grin*



So here goes —




What does Marta do for a living and what is the name of it? 




Answers can be found here.




Do not post in the comments area.




Email me the two answers at

mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces).



Contest is open until Sunday, November 4th. On Monday, November 5th, I’ll announce the five winners with the help of my little Diva.


Good luck!! 🙂

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