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Hi everyone! Thanks so much to Fatin for having me this week as a guest blogger! I’m so looking forward to talking to you guys in the comments. I think there are prizes, too! Let’s say one commenter gets her pick from either my Jenna Petersen or Jess Michaels backlist that is still in print (except for SCANDALOUS, which I’m all out of currently). You can see descriptions of my books in print at my website. So that should give you some incentive to play!





I’m at a bit of my wit’s end right now. See, I write historical romances as Jenna Petersen and in October 2007, Avon just released the last of my current series, Lady Spies (SEDUCTION IS FOREVER). I really loved writing the Lady Spies series, where I got to take the fun of Charlie’s Angels and merge it not only with the Regency time period, but also with my own darker style. But now it’s over (pout) and I am branching back into worlds I don’t know. Not the Regency world, of course, which I feel pretty comfortable in. But outside of the world I created for my characters.






On the flip side, as Jess Michaels I write erotic historical romance. And in November Avon Red released the first in what I hope will be multiple books set in the same world (EVERYTHING FORBIDDEN). It’s not really a series, per say, but I keep finding these very interesting characters who are sexy and dark and want me to tell their stories. The second book in that world, SOMETHING RECKLESS, is already scheduled for May 2008, but after that… well, we’ll see.


When people say ‘world building’, they so often mean fantasy novels or paranormal books. But I think we all have to do it as writers. As a reader, don’t you love when you get lost in a story so much that you feel like you’re part of that world? Or if you’re reading a series, by the second or third book you already know the rules and the players the author is setting up. They feel like friends and the situations and places feel comfortable.


I think the master of this is Lisa Kleypas. I mean, her character Marcus was in how many books before he finally got his own story (IT HAPPENED ONE AUTUMN)? Although none of those books were series, necessarily, she had created such a world that overlapped and effected all her books that those who had read her in the past already knew him. Which is pretty cool.


So who do you think masters the craft of world building best? And whose world do you wish you could escape into a little more often?

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