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I’ve created monsters

I have three sisters. Of the three, I’ve converted two into readers. My oldest sister and my youngest sister. The sister that is a year younger than me is still stalling about coming over to the “readers” side. *G* I’m still working on her but the other night, my youngest sister was visiting at our uncle’s with my mom. So I knew I probably wouldn’t hear from her that day…we tend to talk every day, several times a day. Anyway, she IM’s me to let me know that she’s down to four books in the last book box I sent her and that she needs more. Fine, not a problem, I said. What does she want in the box? Contemporary? Historical? Paranormal? She said she wanted a little of each. Then two of my cousins got on and asked why I only sent books to my sis, they read too, don’t I love them also? why didn’t I share my books with them? LOL By the end of the conversation, I had three different lists of books for three different book boxes. One mostly had paranormals in it, the second had a mix of paranormals and contemporaries and the last had all historicals. I gave my cousins the same rules I give my sisters.

“Mar my books, and that’ll be the last book box you get from me…but I still love ya! So you better take care of my babies.” 🙂

They laughed, thinking I was kidding, until my sister set them straight and told them that I don’t kid when it comes to my books. Damn, I’m so proud…I’ve trained her good. She knows a good thing when she has it. 😉

So, do any of you share your books with family?

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