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Hottest Romance Books of 2007

Have you seen this? How many of the books listed have you read? I’ve read five and have six in the TBR still.

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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about writing. Not that I don’t always think about it, but recently I have had some family issues that took up a lot of my time and left me less for what I consider to be my real job. Being a writer.


Writing is hard. It takes time and lots of it. And if you are distracted or worried then it becomes harder to concentrate on writing a book. It does for me, anyway. I mean, I can cook dinner and correct spelling and listen to the radio, all at once. Or I can check my emails and talk to my daughter about her mean boss and yell out to my son to get up and go to school, all at the same time. More or less. But if someone is ill and I need to write a book, I find it very hard to do both.


Life is a matter of juggling, I’ve decided. You toss up the balls and you try and keep them all in the air, but sometimes one or two fall down.


Writing a book is a juggling act in itself, without all the other stuff that is going on in your life. Just think, you have a storyline to keep an eye on, to see that it doesn’t slump or lose its way, but neither should it be so breathtakingly non-stop that the reader never gets a moment to consider what has happened and what might happen next. Then, you have a plot that needs to be fed into the story a bit at a time, and there should be a climax of course, but before that you need lots of little climaxes and a black moment or two. The characters shouldn’t change their personalities from one scene to the next, they need to come across as real people not vague shapes, and they need to grow emotionally throughout the book. Then there’s conflict between the characters and the promise of romance but not quite until the time is right. Resolve all the issues too soon and the book goes flop. And of course, there’s the romance itself, and making sure you incorporate enough of it into the story, and sex, depending on whether this is a sweet romance or something hotter.


Okay. Next we have sentence structure, spelling, grammar, continuity, anachronisms, research etc etc.. Every bit plays its part, but all those balls need to be in the air as you’re writing. So much to consider and remember. Sometimes I don’t know why I write.


But of course I do know.


I love it. There’s nothing else I’d rather do. There’s something so satisfying in creating a story and characters from your own mind, then seeing them come to life. And then the experience of other people believing in that story and those characters, and finding such enjoyment in them that they are compelled to write to you and tell you so.


So what have I concluded from all my thinking? Life will always have its ups and downs; it will never run perfectly smoothly. Do your best, that’s all anyone can do. So back straight, head up, smile, and…juggle!


Editor’s Note: Sara has two autographed copies of her latest book, A Seduction in Scarlet, to give away if you comment on her blog. Good luck!

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