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The little Diva is sleeping so I had my oldest help me with picking out a winner for Karen’s post.
Winner of COSMIC SEX is…….
Congrats Pam! Please email Karen your snail mail addy at kkelley @ classicnet.net (without the spaces). Enjoy your prize! 🙂

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Loving Alpha Heroes


I’m really excited to be here chatting with you all today – thanks to Fatin for inviting me! I thought that since I have Mine to Possess releasing in a few days, and it’s a book that features a hot alpha hero, it would be fun to talk about what makes an alpha hero so fascinating.



First, how about a definition – for me, a true alpha hero is protective to the core. He might snap, growl and be otherwise unwelcoming to the heroine, but when push comes to shove, he’ll be there to protect her from harm. These are men with a rock solid core of honor – they might act like Neanderthals on occasion, but they’ll never choose to harm an innocent.


It’s why, I think, we like the bad boy biker hero, or the brooding loner. We know that despite his apparent heartlessness, he not only has a heart in there, it’s a powerful one, one that will cherish any woman lucky enough to see through his hardened exterior.


And is there anything more emotionally wrenching than the moment where the tough, alpha hero opens up and hands the heroine his heart? Here are a couple of my favorite moments where the hero offers the heroine everything he is, body and soul.


You have my heart—don’t break it.

~ Stephanie Laurens (Ask in the comments if you want the title of the book – I don’t want to spoil it for anyone)


I love this declaration because it’s so short and to the point, so alpha, and yet, he’s given the heroine such incredible power over him. Wow, just wow.


“I need you like the desert needs rain.”

~This one’s from one my own books and I really love this entire scene, because this hero is so proud, so contained, but with these words, he tears open his soul and shows the heroine just how vulnerable he is to her.


Do you have favorite moments like these? Want to share? What about alpha heroes in general – what do you love most about these men? Any that you adore more than others?


All comments go into a draw to win a signed copy of a book from my backlist, (not including Mine to Possess). And talking about prizes, I have this competition about hot heroes running on my blog (http://www.nalinisingh.blogspot.com) where you can go into the draw to win a $50 Amazon voucher plus a cute prize pack. It closes end of this week, so enter before it’s too late.

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