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Please read…

Many of you may have already heard that Fatin has had a tragedy in her family. I have kept quiet because I wanted to help protect Fatin’s privacy until I had her permission to say anything. She has given that permission.

On Tuesday morning, Fatin’s husband lost his life to a shooting at his workplace.

I’ve received many emails asking what people can do to help and right now, I just don’t know. If I get that information, I will pass it on. Please just keep Fatin and her daughters in your thoughts and prayers. Those prayers are definitely needed at this tragic time.

If you have any blog related questions, please contact me at lillie80 at gmail dot com.

***Edited to add***

The Education Fund has been set up for Fatin’s children.

There is no link right now but checks can be sent.

Checks made payable to:

Soufan Family Fund
RBC Bank
2340 Sunset Avenue
Rocky Mount, NC 27804
M-C 000-005-0100

The mailing code is required.

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Pacific Passion, Book 2

As morning-afters go, this one is looking pretty bright. Both air shifter Laurin Marshal and water shifter/shaman Matthew Jentry are aware, though, that trouble won’t be long in coming. And they’re right—before they’ve barely begun to work out the details of their mystical bond, the People of the Air find them to challenge Laurin’s right to choose Matt as her mate.Fending off Laurin’s would-be suitors is easier than Matt anticipated, but there’s another dilemma still to face. His own people. Laurin is just beginning to trust that his heart and body are completely hers, a radical change after she’s spent the past two years alone and on the run. What will happen when his skittish, innocent partner encounters the playful, sensual—even lusty—ways of the Otter Clan? 

Especially since they are arriving at the peak of the traditional summer solstice fertility rituals. And tradition demands they be the main attraction…

Release date: April 12, 2011


This was such a fun, quick read. It immediately jumps into the action with the threat from Laurin’s past. Matt isn’t the typical chest-beating alpha that I usually crush on in books but there is something incredibly sexy about his quiet confidence. I saw glimpses of it in the first book, Stormchild, and it’s even more evident here.

After the smack-down of the baddies (or kind of baddies) Matt and Laurin visit the Otter Clan. They were so entertaining! They are such an open and accepting society. Nothing is taboo there. They rummage through Laurin’s belongings with no shame and totally embrace their sensuality. I really hope we get to re-visit them in future books.

Stormy Seduction is about more than fighting and fun, though. This one gets the “muy caliente” rating on the heat scale. Smokin’ hot! Beach sex, cabin sex, group sex (not involving the hero and heroine), public sex (involving the hero and heroine). It has it all. But I think the thing I enjoyed most was Ms. Arend’s ability to turn a few simple sentence into something powerful and bring a story back to what it is at it’s heart. A romance.

His lips touched her temple. Tender. Warm. “Let me get you home.”

She let him take her by the hand and lead her back to their cabin, and all the time that word spun in her brain. Home.

It was becoming clearer that meant less a physical location and more wherever Matt happened to be.

My only warning for Stormy Seduction is that you really need to read Stormchild first. I’m not a series purist and I constantly bounce around on reading order but that won’t work with this book. Stormchild has the backstory needed to fully connect with Laurin and Matt.

For more information about Stormy Seduction, including an excerpt and buy links, please visit www.vivianarend.com.

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