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He led her astray, and she never wanted to go back…

Sheltered all her life, Eliza Hunter never imagined herself alone in the vast Utah plains, much less trailing a mysterious, rugged man hired to hunt down her beautiful younger sister. Unable to reveal the truth about her pursuit of him, Eliza plays student to his teacher, transforming herself in the process. And when she finds herself sharing the warmth of Grady’s campfire, wrapped in his arms, hypnotized by his power, soon she is a naïve spinster no more…

Grady Wolfe is more than a loner, he’s a man forever on the run. With a body and soul finely honed from living off the land, Grady knows he should leave the irresistible woman alone, but she stirs something in him he hasn’t felt before. Now he’s lost in the woods for the first time in his life—with a dangerous job to do. And no one—not even the luscious Eliza—is going to stop him…


Is it Beth or Emma? Or both?

I’ve been asked by many different folks about why I am now being published as Emma Lang instead of Beth Williamson. Here’s the scoop.

I am still publishing as Beth, but now I have another pen name, Emma Lang. She’s a bit sweeter than me, and pink is her favorite color (mine is purple). Er, I guess I do sound like I’ve invented an invisible friend, don’t I?

Well, she’s not invisible (since she’s wearing my 38DD bras) and she’s very real. I am she and she is me. How is that possible? (more…)

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