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Thank you to Fatin for hosting me today in celebration of my newest book – MIDNIGHT’S WARRIOR.
For those unfamiliar with my Dark Warriors series let me tell you a bit about it. 
The Warriors are a group of Highlanders who are the greatest warriors of their family.  By being so, they carry within their blood primeval gods that once unbound, not only make them immortal, but give the Highlanders enhanced abilities and special powers.  They also transform by way of claws and fangs, but also each god has a color, so the Highlanders turn the color of their god when that god is released.  IOW, when those Warriors are ready for battle. J
There are so many legends and myths of Scotland that it’s hard to know what was real and what wasn’t.  So, when I began the series, I developed a legend of my own: What if Rome was driven out of Britain by magic? 
And by magic I mean Druids.  Two sects actually (good and bad).  It’s the evil Druids who call up the primeval gods from Hell, but it takes both sects to bind the gods inside the men.  Until my first villain, centuries later, sets the gods free once more in her bid to take over the world.
Deirdre is the perfect villain in my Dark Sword series, but when the series time traveled to modern day Scotland, I knew I had to add another twist.  Welcome Declan Wallace, a new kind of villain that takes my Warriors by surprise.
Wait, your saying.  Time travel?  Yep.  The series began in 2009 with DANGEROUS HIGHLANDER, a historical paranormal set in medieval Scotland.  After six book in the DS series, my guys decided to throw me a twist and time travel.  Needless to say, I sat dumbly at the computer for awhile.  My love was historicals.  I’d dipped my toes in contemporaries with a novella and one time travel, but not an entire book, and certainly not for the remaining 8 books in the series.
My publisher loved the idea and asked me to keep the Warriors in modern time, so there would be no going back for me. L  Yet, when I sat down to write MIDNIGHT’S MASTER (the first Dark Warrior book), I found the idea of taking these alpha, immortal Highlanders into contemporary Scotland a thrill.
All is not fun and games, however, because the storyline that began in the Dark Sword series continues in the Dark Warriors.  There is still villains to fight, evil to battle, and love to find.
It’s been a lot of fun taking each Warrior’s power and using it for – or against – him.  To add to the conflict, their heroines are Druids who each hold a special type of magic.  With the Warriors being such strong, rugged men, their heroines have to be just as stalwart to be able to stand beside them. 
I love talking about my Highlanders, and I’m pleased to announce that one of my favs – Ramsey – had his book release this past Tuesday.  Ramsey is a bit different from the rest of the Warriors.  He’s kept a secret for hundreds of years – that he’s half-Warrior/half-Druid. 
He’s from a sacred race of warrior Druids whose magic is only able to be contained by the men.  His heroine, Tara, doesn’t try to use her magic because its so unpredictable.  She has trust issues, but Ramsey isn’t about to let her go easily.  Here’s a little snippet from MIDNIGHT’S WARRIOR
Instead of telling her what he’d been about to say, he held out his arm, palm out toward the hearth. A second later a blast of magic erupted from his hand and shattered the glass candleholder on the mantel.
Tara stumbled backward until she collided with the wall behind her. Her eyes looked from the broken bits of glass to Ramsey.

“I’ve wanted to tell you,” he said.

She tried to calm her racing heart. Her only recourse was to lie, because she couldn’t admit the truth. Not to Ramsey. Not to anyone. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The sadness on his face evaporated, replaced by cold rage. He stalked toward her, causing her to press against the wall.

“Really? You want to lie?”

She shrugged.

Ramsey leaned close until his face was inches from hers and she could see the dark silver band around his irises. “I know you have magic, Tara. I know you’re a Druid.”

And then he placed a finger atop her hand.

Confused, she looked down and gasped as wisps of white smoke curled around Ramsey’s thick index finger to his hand, around his wrist, and up his arm.

“This is what happens when I touch you,” he whispered.

Tara was mesmerized by the ribbons of white that continued to circle Ramsey. They originated from her, but when she moved her hand away, the wisps remained with him.

“Try to lie to me now.”

I’ve got two copies of MIDNIGHT’S SEDUCTION (book 3) to give away to two readers.  All you have to do is tell me what you want for Christmas this year. 😀
For ten long years, Tara has been a woman on the run, hiding from the magic-wielding Warriors and Druids of modern-day Scotland. Now, as a tour guide at a remote Highland castle, she hopes to finally escape her past—until one impossibly gorgeous man enters her life…and exposes her wildest secrets.
For centuries, Ramsey MacDonald has concealed his strength and skill as part Warrior, part Druid, for fear of unleashing the full force of his power. But when he takes Tara into his arms—and seals their fate with a kiss—Ramsey will have to fight for her love…though it may mean losing control of the magic inside him.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. She’s the author of more than twenty novels spanning multiple genres of romance. Her latest acclaimed series, Dark Warriors, features a thrilling combination of Druids, primeval gods, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her husband, two children, a dog, and three cats in Texas. Visit Donna at www.DonnaGrant.com

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Wow! Thanksgiving is over. I hope all of you had a wonderful time visiting with family and eating way too much food. How many of you have already shopped ‘til you dropped? I’m not even going to ask if any of you have your Christmas shopping done yet. (But if you do, come here and do mine lol.)

I wanted to drop in and chat with all of you today because tomorrow, the 27th, SLOW HEAT, releases. I hope all of you have pre-ordered it so you’ll have it in your hands the day it comes out.

SLOW HEAT is my fifth bounty hunter book but in truth it stands alone. The first four books were about the King family, Greg King, the father, Marc and Jake King, the two sons, and Natasha King, their cousin and office manager for KFA, King Fugitive Apprehension. Now with Greg King’s two sons out on their own, and quite happy I hear with two awesome ladies, he’s hired on new bounty hunters. Micah Jones is one of them and an incredible asset to KFA.

With twenty-five years on the force as a police officer, and now seven years under his belt as a bounty hunter, Greg King is a pretty perceptive man. There’s not much you can pull past him. He notices right away that Micah isn’t like other men. To start, Micah is an incredible shot. In fact, he never misses.

There are a few other personality traits, qualities if you will, although Micah doesn’t view them as such, that King starts to notice. Micah would rather they not be discovered, and his reasons are valid. I don’t want to give too much away about this book but Micah is a man with more secrets than any man I’ve ever had the honor to write about. I think the best way to explain Micah’s story is to give you the blurb, then we can proceed with some questions.

Here is the blurb—and the cover!

In the high-risk world of bounty hunters, one falsely accused woman is searching for justice—and one truly arresting man is feeling the heat…


As a new employee with KFA, the King family’s bounty-hunting agency, Micah Jones feels like he’s a perfect fit. All he has to do is remember…capture, don’t kill. He also needs to keep a low profile so his past life won’t catch up with him. But his latest assignment—to bring in a night-club owner suspected of money-laundering—heats up fast when he meets the “brains” of the outfit: an irresistibly beautiful bookkeeper who’s resisting arrest. In fact, she’s so determined to prove her innocence that she tries calling 911 to report thugs posing as bounty hunters are raiding her night club. Micah wrestles her to the ground before she can make the call, which was his first big mistake. Maggie O’Malley feels a bit too good underneath his powerful body.

Held for questioning but released by police, Maggie O’Malley is still a person of interest. Maggie is interested in Micah Jones—in his services. With his iron-hard muscles and tough-guy exterior, the

Harley-riding bounty hunter is just the man Maggie needs to track down the real crook at the club. A slow-burning attraction ignites a firestorm of insatiable desire—until the secrets of Micah’s past are exposed. Explosive passion now must prove stronger than a history so terrifying it might haunt them forever…

Okay, so there you have it. That is what SLOW HEAT is about—the blurb as it appears on the back of the book. Does that give you a good idea of what this story is about? Are you intrigued?

SLOW HEAT is an action packed suspenseful novel. It’s about an assassin who is trying to start his life over, and not let anyone know who he was in his past. He thinks he’s got it covered. Life is going as planned. He’s got a new life, a new job, and no one suspects a thing. What Micah doesn’t plan on, or expect in any way, is to fall in love. So what happens when Micah finds he can’t quit thinking about Maggie O’Malley?

Micah has to decide how much he will tell Maggie about who he really is—or was. Now I have a question for you. This question plagued me as I was writing Micah’s story. When you enter into a relationship, how much of your past should you share with the person you are falling in love with? Should you be an open book and let this person know everything about you? Or does the past matter as much as the future? I’d like your input. If you had a past that was somewhat questionable, is it as important to share as who you are today, and will be in the future?

I know some folks in relationships who kept the dark secrets of their past to themselves. Their significant other doesn’t know about it. Or at least in one relationship I know of, didn’t know about until long after they were married. In the case of my friends, it all worked out okay. They were in love, in a solid relationship, and when one shared with the other something terrible about their past, their partner was sad to hear about it but it didn’t change the love they had for each other.

It got me thinking, while writing SLOW HEAT, maybe Micah shouldn’t tell Maggie who he had been. I went back and forth about this. Micah is a good man. I know…I know…you’re thinking how can an assassin be a good man? My God! He is a murderer. Can’t get around that.

Micah couldn’t have a simple past. He couldn’t make it easy for me. And truth be told, for himself. He is in one hell of a dilemma. I let my fingers tap away at the keys and was as anxious as I know you are going to be in finding out what he was going to do about Maggie.

On a side note, and I have to share this with you, with every book I write there is a process with editing. The first pass is doing the edits, making any and all changes my editor suggests. A line editor goes through it next and when I receive the book a second time, it’s formatted to go to print. I simply read over it to make sure all is good.

By this point I’ve read the book about five times. I’m well into writing my next book and really don’t like having to stop to do these final line edits. I don’t know an author who does like this stage. Most of us loathe it, in fact. LOL. (To any editors who might be reading this; of course we still do this last

stage of the editing process, and do it diligently. J ) SLOW HEAT is the first book, I think, that I’ve read—for the fifth time—and couldn’t quit reading. It was that good!

And folks, I don’t toot my own horn. I never have. Any of you who know me, know that I don’t. Because honestly I’m never sure if my books are any good or not. But SLOW HEAT, and Micah—damn!

I want to ask you again. How much should a person share about their past, a past they’re trying to bury, with the person they are in love with? Also, if you don’t mind giving me your thoughts on two questions, I’m going to brazenly ask—what do you think of SLOW HEAT from what you’ve heard so far? Think you’ll buy it? If so, why? If not, would you be honest and share why it doesn’t intrigue you?

Okay, let me know your thoughts. I’m anxious to hear what you think.



For more information, visit www.lorieoclare.com. And for a chance to win a signed ARC of SLOW HEAT with comments written in the book of Lorie’s thoughts as the story progresses, just leave an answer for the above questions. Good luck!

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I grew up watching movies like Clash of the Titans, BeastMaster, and Highlander (one of my favorites!) so it was no wonder when I began writing that myths and legends worked their way into my stories.

Every culture has hundreds of legends and millions of myths, and Scotland has more than some.  The great thing about writing fiction is that I can add any of these myths and legends into a story.  And some I just make up.

In MIDNIGHT’S MASTER, the first book in my Dark Warriors series (continuation of the Dark Sword series), the series uses its own myth and legend.  When I had the first kernel of an idea for the series, I knew I would need something substantial for a legend.  Since the series takes place in Scotland, it opened up many possibilities.  After all, Britain itself is steeped in magic and lore.

I admit, there is something different about Scotland.  You can feel it upon the land, smell it in the air.  Is it magic or just the history of the land?  I like to think its magic. J

With primeval gods trapped inside my Highlanders who happen to fall in love with Druids, I realized I could take my mythology back hundreds of years.

Rome, as we know, invaded and conquered much of Britain.  But not Scotland.  Why is that?  Is it because of the Celts?  Do we believe anything written in that history since it was written by Rome?

So, that got me thinking.  What if Rome wasn’t able to conquer Scotland not just because of the Celts, but because of the Druids as well?  What if those Druids used their magic to help the Celts in ways no one could imagine?  And what if that’s the real reason Rome left Britain, never to return.

Those questions gave me the legend I needed that it was the magic of the Druids who helped the Celts push Rome out once and for all.  That mythology spawned the Dark Sword/Dark Warriors series.

But as I’ve mentioned above, my Dark Sword series is continuing on as Dark Warriors.  Why, you may ask?  Well, magic is the basis for the series, and it’s that magic that helps propel my Highlanders into modern day Scotland where the evil has gained and advantage, and my medieval heroes learn about the modern world – and the modern women.


Gwynn Austin has no idea why her father has disappeared on a mysterious trip to Scotland.  When she goes on a desperate mission to search for him she finds more than she bargains for in a ruggedly handsome, wickedly exciting Highlander who exudes danger and mystery.  And when she discovers her own link to Scotland she’ll have to trust her heart to help lead her…


Propelled through time by powerful Druid magic, Logan Hamilton uses his immortality and powers of the god inside him to help prevent the awakening of an ancient evil in the modern world.  He never expects to find help in the form of a beautiful, alluring, and all too temping woman whose passion and strength matches his own.  Together, Logan and Gwynn must fight for their love – before a demon from the past destroys them both…

I’ll be giving away a signed copy of DARKEST HIGHLANDER to a commenter. So talk to me.   😀

To find out more about me, read more about the Dark Sword series, see pics of the Warriors, take the quiz, download wallpaper, or search characters please visit my website at www.donnagrant.com.



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Got the following information today and wanted to share. 🙂

I’m thrilled to let you know that beginning this summer, St. Martin’s Press will release several classic books by Barbara Delinsky in e-book form for the first time! Many of these books were written in the 1980s and 1990s under a pseudonym and have been out of print for over a dozen years. More information about this project is included in the press release below.

The first books to be released from the Delinsky vault are THE FOREVER INSTINCT, FIRST THINGS FIRST, STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART, and THE SCENT OF JASMINE and will go on sale this June (available for preorder here). I’ve added more information about these books below.

Best wishes,



THE FOREVER INSTINCT (St. Martin’s Paperbacks; May 29, 2012; $2.99 e)

The Forever Instinct is a classic novel of a man and woman following their instincts—and doing what comes naturally…

When Jordanna Kirkland agrees to go backpacking in New Hampshire, she doesn’t realize the trip is for men only—and that one of those men would be Patrick Clayes. Not only is Patrick rugged, handsome, and irresistibly charming, he’s also her ex-husband’s business rival in New York. Jordanna knows she should ignore her attraction to Patrick. But when the nights get cold, those lips of his are awfully warm—and impossible to resist. Why fight it? What happens in the wild stays in the wild, right? The real problem starts when Jordanna and Patrick go back to the boardrooms of Manhattan—but the passion never stops…



FIRST THINGS FIRST (St. Martin’s Paperbacks; May 29, 2012; $2.99 e)

First Things First is a classic novel of a woman on the hunt, a man on the run, and one thrillingly romantic hideaway…

Chelsea Ross is renowned for her success at locating missing children. But when a wealthy Boston socialite asks her to track down her 40-year-old son, Chelsea is thrown for a loop. The runaway “child” in question, Samuel Prescott London, is a powerful executive who’s apparently gone AWOL south of the border. Posing as a tourist, Chelsea manages to find Sam in the outskirts of Cancun—hot, handsome, and happy to be far from the corporate rat race. Chelsea promised Sam’s mother she’d bring him back home. But after a few days of playing tourist by his side—and spending nights in his arms—she’s not so sure she’s ready to give him up…



STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART (St. Martin’s Paperbacks; May 29, 2012; $2.99 e)

Straight From the Heart is a classic novel of one lovesick doctor and the woman who makes his heart ache with desire…

As the head of cardiology at New Haven Medical Center, Dr. Robert McCrae knows a lot about the human heart. But it’s not until he spots Heather Cole’s beautiful face at one of his lectures that he realizes how much more he needs to learn. From the moment he sees her, his heart skips a beat—metaphorically speaking—and his pulse rate soars. It turns out that Heather is a local hand-bag designer who’s not just playing doctor; she’s putting her heart on the line. Rob may be the only one who can help. But first she’ll have to trust him—and take a risk on falling in love…




THE SCENT OF JASMINE (St. Martin’s Paperbacks; May 29, 2012; $2.99 e)

The Scent of Jasmine is a classic novel of mail, female, and one very special delivery—that’s sealed with a kiss…

Every woman in town is buzzing about “him”—the new man on Pepper MacNeil’s mail delivery route—and it’s easy to see why. Standing high atop his old Georgian fixer-up, bare-chested and muscles gleaming, John Smith is a sight to behold. Besides knowing how to shingle a roof—and unhinge the local ladies—he can’t help flirting with his friendly neighborhood mail carrier. Pepper is charmed, and definitely interested. But when she finds a perfume-scented letter in John’s mail, she wonders what kind of romantic secrets he’s hiding. Pepper has secrets, too. But is she ready to open her heart to John? Fortunately, when it comes to love, this man can deliver…

Previously published as Jasmine Sorcery

The complete schedule is below:

May, 29 2012

June 26, 2012

August 28, 2012

October 30, 2012

December 26, 2012

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IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway is at work again.  This time, she and her partner, Eddie, are after Marcos Mendoza, a financial expert and suspected loan shark with cross-border ties to questionable businesses and people in Mexico. Mendoza hasn’t just cheated the U.S and Mexican governments, he may have left a trail of bodies, too. Neither the Texas Rangers nor the FBI could prove a link between Mendoza and the suspicious deaths of his employees and associates, but the sheer number of bodies indicates the deaths aren’t mere coincidence.  What’s more, Mendoza bought off Special Agent Nick Pratt, who’d earlier been assigned to the investigation, and set the traitor up in a luxury condominium in Cancún, Mexico.

He must be stopped.

Unfortunately, Mendoza is as elusive as his activities are illegal. Tracking down this tax cheat proves much more difficult, and more dangerous, than Tara anticipated.  Given the highly sensitive nature of the case, Tara is forbidden to disclose the details to anyone, including her boyfriend, Brett Ellington. Secrets nearly tore the two apart in the past and history seems destined to repeat itself.

As Tara and Eddie delve deeper into Mendoza’s business enterprises, they realize his illegal activities extend far beyond high-interest finance. They also learn Mendoza will do anything to protect the profitable illegal empire he has created.

When Tara receives an unexpected call from a surprising source, she must decide whether to follow orders or follow through. Tara must risk it all—her relationship with Brett, her job, and her life itself—to put Mendoza out of business for good.



For a chance to win Death, Taxes and a Skinny No-Whip Latte, just leave a comment below. Good luck!



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One rain-slicked night, six-year-old Holly lost the only parent she knew, her beloved mother Victoria. And since that night, she has never again spoken a word.


The last thing Mark Nolan needs is a six-year-old girl in his life. But he soon realizes that he will do everything he can to make her life whole again. His sister’s will gives him the instructions: There’s no other choice but you. Just start by loving her. The rest will follow.


Maggie Collins doesn’t dare believe in love again, after losing her husband of one year. But she does believe in the magic of imagination. As the owner of a toy shop, she lives what she loves. And when she meets Holly Nolan, she sees a little girl in desperate need of a little magic.


Three lonely people. Three lives at the crossroads. Three people who are about to discover that Christmas is the time of year when anything is possible, and when wishes have a way of finding the path home…

I recently signed up to be one of Lisa’s Divas and in my Welcome pack from them, I received 5 copies of CHRISTMAS EVE AT FRIDAY HARBOR to share. One for me and four to giveaway but I’m giving away all five copies because I already have it as an e-book and in print. One of my favorite reads of 2010 and I’m eager to read book 2, RAINSHADOW ROAD, when it comes out next month. To win one, just comment below and let me know what your favorite Lisa Kleypas book is or if you haven’t read one so we can recommend something to you! 🙂

Giveaway will end on January 31st. Open to all.

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Lady Amelia Templeton would rather die than surrender to a man like Duncan MacLean. He is the fiercest warrior of his clan—her people’s sworn enemy—and tonight he is standing over her bed. Eyes blazing, muscles taut, and battle axe gleaming, MacLean has come to kill Amelia’s fiancé. But once he sees the lovely, innocent Amelia, he decides to take her instead…

Stealing the young bride-to-be is the perfect revenge against the man who murdered Duncan’s one true love. But Lady Amelia turns out to be more than a pawn of vengeance and war. This brave, beautiful woman touches something deep in Duncan’s soul that is even more powerful than a warrior’s fury. But when Amelia begins to fall in love with her captor—and surrenders in his arms—the real battle begins…


So pretend for one minute that you are a romance author, and you are looking for your next story idea. Where does it come from?

I am going to wear my heart on my sleeve today and confess that I have a thing for Gerard Butler. He won me over duringhis first scene in Phantom of the Opera, where he portrayed the ultimate tortured hero and lured the innocent young heroine into the private depths of the theater and seduced her with his music of the night.

The way he played that character was an inspiration for one of my older books, PORTRAIT OF A LOVER, which was about a shunned son of an aristocrat who lived outside of society, perceived by some as a monster.

Skip ahead a few more years, when Igo to the movies and salivate over Gerry’s sword-swinging prowess in 300. I am simply compelled – COMPELLED I tell you – to write a hero who embodies all the savage, courageous, brutal, yet honorable qualities of such a man.


Hence, a Scottish Highlander trilogy is born. I tossed aside my customary“English gentleman hero in a top hat” to embrace the savage beauty of man like Gerry.

Please, Hollywood, I beg of you. Make a movie out of my book, CAPTURED BY THE HIGHLANDER, and send Gerard Butler to Nova Scotia to consult with me about the deep, soulful aspects of Duncan MacLean, the lead character in the book. Gerry, I won’t ask you to supress your Scottish accent. You can be yourself, and you can film the movie in your home country, and wear a kilt. I will even come to Glasgow and have lunch with your mum, tell her what a great job she did bringing you into the world, and share a few laughs.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the first book in the trilogy – just for you, Gerry – but if you decide you prefer the hero in Book 2 or Book 3, I’m am totally flexible. They were all based on you anyway. You can look at the covers for all three books on my website at www.juliannemaclean.com, and make your choice.

In the meantime, here’s a taste of what you have inspired in this warm-hearted and hard-working romance author. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a desirable Highlander and stirring the passions of my muse. I fulfilled an entire three-book contract thanks to you.


Amelia sat on the floor of the cave, fighting against an overwhelming sense of defeat. No matter how hard she tugged and wrenched at the thin ropes binding her wrists, she could not free herself. She was trapped like a helpless fawn in a wolf’s den, and soon her captor would return and do what he’d wanted to do to her all along, since the moment he’d crept into her fiancé’s bedchamber.

Then suddenly he was there before her, kneeling down, pulling a knife from his boot. Terror exploded within her.

“Please,” she said, tugging harder and more desperately at the bonds. “If you possess the smallest shred of humanity, you will let me go. You must.”

He raised the knife in the dim light, and just when she thought he was going to cut her throat, he sliced through her bonds instead. They dropped lightly to the ground.

“You’re a fighter, aren’t you?” He took both her hands in his and held them up to inspect the undersides of her wrists. “I admire your tenacity, but look what you’ve done to yourself.”

A thin trail of blood was dripping down her arm. He reached for a cloth, dipped it into the pot of water that hung on a hook over the unlit fire, and touched it to her wrists. Gently, he washed the blood away.

“Are you going to kill me?” she asked, glancing uneasily at the sword he carried. “Because if I am to be put to death, I wish to know.”

He remained focused on what he was doing. “I’m not going to kill you.”

She was grateful for the information, certainly, but was still a far cry from feeling calm and reassured.

“What about the other Highlander?” she asked. “He doesn’t seem to like me very much.” She glanced toward the mouth of the cave.

“You’re right. He detests the very ground you walk on.” The Butcher folded the cloth and continued to wipe her forearm with the cleaner side of it.

“Why? Because I am English? Or is it because I am engaged to Colonel Bennett?”

He paused. “I reckon both those things make him want to murder you where you stand.”

The cloth touched a tender spot, and Amelia snapped her hand back.

He looked at her intently, and somehow without a single word, he persuaded her with his eyes to endure the discomfort without complaint. She found herself responding, as if she were being lured into a comfortable obedience…


Many thanks to Julianne for joining us today!

For a chance to win a copy of CAPTURED BY THE HIGHLANDER, leave a comment below. Good luck! 😀

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I seriously must be living under a rock or something. I knew about this series because I have the first three books on my Kindle and book four, UNTAMED HIGHLANDER, coming out in April 2011, is on my wishlist at Amazon. Have any of you read this series?

For your viewing pleasure, I give you….UNTAMED HIGHLANDER by Donna Grant

The Dark Sword series reins in the magic, passion, and fury of Scotland’s legendary warriors—for whom love is always worth fighting for…


Druid-born and magic-blessed, Isla is one of the deadliest she-devils ever to serve the forces of darkness. As an immortal Highland warrior, it’s up to Hayden Campbell to destroy her and her kind. But for Hayden, Isla is more than a sworn enemy. She is temptation…


Taking Isla captive, Hayden hopes to avenge his kinsmen who died by Druid magic. But when he looks into Isla’s eyes, he sees the secrets of her past. When he touches her skin, he feels the passion in her soul. And soon Hayden comes to realize that this beautiful, beguiling woman is not his enemy at all—she is his destiny. And, even as the forces of darkness conspire against them, their love will conquer all…

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Vampire attacks are on the rise in the city that never sleeps. So why is half-human, half-Drow private eye Nyx tracking down Sprites? Sure, these “young bloods” are causing mischief all over town—like painting the Statue of Liberty’s toenails neon pink. But it’s not until Nyx finds herself at the Pit, Manhattan’s hottest nightclub for paranorms, that she understands what she’s really up against…

Seems Master Vampire Volod has a plan—and the Sprites are in on it. By targeting the weaknesses of every paranorm in the city, from Elves to Shifters to Zombies, Volod and his fang gang aim to rule the night once and for all. Over Nyx’s dead body. She loves a good challenge—and she will seduce danger at every turn to throw Volod off course. It’s time for Nyx to enter the beating heart of this dark conspiracy…before driving a stake through it.


A lot of authors talk about hitting a wall when they write. A mental block. I literally have a writing wall. I can even bang my head against it if I need to.

Thanks to my writing wall, I feel less and less like using my head as a battering ram. It’s actually a combination of three things that have changed the way I look at writing: my brainstorming whiteboard, my outline book, and my writing wall.

If you look at the wall, every page represents a chapter in my book.  There’s a process on how to get the ideas for the books. I start out with writing ideas for each chapter on my brainstorming whiteboard; then translating those ideas into a Word document on my laptop, then print out and put a copy into my writing notebook, and a copy also goes on my wall.

I write ideas for things I want to incorporate in the story on each page. Sometimes the pages are pretty sparse—as in one or two lines—and sometimes they’re very detailed. I write one page for every chapter I plan to write in the book.

Unlike the Ten Commandments, my chapters are not written in stone. I handwrite on the pages in my notebook, add pages, divide pages into two, sometimes three chapters when I’d only intended for it to be one chapter.

The wall itself is like looking at The Big Picture. I can review the pages on the wall and analyze where the story might need some depth, or perhaps there is a hole in the storyline.

One thing I’d like to mention is that these ideas came from not another writer, but from a businessman. He looked at the way I structured my writing—or perhaps the lack of structure—and made these suggestions. It has totally turned my writing process around to fabulous results. The key to keeping life fresh is to be willing to listen and try out new ideas—sometimes from places we never expected.

Vampires Not Invited was the first book to grace the writing wall in my office, the result of which is in stores November 30th.

To celebrate the release of Vampires Not Invited, two lucky winners will each receive a copy of No Werewolves Allowed. Leave a comment and go into the drawing to win. : )


Many thanks to Cheyenne for joining us today!

To find out more about Chey and her books, please visit her website at www.cheyennemccray.com. And don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance to win NO WEREWOLVES ALLOWED. Good luck! 😀


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