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It had been more than two years since Cam Stern’s memorable affair with Becca Tuntenstall. And upon seeing her again, the club owner realized the heat still burned between them. He had to pursue her. This time, he would get to know her better…perhaps even take things beyond the bedroom.

But Becca had been keeping a secret— they had a son. Suddenly Cam’s plan was no longer clear. He wanted to be part of his child’s life. But was he prepared to forge a relationship with the woman who had deceived him?



One thing that I didn’t realize before I became a mom was how much having a child would change my life. And that was the inspiration for REUNITED…WITH CHILD. Becca gets pregnant after a week long, red-hot affair with Cam Stern. When the week is over so is there relationship and its only after she’s walked away that she realizes she’s going to have his child.

For Becca the decision to keep her baby changes every aspect of her life. Her boss is one of Cam’s best-friends so Becca makes the decision to leave her job and start her own company. She is forced to go from being a career-minded woman to a mom. Something she doesn’t regret, but when Cam comes back into her life she wonders if hiding her pregnancy from him was a wise move.

I pride myself on being honest so I like to think I’d never get into a situation like this, but I realize there are times when I haven’t said something to someone and then later on it becomes a sort of lie. I don’t like that feeling but sometimes its almost too late to say something, you know?

Has this ever happened to you? Its not that you wanted to lie but that you got backed into by not saying something?

I’m giving away an autographed copy of TAMING THE VIP PLAYBOY to a randomly selected blog participant today.


Many thanks to Katherine for joining us today!

To find out more about Katherine and her backlist, please visit www.katherinegarbera.com.  And for a chance to win TAMING THE VIP PLAYBOY, leave a comment answering the above question. Good luck! 😀



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All business, all the time, had made Justin Stern a very confirmed bachelor. Yet one glance at Selena Gonzalez and he knew changes were in order. Perhaps marriage wasn’t in his future, but an affair certainly was.

Never mind that he and Selena were on opposite sides of a deal that could make or break them both. Pretty soon, passion was the top priority. And if Justin could finesse their white-hot attraction into a win for his company, he would—no matter what the cost.


Having worked in the corporate world (Walt Disney World, 15 years) I know a thing or two about offices and office romances. It is absolutely hands-down my favorite source of conflict and that is where I started with this book. Though in SEDUCING THE OPPOSITION, Selena and Justin don’t work together in the strictest sense, they are adversaries as Justin represents the Luna Azul Company and wants to buy-out Selena’s grandfather’s grocery store.

They both have their reasons for wanting to win. Their families play a key role this desire to prove themselves. This is something that resonates with me because my family is so much a part of my life.

As a girl growing up my family lived out in the country where we had our orange grove and at one time a chicken ranch! My sisters and I were forced by isolation to depend on each other for friendship and that created a deep bond between us which still lasts today even though we live on opposite coasts.

What about you? Do you have a close family?

I’m giving away an autographed copy of TAMING THE VIP PLAYBOY to a randomly selected blog participant today.


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The sultry heat. The pulsing music. How could millionaire club owner Nate Stern have resisted taking Jen Miller into his arms? Though everyone in Miami considered him a playboy, Nate never flirted with his employees. Yet something about Jen had him changing his mind.

Sleeping with her VIP boss was risky, but the businessman’s charms had Jen throwing caution to the wind. Still, she’d been hurt before. Knowing Nate must play the role of Casanova for the press had her guarding her heart. But when Nate held her close, Jen couldn’t resist the flames…no matter what.


This book was inspired by my obsession with Dancing with the Stars. I don’t know if its simply the costumes which I like or the fact that we get to see the catty backstage antics of the “celebs” and their partners, but I adore the show. I started with the seed of an idea that was a former baseball player is on the show and scandal ensues. But unfortunately that initial idea didn’t have enough conflict and a secondary element in my proposal…a hot Miami nightclub became the central locale for this story.

Nate Stern is still a playboy former pro baseball player and Jen continued to be a dancer but instead of playing in the world of ballroom dance, she teaches Latin dances to the A-listers who come to the club and catches Nate’s eye.

I still got to use the dances I’ve come to love on Dancing with the Stars, they are so sensual and perfect for forcing an intimacy between Jen and Nate before they are ready for it.

I hope you’ll enjoy my little homage to Dancing with the Stars in TAMING THE VIP PLAYBOY.

Have you ever turned an obsession into something you could use in your real-life? I’m giving away an autographed copy of TAMING THE VIP PLAYBOY to a randomly selected blog participant today.


Many thanks to Katherine for joining us today!

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He rescued hostage Talia Burke from his royal family’s rival tribe and swept her into his strong embrace. But Prince Harres Aal Shalaan soon discovered there was more to the brave beauty than he knew. Talia held information vital to protecting his beloved kingdom…and she had every reason not to trust him.

Marooned together at a desert oasis, Talia couldn’t resist Harres. Yet even as his sizzling seduction entranced her, his loyalty to his family and country would always make them enemies. Falling for the sheikh would be her heart’s greatest mistake…but she feared it was already too late….

In stores February 1!

To read a first chapter and visit Olivia’s webpage, click here.


As many of us know by now, Egypt has shut down it’s internet communications because of the protests that are taking place. Olivia  Gates lives in Egypt and is unable to promote her new release, TO TEMPT A SHEIKH. Let’s help her spread the word.

We are giving away 3 copies of TO TEMPT A SHEIKH (print or kindle edition, winner’s choice). To be entered, all you need to do is help spread the word. Twitter, Facebook, blogs…whatever social media you do. Just make sure you include a link to either Olivia’s website http://www.oliviagates.com/ or back to here. Then come back and let me know in the comments section what you did. We’ll be working mostly off the honor system with this so please don’t let me down, folks.

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Payback had fueled him for more than a decade. Yet now that his goal was within reach, Josh Tremont found himself wanting something even more. His new assistant, Callie Lee, was beautiful, sensual…and appeared to be totally innocent. Though he’d won her away from the enemy… dare he trust her completely?

Being bedded by a millionaire had not been on Callie’s agenda…Josh Tremont was simply too impossible to resist. But she had to stop him from seeking vengeance. She’d gone into this knowing she’d betray her boss; she hadn’t expected to deceive the man she’d come to love.



People often ask me where I get my ideas from and to be honest, sometimes I just don’t know. But I do know where the initial idea arose for the Rogue Diamonds trilogy I had out earlier this year–Keanu Reeves and demon riding. I read an article about him where he admitted to pushing himself to the limits, riding a motorcycle at high speed, at night, no lights, on a winding road. For some reason, when I read about that, my mind was instantly transported and a group of dare devil young men, who’d rather go demon riding than attend their private high school honours ceremony, were born.


When I wrote the Rogue Diamonds outline the original plan was for four books, but the final story remained elusive and in the end I settled on a trilogy. I had an absolute ball falling in love with each successive hero, but in the last book, Pretend Mistress, Bona Fide Boss, a shadow lurked in the background–a threat to Palmer Enterprises. That threat became so much more than a plot point when I found myself asking, ‘Who is behind it?’ And, more importantly, ‘Why?’


So I delved a little deeper, and there he was–Josh Tremont, hero in Defiant Mistress, Ruthless Millionaire. Josh is one very highly motivated man and he’s determined to get the recognition due to him. I can understand why, now, he was so hard to pin down when doing the earlier outlines–he’s a shadow man with a blurred past. Finally, I began to fully understand each nuance that made up the complex and driven character Josh became. He certainly wasn’t the easiest man to get to know, used as he is to playing his cards from very close to his chest and concealing his true identity from the world.


Finding the woman who could force his hand, and eventually open his heart, was easy. If you read Pretend Mistress, Bona-Fide Boss, toward the end of the book you’ll have met Callie Lee, a steadfast and loyal employee of the Palmer family. Who better to come to their aid and delve into the secrets behind Josh Tremont than her? But Callie discovers more than the truth when she tackles this ruthless millionaire.


I’m really excited about this December release, the cover itself is a scene straight out of the book, and whether you purchase the book, or win it from today’s blog, I hope you enjoy Josh and Callie’s journey to love as they both learn that the truth is not always what you believe it to be.  


Many thanks to Yvonne for being our guest today. Don’t forget to leave a comment for the chance to win a copy of  Defiant Mistress, Ruthless Millionaire. To find out more about Yvonne and her books, visit her website here.

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With Theron’s book out this month and Damon’s book, SWEET PERSUASION, out next month, Maya is swamped with deadlines. Which is fine with me because it just means more books for us, right? 😉 Even though she couldn’t be here today, Maya generously offered a giveaway of Theron’s book. Leave a comment for the chance to win a copy of THE TYCOON’S REBEL BRIDE. Two winners will be chosen. Good luck! 🙂


Tycoon Theron Anetakis had only one problem—and she just walked through his door. With his business takeover complete, he’d intended to arrange a marriage for himself to further secure his future. However…

Little Isabella Caplan had blossomed into a voluptuous vixen with plans of her own, and they didn’t include letting the executor of her father’s estate also arrange a marriage for her to another man! She had pined for Theron long enough. Now it was time to seduce her hot-blooded hotel tycoon and bring him to one bended knee.

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Young widow Samantha Hardcastle longs to find her late husband’s heir and bring him into the family. Even so, restaurateur Louis DuLac won’t respond to her calls or letters—or knocks at his New Orleans door. All alone, Samantha succumbs to the sensual refuge offered by a gorgeous stranger. Who turns out to be Louis DuLac.

Louis never knew his father’s identity. Now this trophy widow wants him to take a DNA test to prove—or disprove— that he is a Hardcastle. No problem—if Samantha agrees to spend another evening with him….

Thanks for having me back to chat about the third book in my Hardcastle Progeny series, The Heir’s Scandalous Affair. How scandalous? Silhouette Desire likes authors to write a letter to readers at the beginning of each book, and here’s the one for this story:

Young beautiful women who marry rich older men are often treated cruelly in the press. These “trophy wives” seem to be objects of intense fascination and resentment, as evidenced by the ghoulish obsession with Anna Nicole Smith after the passing of her wealthy older husband.

The coverage of her life and tragic death made me wonder how it would feel to be subject to such envy and loathing. It sparked the idea for The Heir’s Scandalous Affair, in which young widow Samantha Hardcastle has to find her way in the world after the death of her billionaire husband Tarrant.

With the eyes and cameras of the world upon her, Sam finds herself falling in love with the one man she should stay far, far away from: her husband’s illegitimate son. I hope you enjoy Sam and Louis’ roller coaster romance.

When I set out to write the story I was fascinated by how someone goes about their life when everyone they meet has a preconceived idea about them. Sam, my newly-widowed heroine, is nervous and self-conscious, and feels a great responsibility to protect the Hardcastle family she married into. My hero Louis, on the other hand, has lived a free-wheeling existence in Paris and New Orleans and couldn’t give a damn what anyone thinks about him. He’s never known who his father was, and can’t see why it would matter. In this scene he takes Sam out for a picnic on the bayou and encourages her to face some of her hang-ups:

Sam took a bite of spicy sausage. The boat engine throbbed in a steady pulse, and water slapped against the sides.

She could feel Louis’ eyes on her as she licked her lips. His gaze oozed over her like fresh honey. She should be offended that a man she barely knew felt free to stare at her like that.

Except that she’d already slept with him.

“Were all your husbands older than you?”

Louis’ strange question jerked her out of a sensual fog. “All my husbands.” She grimaced. “You make me sound like Zsa Zsa Gabor.”

“I think she made them wait until they put a ring on her finger before she slept with them.” He winked and bit off a chunk of bread.

Sam’s mouth fell open. Then she drew in a breath and reached for her sense of humor. “You’re right. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

Her mother had repeated that phrase many times during her teen years, when Sam was competing to be Miss Corn Dog or whatever title came with the pageant of that week.

She frowned. “In fact, I was a virgin when I married my first husband.” She looked right at Louis. “And yes, he was older.”

Louis’ expression didn’t reveal any opinion, negative or otherwise. “What went wrong?”

“Who knows?” She shrugged and looked out at the waving grasses. The sun hung low on the horizon, bathing land and water in a thick golden soup of light.

You probably do.”

She glanced up. People didn’t usually talk to her like this.

Like what?


But Louis just watched her, eyes twinkling with mischief as he ate.

“Okay. Let’s see. I married him so I could get away from home because my mother ran me on the pageant circles like I was a prize bull and I knew I’d never get to go to college as long as there was a penny to be earned from parading me in front of an audience. To be brutally frank, I’d probably have married anyone.”

“I doubt it. Who was he?”

She rankled at his dismissive comment. “He owned a car dealership in our town. He was safe and solid and he treated me nicely.”

“Did you get to go to college?”

Sam’s gut tightened. He’s already figured out the answer. She studied his face for mockery, prepared to defend herself, but all she saw in his eyes was warm interest.

“He didn’t want his wife working or going to school.”


“Exactly. And after two years of trying to be the perfect little wife I’d had enough.”

“See? You know exactly why you divorced him.” Louis shifted his legs as he cut the engine. The wet cotton of his pants clung to his muscled calves. A reminder of the strength and power of his body. How he’d held her close and…

She averted her gaze. She’d certainly never had feelings like that for her first husband.

Or even her third.

Guilt snaked through her. How could she have fallen so quickly into another man’s arms? She’d promised Tarrant that she didn’t miss sex. That she didn’t need crude lust or graceless fumbling to be happy.

So why did her skin tingle at the simple nearness of this man?

Samantha doesn’t trust her own instincts and Louis’ biggest task is convincing her that she needs to live her life, and not worry about how it will look in the papers. I’m pretty sure it’s my most emotional book to date, and probably the most complicated as well, since the characters from the previous two Hardcastle stories also make an appearance. A couple of readers confessed that the initial premise kind of freaked them out and they had to get past it before they could read and enjoy the book. I knew I was taking on a challenge in choosing a controversial subject, so it’s encouraging that several people have also told me that this is their favorite of my books to date.

Do you think it was scandalous of me to choose a trophy wife (who’s already been married three times!) as my heroine? How do you feel about a woman sleeping with her stepson—even though they’ve never met and are the same age? One person who leaves a comment will win a copy of The Heir’s Scandalous Affair.



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It was just one “simple” mission—find out whether a winemaker in Argentina was a New York millionaire’s long-lost son. But Susannah Clarke quickly learned Amado Alvarez played by his own rules. He’d give her the DNA sample she wanted—if she spent the night with him! And in a moment of madness, she’d given in, to his demand and to her own desire. Now she had to return to South America to face this compelling, sensuous man again—and to face the consequences of that one unforgotten, unforgettable night in a stranger’s bed….

Thanks for having me back to chat about my new book, In the Argentine’s Bed. This is the second in my three part Hardcastle Progeny series about dying billionaire tycoon Tarrant Hardcastle and his attempts to track down the illegitimate sons he once scorned.

Inspired by his success at finding his son Dominic in the first book, Millionaire’s Secret Seduction, Tarrant sends his company’s wine buyer, Susannah Clarke, to Argentina in search of another possible heir. Susannah loves her job at Hardcastle Enterprises, and is resigned to doing a little of Tarrant’s personal business while visiting the Mendoza wine-growing region. When she arrives, things get disturbing: First, Amado Alvarez—the man whose DNA she is sent to retrieve—has never heard of Tarrant Hardcastle, and insists that he already has a father. Second, he’s breathtakingly gorgeous and an incorrigible flirt.

Susannah is soon convinced Amado is not Tarrant’s son. She meets his mother, who is not womanizing Tarrant’s type at all, and notices they both have blue eyes while Amado’s are brown. Usually straitlaced, she decides there’s no harm in a little vacation fling, especially when Amado promises to give her the DNA she wants—if she’ll spend the night in his bed.

The results of the DNA test are a shock to both of them. Amado learns he’s been deceived about his origins and lied to by the people he loves most. Susannah realizes she’s slept with her boss’s son. Things get worse when Tarrant sends her back to Argentina on a mission to bring Amado into Hardcastle Enterprises.

Amado is furious that Susannah has walked into his life and turned it upside down, yet she’s still trying to act as though it’s a business proposition. Susannah, on the other hand, is astonished at the powerful feelings—both sensual and emotional—that Amado kindles in her. In this scene, he taunts her with a sensual tango that mirrors the passionate dance of their relationship:

“Your turn.”

“I don’t know how to tango.”

“No matter.” He held out his hand.

“Seriously, I’ll look like a fool.”

“If you dance, you might look like a fool. If you sit there in your chair and miss all the fun, everyone will know you’re a fool.” His eyes glittered a challenge.

She rose to her feet, damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. Amado hooked his arm around her waist, and practically carried her onto the small dance floor. Already at least fifteen other couples swirled to the music.

“But I…”

Amado silenced her with a finger to her lips. “Don’t think. Just listen to the music.” He leaned in close, his breath hot on her ear. “Listen to your body. Dance with me.”

Her belly tightened in response to the sensual rasp of his voice. She drew in a shaky breath.

Her black wrap dress had a long slit down the back, and he slid his fingers inside it. Her eyes widened. Surely he didn’t want the others to know they were intimate?

He pulled her close until her body was almost crushed against his.


A scant half-inch of superheated space separated their hips. He inclined his head until his cheek was almost touching hers and she could anticipate the slight roughness of his skin.

He took her other hand and held it lightly in his, then he stepped forward, into her.

Instinctively she stepped back, and he turned, whirling them half around. Then he stepped back. His hand on her waist pulled her with him, and she placed her toes between his. Forward and back, around, his hands and the movements of his feet guided her through the throng of dancers.

The music, taut and rhythmic, strung the air with tension. It thrummed in her body as time and again she stepped into Amado’s embrace, anticipating his body heat. Then he pulled away, leaving a tiny ache.

He drew her with him, leading her on a sensual journey that never quite reached its end.

Occasionally he did one wicked move where he stepped between her legs, parting them, overtly sexual.

Then he would step back and draw her into an elegant turn, as if nothing had happened.

Energy snapped between them, stinging her skin with adrenaline and tightening her nipples inside her thin dress.

I’m dancing. Astonishment rippled through her as they moved across the floor, weaving through the elegant tangueros like they did this every night.

It felt as complicated, as astonishing, as natural as…


The song ended. Susannah’s heart pounded as Amado lifted her hand and kissed it.

The perfect gentleman.

He led her back to the table without a word, giving her nothing but the sight of his arrogant profile.

Susannah sank into her chair, aching with freshly inflamed desire.

Have you ever mixed business with pleasure? Or maybe wanted to?? Please leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of In the Argentine’s Bed. Next month Fatin has asked me back to tell you about the third book in the series, The Heir’s Scandalous Affair. I hope you enjoy the Hardcastle Progeny series and thanks for dropping in!



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Marry before her 30th birthday or forfeit her inheritance. A sticky choice for heiress Amira Forsythe was a golden opportunity for her ex-fiancé, Brent Colby—for payback. Of course Brent assumed she was a spoiled socialite. And he would never believe what she really needed the money for….

Brent intended to make the most of this. Eight years ago, Amira humiliated him in front of hundreds of wedding guests. Now he had the chance to do the same…seduce her, make love to her—and then leave!

With this year being the 60th anniversary of Harlequin/Silhouette in the USA, it led me to thinking of diamonds. To be honest it really doesn’t take much to get me thinking of diamonds…I do like sparklies, and I really do like the number three, especially when it relates to three very sexy heroes. Thus my Rogue Diamonds mini-series was born. When brainstorming the series I came up with an idea of three school buddies, who loved to play on the wild side, and who have remained close friends. Now each in their early thirties and highly successful businessmen they continue to remain single, which poses the question “Can love tame these unyielding billionaires?”

The past:

“All of the students in your year are diamonds…some polished, some still a little rough. All, except you three. You, sirs, are rogues!”

So said Thomas Woodley, the favourite professor of Brent Colby, Adam Palmer and Draco Sandrelli, after he caught them demon riding (high speed runs on their motorbikes on dangerous roads at night with no headlights on) when they should have been at their private boarding school’s honours ceremony.

The present:

The Rogue Diamonds are drawn together for the memorial service of Prof. Woodley’s late wife, and after the service two of them are thrown into contact with women they never expected to see again.

Who are the Rogue Diamonds?

Brent Colby (CONVENIENT MARRIAGE, INCONVENIENT HUSBAND, US Feb 09, Aus/NZ Mar 09) was always the bad boy at school and the one who instigated most of the boys’ adventures. He’s the ‘scholarship boy’ from the poorer side of the family and he always felt he had something to prove. An innovative man, he fell headlong into his first million dollars only to lose it just as fast. Unfortunately, at the same time, he also lost the woman he loved. With his exceptional drive and entrepreneurial skills he’s rebuilt his world, bigger better and far stronger than before, but he’s never forgotten the woman who chose money over his love. When she fronts up to him in the men’s room of the Jubilee Hall at Ashurst Collegiate, he’s more than intrigued about why.

Draco Sandrelli (SECRET BABY, PUBLIC AFFAIR, US Mar 09, Aus/NZ Apr 09) is the sole surviving son of Italian aristrocracy and lives in the Sandrelli ancestral palazzo in the Tuscan countryside. A natural charmer, he’s had it all, but he learned loss at its most painful level when his fiancee died of a congential heart defect while pregnant with his baby. A short and fiery affair with a New Zealand girl, Blair Carson, touring his homeland has an unexpected repercussion when he discovers Blair is catering the memorial service at Ashurst Collegiate. He wasn’t ready to let her go the first time, he certainly isn’t ready to let her go now, especially not when he discovers she’s carrying his child.

Adam Palmer (PRETEND MISTRESS, BONA FIDE BOSS, US Apr 09, Aus/NZ May 09) is a workaholic. The survivor of twin sons born to the powerful billionaire Palmers, he’s been groomed to take over the running of the family business. All his life he’s only felt as if he was half of what his parents were due and works darn hard to make up for that by being twice as good at everything. His office is run with incredible precision at all times yet somehow secrets are being filtered out to his arch rival, Josh Tremont. When Adam discovers his assistant, Lainey Delacorte, is hiding the truth about herself, he’s determined to get the bottom of her deception and discover if she’s responsible for the information leaks–no matter what it takes.

— Yvonne

*****Leave a comment for the chance to win a copy of CONVENIENT MARRIAGE, INCONVENIENT HUSBAND! Good Luck! 🙂

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A multimillion-dollar family dynasty was hard to walk away from. And that’s what Dominic Hardcastle intended to do. Until he met his father’s employee Bella Andrews. She was intriguing and sexy beyond reason…and out to ruin his estranged, ruthless father. So Dominic offered to keep her secret if she’d keep him company…after hours.

Everything about Dominic set off alarms in Bella’s head. For he had the power to destroy her plans. Maybe some intense overtime with Mr. Tall, Dark and Dangerous was needed. Suddenly her scheme didn’t seem so simple…or her heart so safe.…

I’m thrilled to have a chance to chat about my newest book. Millionaire’s Secret Seduction is the first in my three part Hardcastle Progeny series about dying billionaire tycoon Tarrant Hardcastle and his attempts to find an heir for his retail empire—by tracking down the illegitimate sons he once scorned.

Dominic, the hero of Millionaire’s Secret Seduction, was the result of an affair Tarrant had in the late 1970’s. A notorious ladies man, Tarrant partied hard during the disco scene at Studio 54, where he met Dominic’s beautiful young mother. Once she became pregnant, he dumped her—and refused to admit paternity or support his son.

Yeah, Tarrant Hardcastle is not a nice guy.

His son Dominic on the other hand, has grown up to be a man of honor who takes personal commitments seriously. When his ‘father’ suddenly comes out of the woodwork and wants to meet him, he’s disgusted with the man who betrayed his mother, and wants nothing to do with him. After a while, though, family ties start to tug at him in ways he never anticipated.

And that’s where things get complicated, because Dominic has discovered that the beautiful, talented and totally hot Bella Andrews is not only in charge of the company’s chemistry lab, she’s a mole trying to steal back research she believes was swindled from her own father.

Does he want to side with Bella and betray the father who wasn’t there for him? Or does his sense of honor demand that he reveal her treachery to the dying man who is, after all, his flesh and blood?

Bella wants to retrieve her father’s work to help her mother out of a financial and emotional crisis. She’s so close to achieving her goals—until Dominic shows up and threatens to ruin everything.

Seduction, subterfuge and smokin’ hot sex result, all in steamy, summer-hot Manhattan. Here’s glimpse into the scene where Bella begs Dominic not to tell Tarrant about her:

Something in his expression lit a thin ray of hope in Bella’s heart. “So you understand?”

Dominic tipped his head back, studied her down the length of his proud nose. “Sure. I understand. I’m not saying I approve.” He raised an eyebrow.

All she needed was another few days. Since the files arrived she’d been combing through them every free moment when no one was around. She only had two more drawers to search. She’d Xeroxed at least a thousand pages of her dad’s decades-long research to prove the extent of the intellectual property Tarrant swindled him out of. All that remained was to find the amount he’d been paid. Her impractical father and flighty mother had kept few of their personal financial records.

“But you’ll keep my secret.” Her voice was barely a whisper.

“Like I said, we can make a deal.” His dark eyes drifted over her face. Grazed her lips and roamed over her neck. Her skin heated.

He wants to sleep with you.

She could read it in his face as clearly as if he’d said it.

Maybe he was one of those men who just had to conquer every woman that crossed his path? Tarrant Hardcastle was rumored to be such a man, though his terminal illness—not to mention his very young and beautiful third wife—had put a damper on his womanizing ways.

She’d worked here for a solid year. Smiled in the face of the man who destroyed—who killed—her father. But she had her reasons. Surely she could go one extra step to safeguard everything her mother loved so dearly.

Her fingers and toes stung with panic. She’d come too far to lose it all now. If she could keep him quiet for a few days she’d be done.

Do it.

She took a step toward him and tilted her face upwards. Held her breath as she offered her mouth to him.

One dark brow lifted.

Had she read him wrong?

Her answer came when his lips crushed hotly over hers.

The breath evaporated from her lungs. His big hand settled crudely on her backside and he tugged her close enough for her breasts to wrinkle his starched shirtfront.

Dominic didn’t smell like the expensive cologne they sold downstairs. His scent was raw—rough and feral—the aroma of undiluted lust.

His tongue grazed her teeth and sent a shiver of sensation to her toes. Bella found herself on tiptoe, reaching up to deepen the kiss as he craned his neck down to meet her. Her legs trembled from the strain and from the breathless wave of desire that washed over her.

He pulled back first. Simply lifted his head and left her standing there, lips angled toward the recessed light fixture in the ceiling.

She flushed and slammed her lips together.

Dominic’s dimples were strangely absent. And something glittered in his near-black eyes.

“Gosh. I must go. My train.” Her words trickled out like drips from a faucet. Her brain seemed to have seized up.

She lunged for her briefcase.

“Not so fast, princess. It’s dark out. I’ll get you a cab.”

“I prefer to walk.”

“Then I’ll walk you.”

And after that, he just can’t seem to leave her alone….

Have you ever become involved with someone you really shouldn’t have? Leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Millionaire’s Secret Seduction. Next month Fatin’s invited me back to tell you about the second book in the series, In the Argentine’s Bed, in which Tarrant sends a female employee to track down one of his missing sons in Argentina’s wine country—and you can probably guess from the title what happens next. I hope you enjoy the Hardcastle Progeny series and thanks for stopping by!



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