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Cate Beauman is back with the seventh installment in her bestselling romantic suspense series, The Bodyguards of L.A. County. Saving Sophie will be on sale September 4th through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes!

Saving Sophie On Sale September 4th!

02 Saving Sophie_ebookWhen the only choice is to run…

Jewelry designer Sophie Burke has fled Maine for the anonymity of the big city. She’s starting over with a job she tolerates and a grungy motel room she calls home on the wrong side of town, but anything is better than the nightmare she left behind.

Stone McCabe is Ethan Cooke Security’s brooding bad boy more interested in keeping to himself than anything else—until the gorgeous blond with haunted violet eyes catches his attention late one rainy night.

Stone reluctantly gives Sophie a hand only to quickly realize that the shy beauty with the soft voice and pretty smile has something to hide. Tangled up in her secrets, Stone offers Sophie a solution that has the potential to free her from her problems once and for all—or jeopardize both of their lives.

Read an excerpt from Saving Sophie: (more…)

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Blue Rules 8-10-2013
Are you ready for the new season of reality television?  Blue has a nice life.  He’s got a job in public relations with a local production studio and a nice social life with some hot reality stars.  But then his father dies and his sister, Amber, blackmails him into working with her at the Dooley Foundation, their father’s life coaching business.  His social life grinds to a halt.  Now every woman wants him to fix her – and not in bed!  Along comes Maddy Polk, up-and-coming reality show producer, with an idea about a new reality show based on their work at the Foundation, featuring him as a matchmaker.  Who does Maddy want him to match up?  All his really hot, slightly crazy, reality show ex-girlfriends!  Trouble is, it’s Maddy who makes Blue hot and slightly crazy.

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Mel Curtis has reinvented the glitz novel, infusing it with heat, heart and humor.” Jayne Ann Krentz



“I don’t know how you came to these…these erroneous conclusions about my brother, but you’re wrong.” Amber’s words fell weakly between them.

Sensing she was near victory, Maddy pressed on. “The Avengers launched the retail portion of their web site last week. Selling Avenger T-shirts and logo thongs means they’re in it for the long haul. There’ll be no escaping the gossip and subsequent damage to the Dooley Foundation if you don’t sever this at the jugular.” At Amber’s perplexed look, Maddy shrugged. “Another of Poppa Bert’s pearls.  It means you need my form of damage control.”

“Hello, ladies.” A deep voice. From behind her. And then a tall man with the grace of a dancer and the swagger of a model settled in the chair next to hers, unsettling Maddy’s pulse.

She’d never seen photos of Blue Rule in khaki shorts and a dark polo. He wore tuxes. He wore suits. He wore body hugging button downs. Regardless, he still didn’t manage to look like the guy next door.

Pitch anxiety returned, prickling her skin with nervous heat.

Blue Rule had the kind of looks that most women only saw on television and in fashion magazines – a long lean body, short crisp black hair that was never unruly, lips that quirked knowingly and dark eyes that seemed to penetrate your very soul with the promise of bone melting, I-just-met-you sex. Maddy imagined him reclining on a penthouse suite bed, the camera panning up his body, across all those very hard body parts, until it reached that smile.

   Did her mental camera have to shoot porn now? In the middle of a pitch meeting?

“I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Blue Rule.” He extended his hand. If Blue’s appearance inspired I’ll-do-whatever-you-want bedroom fantasies, his voice did not. Cool. Confident. Controlling.

To her credit, Maddy didn’t miss a beat as she introduced herself, thrusting her clammy hand toward him and shaking his hard, because there was only one reason for Amber to bring Blue into this – to confirm Maddy was not one of his ex-girlfriends.

Blue’s smile broadened like a hunter who had a deer in his sights.

And Maddy, who had always fled the mighty male hunters that prowled L.A., felt her anger rise like the fire that swept through Bambi’s forest, burning her anxiety to ashes. News flash: her kick-ass idea had legs that made these two Rules nervous. “Now that we’ve confirmed I’m not one of Blue’s Avengers, can we continue?”



For a chance to win a download of Book 1, Amber Rules by Mel Curtis, leave a comment below. Good luck! 🙂

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Can you hear the dragon’s roar?

Over a thousand years ago Draakar was forced to leave Earth, now he has no choice but to return. The dragon lord, whose world teeters on the brink of destruction, must find his truemate. The one woman with the power and love fated to save them all. The woman he left behind.

Maya Trent was abandoned on Earth, apparently human but so much more and unaware of her dual heritage. Once Draakar awakens her dragon within all she wants to do is kill him. Yet they must work together to save mankind as well as the brethren. But first Draakar has to convince her that the truemate bond between them is real, as is his love for her. She just has to believe in him.


No insect, animal or bird sounds were ever heard in the center of the stones because all knew better than to venture into the circle of power. Even the wind only danced around its edge. Just before dawn, something changed. For miles around the stones not a creature stirred. They sensed something coming and were careful to give the area an even wider berth than usual. Only heavy fog moved across the mountains as a dragon lord from a time long gone glided slowly through the gateway and landed squarely in the center of the Stones.

Black talons dug into the rich soil and the humming sound emanating from the Stones changed to a fevered pitch, far beyond human hearing. (more…)

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Annalise Fallston made peace with postponing her big-city dreams to care for her ill father, but lately she’s been filled with a restlessness not even her beloved painting dispels. Worse, the colors don’t speak to her as they always have, and all her efforts produce dark, foreboding images of a dangerous man and a terrifying future.

Devlin Eston, black-souled son of the evil Anemoi Eurus, is the only one who can thwart his father’s plan to overthrow the Supreme God of Wind and Storms. But first, Dev must master the unstable powers he’s been given. Distrusted and shunned by his own divine family, he never expected to find kindness and passion in the arms of a mortal.

But Devlin’s love puts Annalise in the path of a catastrophic storm, and in the final Armageddon showdown between the Anemoi and Eurus, sacrifices will be made, hearts broken, and lives changed forever…or lost.



April 22, 2014



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When Cade Walker and Merrick Sullivan find Elle hiding in the cabinet of a gun store, they know they can’t just walk away from the fragile woman with no memory of who she is or who tried to kill her. Merrick is training for the title shot in the heavyweight division as a mixed martial artist and can’t afford distractions, but neither can he turn his back on the woman who tugs at his heartstrings.

Elle feels safe with her two protectors, and the longer she spends with them, the more she realizes that she has no desire to remember her past. Not when it could compromise her future with Cade and Merrick.

Cade has his own set of issues when it comes to Elle, and it quickly becomes clear to the two men that for the first time in their friendship, a woman is coming between them. But what if they just kept her there? Between them. Where she belongs.



October 22, 2013



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I travel through life dancing.

All I ever wanted to do was dance, as did my best friend. We’d made so many plans together, but one night an explosion changed it all. Only one of us survived, and I promised myself I’d succeed for us both. And I did, until an accident almost ruined my career, but Maze came back into my life when I needed him most. He pulled me out of the depths of my despair. But could I save him now?

I travel through life fighting.

It had always been Ivy; from the first moment I saw her leaping through the air like she had wings to lift her from the ground. But she was my dream, something I wanted more than anything else in my life. I promised myself I would stay away from her. Violence followed me everywhere and I tried to keep her far away from it. She was my point of illumination in the dark tumultuous world I lived in. But I could not stay away from her. Not when I knew she needed me. As much as I needed her. But could she accept me as I am?


I dropped both my girls off at college a couple of weeks ago. My oldest began her sophomore year of college my youngest her freshman year. It’s something we’ve all worked hard to make happen. Now they’re both happy and proud of their achievements, as am I. The first couple days they sent her pictures of their dorm rooms and we’ve texted and spoken almost every day. Thank God for technology. It’s the only way I’m coping.

My husband and I have raised our children to be strong and independent and taught and encouraged them to use the brains they were born with. And yes, while I am happy and pleased with their choices and accomplishments, it still doesn’t take away the fact that the doors to their rooms at home are open. They used to be closed because teenagers need privacy apparently above all else. Now I am able to go in at will, yet when I walk inside there’s no one there. Nor are they on their way home or will be home anytime soon. The sounds of silence and peace have invaded what once was a boisterous, noisy home. Yet for some reason I can’t hear myself think. I glance up ever so often for no reason. While I had no trouble blocking out noise, I find the silence deafening.

So I fill it with music and laughter and joy that I find within my mind and try to capture in my stories. I hope you enjoy them.


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If you had told me last year that I would binge on self-published books, I would have laughed at you. But times have changed and I’ve discovered some quality books being self-pubbed. It doesn’t hurt that some of the authors I already read are branching out in that direction. Already established trust factor!

This wasn’t an intentional binge. I just happened to look back on my really good reading streak and realized that 4 of the 5 were self-pubbed.

(Click on the cover to visit the author’s site for blurbs, excepts, reading order, etc)


Hard Mated by Jennifer Ashley

Book 3.5 in the Shifters Unbound series features Spike, a wildcat shifter we met in earlier books. Most of the other shifters see him as only a dumb fighter and he’s fine with that until Myka shows up with a surprise that rocks his world. A few years ago, Spike had a one night stand with Myka’s best friend that created a child he never knew about. Now the mother is dying of cancer and it is Spike’s responsibility to raise his son. Myka isn’t sure she trusts Spike to raise the child she loves but she’s willing to do anything she can to help him. And Spike is willing to do anything he can, including changing the status quo of Shifter Town, to ensure his son’s safety and future.

Fast paced with a lot of action, a dose of humor and some steamy bedroom scenes, this book book pulled quite a few happy sighs for me. I’m not sure how well it would stand alone without at least one other book from the series under your belt to explain this shifter world. There’s also many typos that can distract from the story but, overall, my enjoyment of the story overcame any flaws and I’m eagerly anticipating the next book in the series.

4 stars.


Iloria by Moira Rogers

Book 3 in And The Beast series

After being cast aside by her fiance in Sabine, Iloria married a stranger and has traveled with him to his lands. Farren is starting to regret his impulsive decision to marry Iloria. With the curse hanging over his head, his life is no place for an innocent like Iloria. She must prove to him that she can handle his beast and by his side is where she belongs.

Iloria showing Farren what her seduction tutor taught her led to some very sexy scenes and watching Farren try to resist her was so fun. When he went to his servant to get advice on how to win her heart, I was in love. I enjoyed every page and getting to see Sabine and Cair was a special bonus.

5 stars (I am totally biased when it come to Moira Rogers books. I ❤ them)


Bleed For Me by Cynthia Eden

Boredom led Apollo to his brother’s bar in Florida. Hunger led led Terese to the same bar. When Apollo sees Terese, all he wants is a night with her in his bed. All Terese wants is a quick bite to hold off the blood lust that is overcoming her after she escaped from her maker. They both get more than expected.

Apollo knew from the start that Terese was meant to be his and he wasn’t going to let her fear of an old, psychotic vampire stand in their way. Totally alpha, growling “mine“, and losing control when his woman is in danger, Apollo is my favorite type of hero.

Bleed For Me is an exciting start to this new series and I want the next book NOW.

5 stars


On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

After Joss lost her entire family in a car accident when she was a teen, she shut out the world and all the messy emotions that go with it. If you don’t care then you can’t be hurt. Her new roommate Ellie starts to crack those walls and Ellie’s brother, Braden, destroys them. A no emotions sexual arrangement with Braden leads to feelings that Joss doesn’t want to deal with and forces her to reevaluate her life and deal with the tragedy that has controlled it for eight years.

Angst-filled, a little dark, and a lot sexy, On Dublin Street is one of the best books I’ve read this year. If you are on the fence on trying it, I recommend checking out Smexy Book’s Top Ten Reasons to read On Dublin Street by Samantha Young. She sums it up so well and the post has some great snippets.

5 stars


So that’s been my reading week. How about you? Have you discovered any great self-pubbed books that everyone should be reading?

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The Best Books You’re Not Reading is a new feature at Novels Thoughts. Long ago, TV Guide had The Best Shows You’re Not Watching, where they would highlight great shows that weren’t high in the ratings. We wanted to do something similar. We’ll be spotlighting books that we love but haven’t seen a lot of buzz about in Romance Land.

Our first spotlight is on The Edge of Courage (Red Team, Book 1) by Elaine Levine.

I read this book this week and it absolutely blew me away. Rocco Silas has spent the last 7 years undercover in Afghanistan. An explosion sent him back home a shattered man with memory loss and PTSD. When the book starts, he is in a homeless shelter after being discharge from Walter Reed. His nightmares and hallucinations make it impossible for him to stay around that many people and he ends up living in his truck until his best friend and Red Team handler Kit calls him and asks Rocco to help his little sister Mandy at her therapeutic riding center. Strange things are happening there and she is currently without a handyman.

Rocco broke my heart. He is so incredibly broken and his flashbacks are so realistically written that it hurt to read them. He is determined to beat the PTSD so he can go back to Afghanistan to find his son, whom everyone else believes died in the explosion. Mandy is unaware of his plans but is determined to help him heal. As Rocco and Mandy grow closer, the trust he places in her is beautiful. He is terrified of touch, but allows hers. When he has a hallucination, if Mandy doesn’t see what he sees, then he can logically know it’s not real and fight to find his way out of it. And when danger shows up at her riding center, he makes it clear that they will have to go through him to get to the woman that has become his everything.

The suspense plot was good but that wasn’t what made this such an amazing read for me. The romance was front and center, with emotion practically dripping from the page. I haven’t enjoyed a romantic suspense this much in a long time and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

As a bonus, it is only 99 cents right now. Less than a buck for a book I would have happily paid hardcover price for. It really was that good 😀

Author’s website:


Barnes & Noble

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Women have been known to lament, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” For Johnny Smith, the problem is, “Always a Best Man, never a groom.” At age 33, housepainter Johnny has been Best Man eight times. The ultimate man’s man, Johnny loves the Mets, the Jets, his weekly poker game, and the hula girl lamp that hangs over his basement pool table. Johnny has the instant affection of nearly every man he meets, but one thing he doesn’t have is a woman to share his life with, and he wants that desperately. When Johnny meets District Attorney Helen Troy, he decides to renounce his bro-magnet ways in order to impress her. With the aid and advice of his friends and family, soon he’s transforming his wardrobe, buying throw pillows, ditching the hula girl lamp, getting a cat and even changing his name to the more mature-sounding John. And through it all, he’s pretending to have no interest in sports, which Helen claims to abhor. As things heat up with Helen, the questions arise: Will Johnny finally get the girl? And, if he’s successful in that pursuit, who will he be now that he’s no longer really himself? THE BRO-MAGNET is a rollicking comedic novel about what one man is willing to give up for the sake of love.


“There are so many memorable moments in this book that I could spend page after page quoting them.” ~ Mandi Schreiner on USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog


I never set out to write books that others would label Romance.

I also never set out to not write books that others would label Romance.

Rather, I simply get an idea in my head, an idea that captures my imagination so much that I can’t let it go, and I write the book I want to write until it’s done. Then I worry about the market.

This is good for my personal happiness level – I get to write books that excite me to write! – but is maybe not so good for me career-wise, particularly when it comes to branding, because what I do doesn’t neatly fit on one shelf.

Take THE BRO-MAGNET, for example. It’s been reviewed by many romance blogs – mostly favorably! – for which I’m grateful. But is it really a conventional Romance, with a capital R? Or is it a comedic novel that also happens to have a romance in it?

I think it’s the latter.

But here’s what I also think:

People who get hung up on labels; people who feel the need to look down on Romance as a genre that is somehow less than; people who refuse to consider either reading or granting that there might be worth to a book simply because of how it’s labeled in the market – those poor people, because all of their protesting too much says more about their own fragile intellectual insecurity as readers than it does anything else.

The truth is, we may not all want to live on a spaceship or in a dystopian society, we may not want to solve murder mysteries or ride a horse in the Wild West, but everyone wants romance in their lives, everyone wants love. We all want it and it should be celebrated, not derided, in fiction, whether with a little r or big R.

So what is THE BRO-MAGNET? Is it a Romance or is it a comedy with a strong romantic storyline? Is there peanut butter in my chocolate or chocolate in my peanut butter? Since THE BRO-MAGNET is free on Kindle thru May 20, you can read it at the best possible price and decide for yourself.

For those interested in more about my opinions on various genres, you may want to give a look at “The Book Pyramid” (http://www.bibliobuffet.com/archive-index-writer-in-residence/1385-the-book-pyramid-101710), a column I wrote for BiblioBuffet (www.bibliobuffet.com) back in 2010. Happy reading!

Lauren Baratz-Logsted is the author of 24 books in a variety of genres for adults, teens and children, including the Kindle bestseller The Twin’s Daughter, a Victorian suspense novel that just happens to also have a strong romantic storyline. You can read more about her life and work at www.laurenbaratzlogsted.com


A big thank-you to Lauren for joining us today!

The Bro-Magnet is free at Amazon from Wednesday, May 15th to Sunday, May 20th. Click HERE to grab your copy.

And for a chance to win Z: A Novel by Lauren Baratz-Logsted, leave a comment below. The winner will be drawn on Sunday. Good luck! 😀

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She thinks he’s stuffy. He thinks she’s spoilt.
Then the gloves come off and so do their clothes!

For six years Violet Sutcliffe has known that Martin St Clair is the wrong man for her best friend. He’s stuffy, old before his time, conservative. He drives Violet nuts – and the feeling is entirely mutual. Then, out of nowhere, her friend walks out just weeks before her wedding to Martin, flying to Australia on a mission of self-discovery. Back in London, Violet finds herself feeling sorry for suddenly-single Martin. At least, she tells herself it’s pity she feels. Then he comes calling one dark, stormy night and they discover that beneath their mutual dislike there lies a fiery sexual chemistry.

It’s crazy and all-consuming – and utterly wrong. Because not only are they chalk and cheese, oil and water, but Martin once belonged to her best friend. A friend Violet is terrified of losing. What future can there be for a relationship with so many strikes against it?


I have always adored love/hate romances. Or, more accurately, hate/love romances. You know the ones – where the hero and heroine think they hate each other at the start of the book, but then discover that under all that animosity is something else entirely. There is something so delicious about watching two people work out that they have been wrong about each other in the best possible way.
I think my love of this dynamic is what drew me to Moonlighting when it was on, as well as Remington Steele. It’s also why I love, love, love His Girl Friday with Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant. I love the banter, the zingers, the moments of vulnerability. I love the tension, and the inevitable explosion. Delicious!

Writing a hate/love relationship can be a bit of a challenge, though. Somehow, you need to create a believable conflict between the hero and heroine so that they dislike each other enough for their animosity to feel genuine. But they can’t hate each other too much, because then the turn around is too much. Equally, their conflict can’t be too flimsy, either, because then their conflict feels forced…

Like I said, it’s a tricky balancing act, but it was one that I very happily undertook when penning my latest release, Her Best Worst Mistake. This e-book is actually a spin off from a Blaze I wrote a couple of years ago, Hot Island Nights. I fully intended to include the plot of Her Best Worst Mistake in Hot Island Nights when I was writing it, but by the time I got to the two thirds mark I realised I didn’t have enough words left to tell the main story, let alone the subplot. So I pulled Martin and Violet’s story out of the story. I didn’t pull the ending, however, which revealed that Martin and Violet had sorted their differences, big time.

Not surprisingly, I got letters from readers asking if I was going to tell Martin and Violet’s story. I wanted to, but I wasn’t sure what form it would take. So I sat on it for a while. Plus I was busy with lots of contracted work. But Martin and Violet would not leave me alone, and I found myself thinking about scenes and ideas and themes for their story. And finally I sat down to write. The result is Her Best Worst Mistake.

I had so much fun writing this book. I loved the way Martin and Violet were so damned sure about each other. I loved peeling away their layers and getting them to reexamine themselves and their opinions. I loved that they were both like stunned bunnies in the face of their fierce sexual chemistry.

Publishing this book myself has been a whole other adventure. Before I wrote full time, I worked in magazine publishing, so some of the hoops I had to jump through were familiar. Others were a little scarier and confusing. And putting a book out without my usual team behind me feels a little like going to work in my pajamas.

So far, so good, though. I’d love to give away an e-copy of Her Best Worst Mistake today. Just comment to be in the running to win. I’d love to hear if you like oil and water, chalk and cheese romances as much as I do. Or is there some other dynamic that is guaranteed to get your attention every time?

Looking forward to talking with you.


For more information on Sarah Mayberry, visit www.sarahmayberry.com. Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win Her Best Worst Mistake. Three winners will be drawn on Sunday.

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