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ReboundGirl_finalThe blurb:

Plastic surgeon Whitney Vidra knows all about getting over a cheating ex. She followed her boyfriend halfway around the world before she found out about his infidelity. Now she’s focusing on her career and her friends, and using men just for single-serving, no-strings fun. Until she meets charming Matt Fuller.

Newly single Matt is captivated by the vibrant Whitney, in every way the opposite of his cheating ex-wife. When he confesses to Whitney that he hasn’t had sex since his divorce, she volunteers to be his rebound girl. But Matt’s not a no-commitment kind of guy—he’s either all in, or all out.

Whitney is determined to remain attachment-free, but Matt is equally determined to prove to her that what they have is more than just a rebound fling.

Years ago, Whitney put her life on hold to help her man follow his dreams. Now, Whitney has learned to put herself first. While opening an office in a new town, she meets mild mannered kindergarten teacher Matt and knows right away that he needs her brand of help with getting over his failed marriage. She’ll be his rebound girl, just fun sexy times until he’s ready to get back into the dating game. No commitments and no dates. It’s not long before emotions start to invade their strictly physical relationship and Whitney starts to rethink the boundaries she placed.

I had so much fun reading Rebound Girl. I enjoyed Matt, he was quite different than the heroes I’ve been reading lately. He was more laid back, didn’t have a ton of sexual experience, but he had no problem getting dirty with the right woman.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” Matt announced, stopping her before she got the fabric of her jeans past her hips.

Thank God. “Is that a question or a statement?”

May I kiss you now?”

“If you’re going to be polite about it, absolutely not.” She pouted. “These lips are reserved for men who take no prisoners.”

“Good thing I wasn’t talking about those lips.”

As great as Matt was, Whitney made me love this story. Strong heroine, ahoy! Intelligent, flawed, and totally confident and happy with herself, Whitney didn’t hesitate to go after what she wanted in life. We get to see her softer side with her loved ones but she didn’t take any shit.  Her struggle with accepting partial blame for mistakes made and grow as character was expertly done and brought me right into the story, where I ached right beside her. I can’t say enough good things about this heroine. She rocked!  With Confidence Tricks and now Rebound Girl, Tamara Morgan has secured her place on my auto-buy list.

4.5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 13, 2013
Format: Digital

Barnes & Noble

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Many years ago at an orientation for a new job, all of us were asked to tell three things about ourselves. One of those things had to be a lie, and then we would guess which item about our co-workers was not true.

It’s tricky, since you want each statement to sound sorta sketchy, so they’ll not guess the lie outright. And you want the truth to sound a little off, too, so you’ll seem intriguing and mysterious, making everyone wonder if you really do lead that exciting of a life.

I can’t remember what my lie was, but one of the things I thought they’d believe was a lie was this: I had my picture taken with Fabio.

Now, nobody knew I was a romance writer then. Heck, Fabio wasn’t at the height of his popularity anymore. I’m not sure he was still doing those “not butter” commercials. But everybody knows his name, and they would consider that a pretty unusual thing to happen.

Still, I debated whether to use it. For one thing, if they discovered it was the truth, I’d have to explain why I had my picture taken with him. And that had a lot to do with being at a romance convention cocktail party, and seeing other women getting their pictures taken, and, ultimately, being persuaded by the gin-and-tonic I’d just consumed that it was the best possible idea ever to walk up to the cover model and ask for a picture.

So I did. And there is photographic evidence somewhere, although it’s likely packed away in a box with a zillion other things I can’t bear to throw away, but can’t seem to locate when needed. I can tell you I was thrilled, and since this was back in the day when you had to take pictures somewhere else to get developed. . .it was another thrill to pick up those pictures a week later and see with my own eyes that I was standing next to the man who graced so many of the books on my shelves.

It wasn’t a romance cover pose, although his shirt was open enough that he could have ripped it off instantly if needed. It actually looked more like a prom picture. I won’t even mention how his flowing mane looked so much better than my hair at the time. (Note to self: this may be why you want to make sure that picture stays buried for the rest of time.) He was completely gracious and lovely and I admired his aplomb at dealing with all the giddy fan girls fluttering around him that entire evening.

Anyway, I’d forgotten about that moment, as well as the lying game, until I started writing my book for the Strangers on a Train series, Back on Track. It was the perfect way for my heroine to meet the hero while they were on the Napa Wine Train. Only she got a little nervous, and one lie led to another, and . . .

That’s when things really got interesting.


Now it’s YOUR turn. Tell us three things, and one of them has to be a lie. We’ll have a chance to guess which one it is! One random commenter will win an e-book of Back on Track.


BlurbWhat’s a little lie between strangers?

A Strangers on a Train Story

Allie Whittaker is in a dating slump, too busy getting her fledgling marketing company off the ground to have a personal life. All that could change, though, if she can get baseball superstar Matt Kearns on the cover of a charity calendar. Except Matt won’t even talk to her.

Matt is in a slump, worried his career might be over. A Napa Valley wine tour isn’t enough to take his mind off his troubles–until sexy, funny Allie plops into the adjacent seat and tells him three things about herself. One of them, she says, is a lie.

Matt can’t resist playing along, and soon the afternoon getaway becomes an interlude with lies, truths, and desire flowing as fast as the wine. Then Allie lets slip one truth too many…and they both realize they’re playing for keeps.

Warning: A handsome hunk, a determined lady and a few glasses of wine. Throw in a little on-the-run action, and what more do you need to while away an afternoon?


Author Bio:
I have worked as an attorney, winery tasting room manager, and retail business owner, but nothing beats the thrill of writing humorously-ever-after romances.

I reside in New England, although I fantasize about spending the rest of my days in a tropical locale, wearing flip flops year-round, or in Regency London, scandalizing the ton.


Back on Track, part of the Strangers on a Train collection, just released from Samhain. Also available are I Do. . .or Die, a romantic comedy/mystery from Crimson Romance, Summer Lovin’, a contemporary romantic comedy novella, and Lord Midnight, a Regency historical.




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Strangers on a Train at Amazon 

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Teri Brown

wins a $5 gift card from Jenna Bayley-Burke



wins both Secret Heirs of Powerful Men books by Maisey Yates


yohanna baez

wins HOT PURSUIT by Lorie O’Clare



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Congrats! To claim your prize, please email mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces). You have 48 hours to email before a new name is chosen.


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Evan Donovan is a big muscled giant of a man, whose size and strength make him uniquely qualified to be a smoke jumper. No matter how great or how treacherous the challenge, he gets the job done. But when he agrees to look in on a friend’s ex-wife after a suspicious brushfire, Evan learns that some jobs are too hot to handle. Especially when it involves a scorchingly sexy woman…


Faye Duncan is a photographer on a mission, shooting fires for a magazine. But her first encounter with a wildfire isn’t nearly as wild as her first night with Evan Donovan. The moment she meets the bigger-than-life hero, the sparks begin to fly. But things really catch fire when Evan learns she may have taken a photo of the arsonist setting the fires. Evan is determined to keep Faye safe. But if he expects her to trust him with her life, he’ll have to open up his heart—even if someone gets burned…



SLOW BURN, the second in The Smoke Jumper series, released earlier this week on March 26th.  The minute I read about smoke jumpers, I knew I had to make them the heroes of a series. The elite of the wildland firefighters, smoke jumpers parachute into the very heart of the smoke and flames. The first and last line of defense between small town Northern California and the fires that burn there every summer, the smoke jumpers are protectors to their core, putting their lives on the line with every jump. Hard-bodied, rough around the edges, and absolutely determined to do whatever it takes to hold the line between the wildfires and civilization, smoke jumpers are the ultimate bad boys of summer who ride into town to protect and defend—and leave as soon as the flames are out.


Of course, I like setting things on fire, in no small part due to the firemen who show up—and Jack Donovan is one heck of a firefighter. Together with his brothers, he runs a smoke jumping operation and parachutes into danger without hesitation. There’s nothing he won’t do to keep Strong, California safe.


Whether you  want your firefighter dark and gritty, or whether you’re looking for a sweeter read, I have plenty of favorites parked on my keeper shelf. There are plenty more books that could go on here, but these are the ones that stuck in my head and that are my go-to reads. After all, it’s hard not to fall in love with a fireman!


  1. Bromance. Reading J.R. Ward introduced me to the term, but I’m hooked. Smoke jumpers, hotshots, firemen—they come in packs of the non-furry sort and they share a close bond with their brothers-in-arms. Some talk more than others, while others would settle for an emotive punch-in-the-arm and passing of a beer, but they always, always have each other’s back. The firefighters of Station Five in Jo Davis’s TRIAL BY FIRE are a delicious example of this.
  2. Action. There’s plenty of action when things keep going up in flames. Buildings, forests—and the heroine. That works for me. It’s amazing how close two people can get, both physically and emotionally, when lives at stake. One of my favorite parts of Cynthia Eden’s DEADLY HEAT is the intense attraction between Special Agent Kenton Lake and Lora Spade. Plus, anytime the heroine rescues the hero? Love it!
  3. Uniforms. I admit it, I’m a sucker for a man in uniform. And getting him out of that uniform? Is even better. Kensington did a fabulous job on my covers stripping the hero out of his clothes (and there’s video of it too! http://ti.me/vACN6w)
  4. The villains. When you start setting things on fire, you get some complex, twisted villains. Nora Roberts’ BLUE SMOKE, anyone?
  5. Honor. These are men—and women—who do the right thing. Who ride out on the truck or jump out of the plane, because there’s a job that needs doing and they’re willing to do it. No matter what it takes—and even if it takes everything. Lindsay McKenna’s wounded hero in DEADLY SILENCE isn’t easy to forget.


And my favorite part of firefighter romance? The welcome home, when the fire’s out, and he’s coming home, sooty and tired and victorious. When the hero of SLOW BURN, Evan Donovan, lands after a tough fight against a stubborn wildland fire, he heads straight for Faye Duncan’s arms:


“I need a shower,” he growled. “Something to eat. And sleep. Sleep would be real good right now.”

She sat there. What else did he need? What did he want? He prowled closer, as if there was something, all right, and despite the guys all around them, it was as if they were alone in their own little space. That, or maybe Evan’s jump team had more manners than she’d given them credit for.

He leaned over her, caging her in his arms. “You want to know what else I need right now, Faye?” His smoke-blackened face was fierce and triumphant.

“You tell me,” she murmured, “and I’ll make sure you get it.”

“That sounds good.” He was close enough now that his mouth was only inches from hers. The good manners were fading now; some of the jumpers called good-natured jibes, watching the two of them getting up-close and personal on the stairs. “I want that shower. You want to know why?”

She looked at him, but, God, his thumb was caressing the corner of her mouth, and she didn’t have anything more to say.

“Because,” he continued, his voice rough and low, “I’m taking you to bed, Faye, unless you say no. I want to hole up and make love to you and forget all about this damned fire for a night. I don’t even want to talk about it.”

“No talking, just kisses. Got it,” she said breathlessly.

He backed her into the stairs, letting her feel the hard metal railing at her back. “So you up for kissing me all better tonight, Faye?”

He didn’t wait for her answer. Instead, he kissed her, hard and raw and primitive. His mouth devoured her, his fingers threading through her hair. She was pinned in place. There was no shame, no worry about any audience. Only him and her. She gave back as good as she got. She wanted this connection. His mouth on hers and hers on his. He was alive, and he was there, and, in that moment, this homecoming was all that mattered.



Have a firefighter book to suggest to me? I love adding to my TBR pile! Name names for a chance to win a $20 gift card to the online bookstore of your choice (Amazon, B&N, Kobo… winner’s choice!)


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The secret baby theme in romance is a contentious one. My unofficial twitter poll revealed that people either really like it…or they hate it with the fire of a thousand suns and hope that all secret baby books will become infested with fleas.

And while there are notable exceptions for me (there are exceptions to every rule, after all!) I have to make a confession…*whispers* I don’t like secret baby books.

I know. I know, it’s a terrible admission. But it’s true!

In fact, I made that stunning confession to my RT roommate last year. “I’ve never written one,” I said. “And I’m not sure if I could.”

So imagine the LOLs when I got home and got an email from my editor. Would I be interested in doing a linked duet. Why, yes I would. They would be released back to back! Terrific. And if they could have a secret baby theme, that would be great!

I think Alanis could write a new verse to her classic song, Ironic, just for me.

That was what led me to do a poll on twitter about secret baby books. Because I wanted to figure out a way I could avoid some of the things about them I find problematic, while honoring what people enjoy about them.

So I asked people: If you like secret baby books, what, for you, are the factors you find most compelling? What is it about them that draws you in?

Overwhelmingly, it had to do with the reveal. The hero finding out he was a father. Then, the hero dealing with this sudden an irrevocable change to his life. The all-power alpha male brought down by a tiny baby. The playboy’s life disrupted by diapers.

Armed with that information, I set out to create the books that would become the Secret Heirs of Powerful Men series.


Book one, Heir to a Desert Legacy features Sayid and Chloe. Now, the secret baby technically isn’t Chloe’s or Sayid’s.

Chloe was acting secretly as the surrogate for the royal family of Attar and when the sheikh and sheikha are killed in a car accident, she’s left holding the baby. A baby she’s not sure she wants, a baby she doesn’t really have any right to keep.

When Sayid discovers his brother’s child, and heir to the throne is alive, he goes to get him at once and bring him back to his own country. Chloe has a life that doesn’t have a place for a child, and she briefly toys with the idea of letting Sayid take the baby. But ultimately, Chloe can’t just let Sayid walk away with the child she gave birth to, and she agrees to go back to Attar for six months to give herself time to prepare for their eventual separation.

I enjoyed the dynamic of this one, because both characters are rocked by their love for this child that neither are very equipped to deal with. And then of course by their attraction to each other.


Book two, Heir to a Dark Inheritance features Sayid’s brother in arms, the Russian ex-mercenary Alik. Alik is essentially morally bankrupt and has spent most of his life man-whoring his way through the world.

Until he gets a notice that he has a child, and that unless he comes to claim parental rights, that child is going to be adopted out to someone else.

Alik is in no position to take care of a child, but he can’t imagine never seeing his daughter either. Can’t imagine abandoning her like his own parents did to him.

But Jada Patel, the widow whose been caring for little Leena, and who is attempting to adopt her won’t be parted for the child she considers to be hers. Which leaves them with one option, naturally. Marriage! 😉

In the end, I had a blast writing this ‘secret baby’ series. The characters were some of my favorites to play with (how can you not enjoy an amoral ex-merc??). And it was truly rewarding to watch all of them try and deal with the demands, both physical and emotional, that loving a child, even an unexpected one, places on you.

So now I’ve talked about secret babies…what are some of your favorite romance themes? Comment below and you’ll be entered to win epub copies (DRM free so conversion is possible) of BOTH of my Secret Heirs of Powerful Men books, Heir to a Desert Legacy and Heir to a Dark Inheritance!


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CCOf all the islands in all the world, she’s come to his.
Under the Caribbean Sun, Book 2

Holly Hansen has sacrificed too much to let anything-“especially” a man-get in the way of making her clothing line a success. When she arrives on the island of Anguilla, she zeroes in on the biggest threat to her make-or-break photo shoot. At six-and-a-half foot of sculpted Dutch muscle, Harmannus Prinsen is every inch the womanizer of Caribbean legend, but he will “not” be seducing any of her models. She knows exactly how to make sure of it. Make the girls think he’s taken.

Harm is stunned when the curvaceous beauty greets him with a mind-numbing kiss. She’s the embodiment of every pin-up portrait he collected as a teen, with a sassy tongue and a body that begs for his touch. Sure, he’ll pretend to be her date…but only if they “really” date.

Despite her best efforts to remain immune to his charms, Holly finds herself falling for the man behind the myth. She begins to wonder which island she belongs on…Manhattan or Anguilla.

Warning: Contains an island bad boy with an orgasmic library, and a career-focused heroine who learns that being the focus of one man’s…attentions…isn’t so bad. Clothing optional.


How to start a story. It always hangs me up. I know the characters I want to find a way to weave together, a few predicaments they’ll find themselves in, but it’s not until I know how it all begins that I can write forward.


With my latest, Caribbean Casanova, I had a daring woman and a beast of a man and a problem with how to introduce them to one another. These two were not going to get along, so a cute meet was only going to annoy them and they were prickly enough. When you can’t do sweet, you might as well go for sexy.


So she kisses him. Not in a hey-sexy-I-can’t-help-myself way, but in a I-have-a-few-tricks-up-my-sleeveless-dress way. And since he’s a man, sexy woman all over you short-circuits the defense mechanisms. Temporarily.


As a reader, I’m a sucker for a cute meet. Give me a fun first impression and I know our couple has a great story to tell the grandkids. In my print release this month, For Kicks, the heroine literally falls for the hero. Or on him. Whatever.


What are some of your favorite story openings? Whomever has one that entices me to buy a book wins a $5 Amazon (or other ebook retailer) gift card… I’m an easy mark. So go on…

Jenna Bayley-Burke :: blog | website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Goodreads

Caribbean Casanova :: Samhain | Amazon | B&N | Kobo


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New winner!

The new winner of a $10 gift card from Eliza Daly is

Maria D

Congrats! To claim your prize, please email lillie80 @ gmail.com (without the spaces). You have 48 hours to email before a new name is chosen.

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Sandra W.

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Rebe, Nicole1000, and Jessi Gage

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Kristine R

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Congrats! To claim your prize, please email lillie80 @ gmail.com (without the spaces). You have 48 hours to email before a new name is chosen.

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down-and-dirtyHe was a dare she’d never been able to resist…

Cat Thomas has never been the kind of girl to stick. A self-professed infatuation junk, she latches on the newest, hottest guy on the block, then finds a reason–real or imagined–to dump him. When she accepts a dare to rekindle her high school flame and jump in bed with her brother’s best friend, Shane Decker, she knows she’s in trouble. She can’t resist the man, even after all these years apart, and that just won’t do.

Shane has come back to town for a couple reasons. The biggest one? He’s tired of living away from those he loves, including Cat. But now she’s spooked and will do anything to drive a wedge between them, including trying to fix him up with other women through an online dating service.

What does he have to do to make her see that settling down doesn’t mean settling, and he’s ready to spend a lifetime proving it?


Thanks so much to the ladies at RR@H for inviting me by today! I thought it would be fun if, instead of me rambling about my book, we got to know each other a little! I’ll start off with MY top five pet peeves. THEN, I’ll ask YOU guys to list YOUR top five pet peeves in comments! And one random  winner will get a $10 Amazon or B&N gift card and a digital copy of Down For the Count, book 1 in the Dare Me series. (unless their pet peeve is contests. In that case, I’ll pick another person.)

  • People who say “No offense, but,” and then unleash the absolutely most offensive observation ever. “No offense, but you look pregnant.” FOR REALZ??? Well, “No offense, but you’re a *%&(#ing %&#hole.” Doesn’t take the sting out of it, does it?


  •  When I unload and load the dishwasher, and the sink is all shiny and nice, and one of my kids comes and cavalierly tosses a bowl STILL FILLED WITH CEREAL into it. Who is going to drain the milk and then wipe all those Cheerios into the garbage when you walk away? THE SINK FAIRY?


  •  People who bring babies to R rated movies. I am ALL about kids in kid or even PG family movies laughing and talking back to the screen and sometimes even crying. I am NOT all about going to watch The Rock exact revenge on his enemies for killing his family and then having to listen to someone’s baby cry because they’re bored or, worse, watching something that they are emotionally traumatized at having to watch. Do what the rest of us who’ve had kids did. Accept the fact that you will have no life until they’re old enough for you to leave them home by themselves, and get in line for Pokemon.


  • Talking to a computer instead of a person when trying to get customer service. I have about a three question tolerance for this. If they’re just trying to funnel callers to the right person with a FEW broad questions, I get it. Beyond that, when it delves into the most twisted version of that childhood game “Telephone” that’s when I start feeling stabby. It’s like, “Why are you calling today. Please say ‘purchase a ticket’, ‘check a reservation’ or ‘cancel a reservation.’” And I’m like “Cancel a reservation.” And it’s like “You said Camping for Taxation, is that correct?” And I’m like, “Um, NO. That wasn’t even an OPTION.” And it’s all “I’m sorry, we don’t offer adoptions.” Me: -_-


  •  Maggots. To clarify, I have never seen living maggots. And, to put a finer point on it, I don’t think they qualify as a pet peeve, per se. More like an all-encompassing fear. I just feel like this was a good opportunity to let people (and all things holy) know that I am REALLY adverse, and want it to go on record that I’d very much prefer that my maggot-free state continue from now until long after my death. Hence my cremation demands. So it is written.


Okay, so that’s me. What about YOU guys? What drives you nuts? It doesn’t have to be rational. It could be “The sound of my husband chewing lettuce” and I won’t judge. This is a judgment-free zone!


Oh, and if you’d like to learn more about my Dare Me series, click HERE for the first chapter in each book!



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CARINA_0313_9781426895173They say you form your first impression of someone within thirty seconds of meeting them. Or, in Mira Parrish’s case, within thirty minutes of not meeting them, when said person is supposed to pick you up from the airport and never shows. This is not a perfect start to her new life. Her friend Ivy is depending on her to run a new romance store, and Mira can’t afford to let her down.

Sam Lyons should probably apologize. But every time he sees Mira—which is often, since his family owns the bakery next to her shop—he can\’t resist antagonizing her. There’s something about the sexy, straitlaced woman that drives him crazy. He can\’t get involved, though. He has too much baggage to be any good in a serious relationship.

Despite his teasing attitude, Mira finds Sam too sweet to resist. (His hot body may be a factor.) But if there’s going to be anything permanent between them, they’ll need to let go of their pasts and look to the future…




She wore an air of mystery, almost like she knew something Sam didn’t about tonight. Funny, since he was the one surprising her. Or was it that Mira thought she was the one pulling his strings? Well, he’d put a stop to that. Sam didn’t need to be in charge, but he did need them to be on even footing. Might have to step it up a notch already. He faced her and rested his hands loosely on her waist. And tried not to think how fantastic it would be to cup her rounded hips and rock her back and forth on top of him.

“I’m sure I want another date with you, Mira. Want to know why?”

She nodded.

“You’re like a cannoli. They aren’t chocolate, so I assume you’ve had one?”

She nodded again, with a mystified smile.

“Their outer layer seems both indestructible and brittle. Once you break through, the center is sweet and creamy, yet still studded with interesting surprises of nuts and dried fruit. One bite is never enough. Oh, and that dusting of powdered sugar makes them delicately beautiful. And you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Mira’s eyelids drooped heavily—the personification of bedroom eyes. A faint blush that matched the nearest rosebush pinked her cheeks. Then her tongue slipped out to moisten her lips. It did him in. Sam tightened his grip, pulling her so close he felt the rapid rise and fall of her chest.

“Don’t look at me like that. Like you could gobble me up whole,” Mira said. Her cheeks grew darker. “I might have to take action.”

Sam wondered if she was one of those ultra-feminists who got offended by an honest compliment. Damn it, was she mad or aroused? Why couldn’t he figure her out? “I chose this location carefully. We’re surrounded by nature, not knickknacks. There’s nothing here you can use to assault me.”

“Not true. There’s one thing.” Mira launched herself at him, throwing both arms around his neck. Instinct lowered his hands to her tight, curvy ass for a better grip. Sam barely managed to keep both of them from toppling into the fountain. He did stagger backward a few steps until the spray misted them lightly.

The heat of the late-afternoon sun on his back didn’t come close to matching the heat she kindled between them. Eagerly, Sam sank into those luscious lips. She took quick nibbles, even nipping. A zing shot straight down to his dick. Yeah, if this was her taking charge, sign him up for more of that!

With a final lick around the outline of his lips, she slid her tongue inside. And Mira didn’t stay still. No, she wriggled against him. He wouldn’t be able to hold on to her much longer. The heavy scent of roses twined around them like something out of a fairy tale. From now on, whenever Sam smelled roses, he’d feel Mira’s breasts tautly pushing against his chest. He’d remember the perfection of her kisses, and the silken glide of her legs against his. No doubt he’d go from zero to titanium-hard in two seconds.

She broke away first. “You were right. Another date is inevitable.”



Purchase at  Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Carina Press

Website | Blog | Pinterest | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page |


Bio: Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage.  A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning.  Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes contemporary romance.  Christi is President of the Maryland Romance Writers and lives in Maryland with her husband. A Fine Romance is book 2 in her 4 book Aisle Bound series.



For the chance to win an ebook copy of A Fine Romance, just leave a comment below. Good luck!



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