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Fall in love with the first book in the Blood Rose trilogy-a romance of the Old West by a phenomenal new talent

On a stagecoach traveling through New Mexico Territory, Jessica Thornton is a long way from the cool mists and lush gardens of her native England. An authoress and milliner, she carries the weight of a scandalous secret-a horrible shame that has brought her to the West on a desperate search for the only family she can trust: her brother.

No one prepared Jessica for the heat and the hardships. And no one prepared her for a man like Brady Wilkins. For, despite the rancher’s rough-hewn appearance and her own misgivings, Jessica must put her life in his hands after their stagecoach crashes. And she begins to see the man behind the callused hands and caustic wit. A man strong enough to carve out a home in the wilderness, brave enough to fight for his own, and passionate enough to restore her faith in herself-and in her heart.


I’ve been asked why I chose to write about the West, especially since Historical Western Romance is a small subgenre and one that doesn’t have many openings for new authors.  In truth, I didn’t consider any of that.  When I sat down to write Pieces of Sky twenty-five years ago, I had just finished one of those ghastly early Western-type stories where everyone spoke like a dimwit, waved guns around, and were such stereotypical caricatures it was painful to read.  I thought surely I could do better.

So I set out to write a Western love story where the setting was as much a character as the humans (i.e. sweaty, dusty, dangerous), and the humans were mostly believable (i.e. sweaty, dusty, possibly dangerous, and definitely flawed), facing obstacles that were a little more challenging than “now where’d that dang cow get off to.”  In other words, I wanted it to be as real as I could make it without completely grossing myself out. (more…)

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A Demon Enslaved…

Lore is a Seminus half-breed demon who has been forced to act as his dark master’s assassin. Now to earn his freedom and save his sister’s life, he must complete one last kill. Powerful and ruthless, he’ll stop at nothing to carry out this deadly mission.

An Angel Tempted…

Idess is an earthbound angel with a wild side sworn to protect the human Lore is targeting. She’s determined to thwart her wickedly handsome adversary by any means necessary—even if that means risking her vow of eternal chastity. But what begins as a simple seduction soon turns into a passion that leaves both angel and demon craving complete surrender.

Torn between duty and desire, Lore and Idess must join forces as they battle their attraction for each other. Because an enemy from the past is rising again—hellbent on vengeance and unthinkable destruction.


Demons. Not everyone loves them… can you imagine?

Yeah, me neither.

But in Ecstasy Unveiled, I took my demons a step further, and created a hero who is not only a demon, but an assassin.

Now, for most people, the word, “assassin,” does not conjure images of a cuddly, gentle teddy bear of a hero.

But I love them. I eat up Anne Stuart novels like popcorn with danger-flavored butter.

I recently said this about the assassin hero:

I love the promise of a dark, dangerous, alpha male who can take care of himself – and the woman he loves. I love how he’ll fight to the death for those to whom he’s loyal. I love how he’s the silent soldier, the highly-trained behind-the-scenes guy who does work others don’t have the stomach to do. He’s the guard dog we tread carefully around because he’s a little scary, but we also respect him because those very traits that make us fear him are the ones that keep the wolves (and, in my hero’s case, werewolves!) at bay.

We might not be able to do his job, but we are thankful that he can.

So yes, he may walk a fine moral line, but that’s what makes him so fascinating.  That’s what makes him the type to fall hard when he finally does fall for the strong heroine who stands up to him.

So, in Ecstasy Unveiled, I bring a demon assassin to the table, a man whose moral line is something he’s struggled with. When Idess, an angel who makes him confront the not the bad person he’s been, but the good person he could be, he sees something in himself he never thought existed.

And he realizes he can finally have something he’d been afraid to hope for; love.

What about you? As a reader, do you enjoy reading about heroes who struggle with their morals. I love them, so I’d love some reading suggestions if you have them!


Thank you, Ms Ione!

Leave a comment to enter a drawing for a signed copy of Ecstasy Unveiled, the latest in Ms Ione’s Demonica series. You can check the previous titles in Ms Ione’s website.

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Twenty years ago, shape shifters of all kinds banded together and announced themselves to the world, only to be shunted to areas no human wanted (“Shiftertowns”). They are forced to wear Collars that control their hunting and fighting instincts (referred to by Shifters as “Taking the Collar”).

Liam Morrissey is currently liaison between the Shifters of Austin, TX, and the humans of the city. Kim Fraser, attorney, finds herself in the unique position of having to defend a Shifter on a murder charge.

She ventures to Shiftertown to seek out Liam’s help, and there stumbles across too many secrets the Shifters want kept secret. The un-mated Liam is forced to protect Kim against the wrath of his clan leader and his own father, and to his surprise he discovers a powerful attraction to the sassy, sexy lady.


I’m so thrilled this week to launch the first book in a new shape shifter series. Pride Mates started with a germ of an idea I got while driving to the airport to attend the Emerald City conference in Seattle in October of 2008.

What happened was, I saw a couple of good-looking construction workers working on the side of the road (hey, if you’re going to be inspired, what a way to go). I started imagining them as brothers, as a close family that lived together and worked together. All males, several generations of them, but no women. Why? I wondered. What happened in this family? (more…)

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I have been a slacker in posting what I’m currently reading on the sidebar. Bad me. I’m just about to start NO PRINCE CHARMING by Shiloh Walker. What’re you all reading today?

Her Happy-Ever-After has been a long time coming… 

Elle spent years trying to get over her so-called Prince Charming, and she’s finally getting the hang of it. A Grimm—a guardian angel with unique gifts—she spends her nights trolling for demons and kicking ass, and lately, her days have been spent with her on-and-off-again lover, Ren, a fellow Grimm. But fate has other plans in store for Elle, plans that include Michael, the prince from her youth who broke her heart. 

“What do you choose…live for her? Or would you rather die?” That was the choice Michael was given all those years ago. Although he knew she’d never forgive him, when Michael was given the chance to become a Grimm, he took it. Still, he isn’t so sure Elle needs him in her life. With a lover at her side and a mission before her, Elle looks like she’s doing just fine without him. 

But the not-so-charming prince isn’t going to back off that easily…not if there’s a chance she might need him again. He’d do anything to save her. Kill for her, live for her, die for her… 

This dark, twisted version of Cinderella involves demons, deceit, desire, and debauchery between a princess and two sexy guardian angels, both determined to win the fair Cinderella. 

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A Book video made by Larissa Ione celebrating her book release of Ecstacy Unvieled and Stephanie Tyler’s Hold on Tight.

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In this irresistible follow-up to her captivating debut, In Bed With a Stranger, Mary Wine revisits the McJames clan–their loves, their battles, their conquests…

Cullen McJames will not have his honor sullied, certainly not by his clan’s nemesis Laird Erik McQuade. So when McQuade tells the Court of Scotland that Cullen has stolen his daughter’s virtue, Cullen steals the daughter instead.

Since his brother wed a fetching lass, Cullen’s been thinking he too needs a wife. A marriage could end the constant war between the clans. And looking on Bronwyn McQuade but once has put her in his dreams for a week…

But Bronwyn won’t go quietly. She won’t be punished for what she did not do. Nor is she eager to live among the resentful veterans of McQuade wars. And however brave and beautiful a man Cullen may be, he has much to learn about a woman’s fighting spirit. But as Bronwyn will discover, he has much to teach her as well.


Hello Everyone-

I’m tickled to be here. In The Warrior’s Bed is coming your way this week. As I was looking through my files, I realized that I turned the book in last Jan. Getting my hands on the final paperbacks is a little bit like having a baby… you know it’s coming but until you hold it, you don’t feel the true wonder of the moment. In The Warrior’s Bed is a follow up to In Bed with a Stranger and it tells the tale of Cullen McJames. He did a lot of teasing in In Bed With A Stranger and I admit I had fun seeing him fall in love. I hope you all enjoy it and please drop by my website to see what else I’ve got coming this year.



Thank you for visiting, Ms Wine!

Leave a message to enter a drawing for a copy of In The Warrior’s Bed

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The third funny, sexy, contemporary romance from a fresh new voice in romance fiction

Rich, the epitome of “anti-domestic,” can’t cook to save his life, and his idea of cleaning his apartment is to invite his mother over. But he’s ready to settle down, and he can’t stop thinking about the ex-girlfriend who got away. When he notices that his soon-to-be-married friends cooked and cleaned their way into their women’s hearts, he asks his friend Becca to help transform him into a nurturing man to win back his ex.

Rich is the only guy who’s taken the time to know Becca for herself. She decides she’ll give him the makeover he’s asking for, though she’ll be damned if she’s going to turn him into a domestic god for another woman. She wants Rich for herself, but how can she convince him that her kitchen and her bedroom are the only domestic locales he desires?


People are like onions­—they have lots of layers. I enjoy removing one layer at a time as I write my characters, discovering their true natures. This process is so much fun for me and hopefully you, the reader, when the characters dislike each other right from the get-go.

Writing heroes and heroines who clash gives me great conflict to work with right from the first page, and enough sexual tension to propel the plot forward. It’s one of my favorite plot devices and allows me to peel away those layers.

In Breakfast in Bed my hero and heroine don’t like each other when they first meet. Okay, Rich Ronaldi has nothing against Rebecca Larsen. But for Becca, it’s definitely dislike at first sight. When she finds out that, through no fault of her own, she’s stuck sharing the same apartment with Rich, all she can think of is how to get rid of him. Her apartment is her sanctuary, her escape from the social demands of family life and Brooklyn. Only now her sanctuary is occupied by a cocky guy who is too handsome for his (or her) own good.

Likewise, Rich isn’t happy that Becca has moved in. But when his girlfriend breaks up with him because he’s not relationship material, and his boss hints that it might be a good time for him to grow up, Rich takes a page from his Brothers-in-law’s books and decides to become a domestic god. He talks Becca into becoming his coach in return for a temporary home. He’s aware Becca doesn’t like him and decides to enjoy himself. Rich takes great pleasure in ruffling Miss prim-and-proper-ice-princess’ feathers and the fun begins.

I’ve always thought that love and hate are two sides of the same coin. You know if there’s enough emotion for people to really dislike the other, there’s enough emotion for the opposite to happen.

When Becca finds herself coaching Rich in the Domestic Arts in order for him to win back his ex, a whole set of new complications arise. She discovers the hero lurking under all those layers of cockiness.

Rich is so busy going after his ex, he is slow to realize that the woman he wants is right in front of him.

Rich and Becca, who seem destined to despise each other, are really a romance ready to happen. The fun is in getting them to realize it. Here is an excerpt: (more…)

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Single mom Julie Donavan is looking for a place to start over. What she finds after buying a small house on five acres is nothing short of a nightmare.

Single dad “Lucky Griffin” Luckadeau has been crossing horns with his elderly neighbor for years. But when his daughter, Annie, decides she wants the new little girl who lives on the feuding property to be her friend, or better yet her sister, the sparks fly.

These two stubborn hotheads, who irritate each other beyond endurance, refuse to admit that it’s fate that brought them together. And running from the inevitable is only going to bring a double dose of misery…


Good morning everyone. Thank you for visiting with me today on my blog tour to promote Getting Lucky, the final book in the Lucky trilogy. Researching this series was so much fun that I’d like to share some of the things I found out with you.

I seldom write about any place that I haven’t been. I learned that lesson about ten years ago when I was writing a historical series set during the Oklahoma Land Rush. My heroine and three small children went swimming in the creek that runs through that part of the country. When I went up there the creek was nothing more than a muddy pool at the bottom of a red clay ditch. It certainly wasn’t the bubbling clear water creek that I’d imagined.

So in my research travels for the Lucky series I learned the following: (more…)

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She is his last chance for a future of happiness . . .

Jenny Keeble has never let her humble upbringing stop her. She’s made her way in the world as a fortune teller, one who convinces her clients her predictions are correct by telling them what they most want to hear. Business is good… until she meets her match in the form of Gareth Carhart, the Marquess of Blakely, a scientist and sworn bachelor.

He just doesn’t know it yet.

Broodingly handsome, Gareth is appalled to discover his cousin has fallen under the spell of “Madame Esmerelda,” and he vows to prove her a fraud. But his unexpected attraction to the fiery enchantress defies logic. Jenny disrupts every facet of Gareth’s calculated plan—until he can’t decide whether to ruin her or claim her for his own. Now, as they engage in a passionate battle of wills, two lonely souls must choose between everything they know… and the boundless possibilities of love.


People have asked me why I write historical romances, and usually I give them some kind of frilly answer like, “Oh, I love the research!” or “I just adore Victorian times!” But the truth of the matter is, this is all lies. The real reason I write historical romances is… (more…)

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Coming out today from Samhain Publishing:

Pushing the sensual limits can set off all kinds of alarms…

Turner Twins, Book 1

Inheriting her grandmother’s home is a dream come true for web designer Maxine Turner. She’s looking forward to a little freedom from the constant demands of her beloved, crazy mob of a family. When vandals expose just how vulnerable she is living alone, she seeks help.

Ryan Claymore’s well-thought-out life was wrenched out from under him when responsibility for his special-needs step-brother landed on his shoulders. Going from military man to business man hasn’t been easy. He counts himself lucky he’s found Maxine to trade his security-system knowledge for her web site expertise.

The red-hot chemistry that sizzles between them comes from out of the blue, and they both fight a losing battle to resist. Even the secret Ryan hides isn’t enough to keep Maxine from working her way into his heart—and his bed.

But something else might tear them apart. Whoever seems determined to destroy her home, and her sanity along with it.

Warning: Realistic multiple orgasm sex scenes, men getting in touch with their emotions, brothers being—well—brothers, and a very tempting back porch swing… you have been warned.


My new release had a title change. Come to think of it, it had two.  It began as a story I intended to write weekly on my blog before I realized posting weekly writing+ life =insanity.

The story was originally called Gingersnaps, and the idea was there would be this cool little coffee shop where the hero and heroine would meet. I could write a whole series about this place and have the characters wander in and out of the shop throughout the story.

That’s why it’s called writing by the seat of your pants. When I changed my mind a number of times plot wise, I settled on a new title that lasted all to way to the point of getting a cover when TPTB decided it was too similar to a book already released.

And thus… Turn It On. (more…)

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