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London’s most notorious rake and the one woman immune to his charms must come together to save a loved one in this tale of deception, intrigue, and undying love.

When the scandalous Lord Blackstone returns to London, fashionable ladies cast inviting glances his way and his friends celebrate his infamous amorous exploits. No one guesses that the lurid tales of his harem and the famous painting of his voluptuous mistress are a cover for an honorable promise and a secret mission to stop a deadly foreign agent.

Only one woman remains unmoved by Blackstone’s seductive ways. Banking heiress Violet Hammersley believes she has firm control over his passions and her life. That is, until her brother goes missing with a report vital to the British government–and the government puts Blackstone on the case. Now, if Violet wants to find her brother, she must work closely with the man who once broke her heart–without succumbing to the powerful impulse to fall for him again.



Hello to everyone at novelthoughts.  Thanks for inviting me to join you.  This week Blackstone’s Bride 2012, a story that’s like Jane Austen with spies, is in its third week in bookstores.  [Just a note about the title–both Teresa Southwick (1996) and Bronwyn Williams (2003) have written romances with the same title but entirely different stories.]


If you know the names of Harry Potter’s children, and you’d happily eavesdrop on Elizabeth Bennet teasing her Mr. Darcy as they stroll the beautiful grounds at Pemberley, this blog’s for you. Your imagination goes on spinning lives for your fictional friends even after you’ve closed the book and put it on the shelf. Just like you, authors have extra bits and pieces of their characters’ lives in their heads long after the manuscript has been turned into the editor.  So, for me, Blackstone and Violet have quite a busy fortnight between his proposal and their honeymoon.  I’ve included a scene of one stolen moment between them in a carriage.


Blackstone’s Wedding To Do List:


  • Bring mother and sisters from Bath and set them up in style in London.


  • Go to Doctors’ Commons to get a special license to marry Violet.  Blackstone needs twenty guineas for the license, so it’s a good thing Goldsworthy has made him an advance on his earnings.



  • Put a wedding notice in the papers.  Though Blackstone has suffered from the equivalent of what we today call “the tabloids,” he goes boldly about London unlike the infamous Lord Worsley, subject of a terrible scandal, who, humiliated by scandal, stayed away from parliament when his vote was needed to end Britain’s part in the American Revolutionary War.


  • Find a church and a parson willing to marry them.  (Hint: it won’t be St. George’s, and it won’t be the Reverend Arthur Rushbrooke.)



No paste this time.  Something splendid to wipe out all the unhappiness Violet suffered because of Blackstone’s famous signet, which you can see on my KateMooreAuthor page @ Facebook.  Maybe Blackstone will pick on old rose cut diamond flower ring.



  • Arrange a honeymoon trip to the coast.  Hastings would be nice.







Violet’s Wedding To Do List:


  • Meet Blackstone’s mother, the Dowager Baroness, and sisters and manage not to mind if they aren’t welcoming.


  • Select style and fabric for wedding gown and stand for fittings as seamstress friends work madly to make gown in time.  At Blackstone’s request, your gown will be white.  As unusual as a white gown is for the time, Blackstone insists that white suits Violet, his winter love.


  • Send invitations to a small number of friends and family.  Augusta Lowndes, your former governess, will help address the cards.


  • Engage florist to make a bouquet of herbs and white flowers.

Check out this blog about wedding related things in the UK for some gorgeous images.  The one to look at is “A Lavender Inspired Bridal Shoot.”  The bride’s bouquet would be perfect for Violet.



Photography 1827 is a new UK wedding blog aimed at brides, grooms, photographers and anyone else who enjoys contemporary, fine art and documentary style photography.


  • Engage baker to make cake.


  • Arrange a wedding breakfast in the courtyard of Hammersley House after the ceremony. Again, next time you’re in London, you might dine in the courtyard of the original Hammersley House.




Both lovers will be busy every moment of the day.  You can be sure that every page of Violet’s calendar will be filled with Blackstone.


The weather in London will be chancy at best in April, 1825, with showers likely—ask Kate and William, who also married in April–but the record shows that Sunday, April 17, 1825 was cloudy with no rain.  Whew!


Now that Violet has had a taste of espionage, she’s bound to want to help Blackstone on his next case.  After their honeymoon, of course.


Outtake scene.


A cold wet gust of April rain molded Violet’s skirts to her body and tugged at her bonnet as she stepped from her dressmaker’s door into the cobbled lane. She ducked her chin and clutched her skirts. She should be perfectly happy, but, of course, there was no perfect happiness.  In the past, she had been so sure of her happiness that she should know better now. This time as her wedding day approached, she should rein in her happiness.  She should remind herself that there would be rumors and gossip, that they had not yet won over his family, and that Papa still frowned more than she liked in the dowager Lady Blackstone’s company.   

Rain and dusk narrowed her view of the dark street. Her back and arms ached with standing for the fitting of her gown. She could just make out the opening at the end of the lane where her carriage waited.

“Miss.” A voice at her elbow startled her out of her thoughts.  She turned and found a man’s arm, clad in chocolate velvet livery offered for her support. A black umbrella snapped open above her head. Violet looked up to thank her footman, Tom, and came to an abrupt halt, her unruly skirts swirling about her.


“Miss me?” Blackstone grinned down at her, and urged her into motion toward the waiting carriage.

“Not al all.  I’ve been too busy.  You should see my calendar.”

“You should see mine.”

“Yours?  What can you possibly have to do? Catch spies and enemy agents?” Violet stopped, her brain working furiously to figure out the purpose of this disguise of his. They were a few feet from the waiting carriage.

“A great many things, all of which take too much time, and none of which seems worth recollecting at the moment.”

“Things such as borrowing livery from one of my footmen?”

“I had to see you.”

“You’ve seen me every day this fortnight.”


“Impatient, are you?” She grinned at him, her spirits lifting. He pulled her along.

“You can’t imagine.” They reached the carriage.  Violet’s coachman huddled on the box, conveniently engaged in tending to his horses. Now the moment had come. Violet looked up to see what Blackstone intended, but he only handed her the umbrella while he opened the carriage door and let down the steps. “Hop in, Violet.”

She was conscious of a small check in her rising happiness. That was it.  A few words in a dark lane. She shoved the umbrella at him and climbed up into the vehicle, throwing herself onto the bench.

 Blackstone followed in a distinctly unfootman-like way.

“You are a cheeky one, for a footman.” But she felt better at once.

He tossed the umbrella on the floor and slid onto the bench beside her.  “And about to get cheekier.”  

She watched him pull off his gloves and toss them aside. “You were the one who made the rule that we should observe a period of abstinence before our wedding.”

“Was I? It seemed a sensible idea at the time.” He undid the ribbons of her bonnet and began working the strings of her cape.  His strong warm hands brushed the wool from her shoulders. She shivered once, and his breath caught as his thumbs skimmed her collarbone.

Violet raised her chin. “Very sensible.  We should avoid scandal you said. But now?”

“Now, I need you to kiss me, Violet, thoroughly.”

She was happy to oblige of course. Happy to let him pull her slowly into his arms, happy to meet his kiss. It began just as a taste, a greeting, a reassurance. I’m here he seemed to say. It quickly escalated as his arms tightened around her. She loved his mouth on hers, the taut masculine pressure of it, the frank admission of need. He rearranged them, pulling her into his lap so that she straddled him in the rocking coach.  With yards of silk and wool between them, they could only press against one another, a rocking promise of nights to come. 

The carriage slowed, pulling to a halt.  Violet realized she had no idea where they were. Their breath, warm and ragged, fogged the cold interior.  Blackstone leaned his forehead against hers briefly. Their lips met sweetly one last time.  He released her, collected his gloves, and opened the carriage door.  He looked up from the pavement, a most disordered footman, the jacket of his livery askew,  rain glittering on his dark lashes. 

“Til Sunday, then, Violet.  I love you.” 

The door closed, and the coachmen set the horses in motion again. Violet leaned back against the cushions and let herself be happy, very, very happy.


To find out more about Kate Moore and her backlist, visit www.katemoore.com. And for a chance to win Blackstone’s Bride, just leave a comment below. Two winners will be drawn on Sunday. Good luck! 😀

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In tight quarters, anything can happen.

It’s been a rough month for Navy SEAL Cash McCoy. Fresh off six months of celibacy during his deployment, he almost got into a hot blonde’s panties before they were interrupted. Since then, he still hasn’t gotten laid. The reason? He lost her number. And no other woman has replaced her face in his fantasies.

Then his CO asks him to keep an eye on his sister for a few weeks. Just until her psycho stalker ex is transferred. Cash’s new houseguest is none other than the same gorgeous, quirky blonde. And just his luck—his orders include an emphatic hands off.

Jen Scott is having none of it. Now that she has a second chance, she’s not letting Cash slip away. Orders be damned, he’s the one man capable of helping her explore her sexuality. She’s even willing to break her own rule—never date military men—to get the gorgeous SEAL into her bed.

Except Cash makes it clear he wants more than she bargained for. Much more. Not just her body, but the one thing she promised herself she’d never give to a man in uniform. Her heart.

Warning: Sexy SEAL? Check. Sassy heroine determined to seduce him? Check. Scorching hot sex bound to make you blush? Double check. A threesome and some man-on-man action? Triple check. You’ve been warned.


I think I need to stop reading romance novels.  Maybe even stop writing them too.  See, I have a problem: I have hugely unrealistic expectations of real-life men because romance-novel men are just so damn perfect.

Romance-novel men are always the perfect amount of alpha—dominant, strong, protective, but they also respect a strong woman, and when they show you that sliver of vulnerability every now and then, you just melt.  They have that perfect sense of humor, kinda sarcastic, a tad dry, always good-natured.  They’re gruff on the inside, but secretly sweet and generous on the inside.  They’ll totally call you out on your bullshit, but not in a mean way.  They challenge you, but never humiliate or belittle you.

Romance-novel men are sexy.  And awesome.

And fake.

Every now and then I have to remind myself of that.  Take a step back and say “romance heroes aren’t real, dummy!”  No man is that perfect.  No human being is that perfect.  People have flaws, and I don’t think you’ll ever find someone who meets every single item on that “perfect man” checklist.  Or if you do, they’ll end up coming with one deal-breaker you hadn’t anticipated…“hey, this guy’s strong but vulnerable, and he makes me laugh, and he’s sweet and generous, and he challenges me—oh, wait, but he’s also a serial killer.  Darn.”

This idea of perfection has been weighing on my mind, especially since the hero of my latest release, Feeling Hot, is pure perfection in my eyes.  Cash McCoy is a Navy SEAL with that aforementioned gruff exterior but a secret sweet side he doesn’t usually show.  I fell in love with Cash when I was writing him.  I usually have a crush on all my heroes, but Cash McCoy?  Head over heels in love with the guy.  Alas, he is not real.  But boy, how I wish he was.

The romance genre is filled with amazingly perfect heroes.  I think that’s why romance novels are so popular—they offer that escape readers crave, a glimpse into a relationship that thrives despite heartache or struggles, incredible men that readers can fall in love with.  But I wonder if there are some people who shouldn’t read romance novels—like me! I develop crushes on fictional characters—not just my own, but other authors’ characters.  I mean, I was pretty much planning a wedding between me and Rhage from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series (not only is he not real, but he’s also a vampire, for Pete’s sake! Double unreal!)  And I would probably skip town and abandon my friends and family if it turned out Cash McCoy wasn’t a figment of my imagination, and he showed up at my door to whisk me away.

Is that healthy? Probably not.  Am I totally serious here?  Not totally.  But I have noticed that I sometimes seek out qualities in a partner that I’m not likely to find.

So…perfection. Does it exist only in romance novels, or have you found that perfect man you usually only read about?


Stop by and comment, and you’ll be entered into a draw to win an e-copy of Feeling Hot, the seventh book in my Out of Uniform series, which features super sexy SEAL heroes.  Who are totally perfect, of course J




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NT: Hi Christi! Thank you for being my guest today.

Christi: Thanks for letting me visit.  I’m really excited about sharing this entire trilogy with readers.

NT: When did you know you wanted to be a writer? How long did it take for you to make your first sale?

Christi: I spent the summer I was 13 knocking out 60 pages of what must’ve been a truly horrile historical romance.  I was a bookworm, and not allowed to watch much television, so writing gave me something to do over vacation.  Then I discovered I couldn’t stop – the ideas just kept swirling around in my head. But fiction writing isn’t seen as a highly practical career choice, so I just dabbled as a hobby.  As the hobby sunk its hooks into me, I finally mustered the motiviation to finish an entire book four years ago.  It sold within a year, and I’ve sold every one I’ve written.

NT: You have a new release this month, PLANNING FOR LOVE. Can you tell us about it?

Hopeless romantic Ivy Rhodes
 Bennett Westcott
request the pleasure of your company for
their disaster of a courtship

Wedding planner Ivy Rhodes is the best in the business, and she’s not about to let a personal problem stop her from getting ahead. So when she’s asked to star in the reality TV show Planning for Love, it doesn’t matter that the show’s videographer happens to be a recent—and heartbreaking—one-night stand.

Bennett Westcott admits he didn’t handle his encounter with Ivy very well. But looking at her beautiful smile—and great body—through a camera lens every day? He can’t be faulted for suggesting they have some no-strings fun.

The more time they spend together, the more Ben realizes Ivy isn’t the wedding-crazed bridezilla he’d imagined. But if he doesn’t trust himself to make a relationship last, how can he convince Ivy to give him another chance?

NT: Do you have a writing routine? What is your average writing day like?

Christi: I usually write at night (dependent, of course, upon things like Grey’s Anatomy and White Collar).  I can plot any time, especially at the gym, but the actual hands on keyboard is between 9 pm and midnight.  Not just because I have a day job, but my creative brain is definitely a night owl.

NT: Is there anyone you use as a sounding board when you’re stuck on a scene?

Christi: I have an amazing group of critique partners.  My chapter (shout out to Maryland Romance Writers!) of RWA is filled with talented authors.  I do have a core group that beta reads my books and I can call on in a pinch.  The best part is that we reciprocate at the drop of a hat.  People call writing a solitary business, but I feel that I have a huge support system.

NT: What was the most interesting thing you had to research and what was the hardest thing to research?

Christi: I joke that I don’t write historical romance because it requires too much research.  You’d think contemporary romance wouldn’t require any, right?  I wish!  For this book I had to find out how much people on reality telelvision shows make.  Interesting (yes, they are VASTLY overpaid). My most difficult research was on poisons that anyone can make from their garden (that combined with my drug trafficking research for book #3 must put me on some FBI watch list).  The most fun research so far, however, was for the last book in my Aisle Bound trilogy.  I just finished researching and writing an aphrodisiac dinner & drinks.  Soooo much fun!

NT: When not busy writing, what do you like to do in your spare time? (If there is such a thing *G*)

Christi: I’m a complete bookworm, and I adore to cook – the more ingredients and difficult recipe, the better.  I love having people over for dinner and stuffing them to the gills – and my husband always does the dishes, so it works out perfectly.

NT: What are the latest additions to your TBR? What are you most eager to read?

Christi: Such a long list!  I can’t wait to dive into the start of Victoria Dahl’s new trilogy.  At the beach this week I’ll be devouring #2 in JR Ward’s Fallen Angel series and Kristen Higgan’s Somebody To Love.

NT: Any advice to aspiring authors? What craft books helped you that you would recommend to aspiring writers?

Christi: My most fervent and most obvious advice is to write.  Nothing happens until the words are down.  Force yourself to treat it like an already paying job and do it five days a week.  Two fabulous craft books are On Writing by Stephen King and How I Write by Janet Evanovich.  Also good – 45 Master Characters by Victoria Schmidt.

NT: What can your fans look forward to from you in the near future? What are you working on now?

Christi: The next book releasing is a Christmas novella, Ask Her At Christmas.  It will be in the Romance the Holiday anthology, where I’m honored to share page space with Jaci Burton and Helen Kay Dimon.  But books 2 & 3 of the Aisle Bound trilogy are also looming (I’m deep into book 3, Friends To Lovers, right now).

NT: If someone has not read any of your books, which would be the one you’d recommend they try first?

Christi: Absolutely Planning for Love.  It is my favorite, and jam-packed with humor and heart, romance and some pretty hot sex, if I do say so myself.

NT: How can readers contact you?

Christi: Please visit my website for more information on all my books, and a contact form.  Swing by my blog, or follow me on Twitter and Pinterest, too!

NT: Thanks for being our guest today!


If somebody turned your life into a romance novel, what drink best describes you, and why?

Leave an answer below for a chance to win a digital copy of Planning For Love?

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Ever since his abduction by the Eternal Order of Vampires, Gray Donohue has finally found his true calling: vengeance. He will stop at nothing to bring his fellow Impure vampires the freedom they deserve. Now if he could just release his primal need for the beautiful vampire who saved his life-and rules his thoughts and desires . . .After nearly killing the senator she was assigned to protect, Dillon is now in mortal danger. The jaguar within her has been unleashed, and she can no longer control it. Sex is the only thing that can tame her shift. And Gray is the only man who can make her surrender to a passion strong enough to overpower her inner beast. But she doesn’t want to surrender-she wants her life back. Because she is determined never to belong to anyone, especially not Gray-the man who destiny claims is her mate.


Q1)  What shape is Alexander Roman’s True Mate markings on both his cheeks?

a) key shaped

b) heart shaped

c) star shaped

d)  none of the above

Q2)  Which one of the Roman brothers has ribbed fangs?

a) Lucian

b) Nicholas

c) Alexander

d)  None of them have ribbed fangs

Q3)  Which character in the Mark of the Vampire series has the ability to hear the thoughts of others?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Synjon Wise

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

Q4)  Which one of the Roman brothers  is known to be sarcastic and crude?

a)  Alexander

b)  Nicholas

c)  Lucian

d)  None.  They are all perfect gentlepavens.

Q5)  Which character in the MOTV series is has a twin mutore (beast) brother?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

Q6)  Which Roman brother has the ability to mask himself from another’s view?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  None of the brothers have this ability

Q7)  Which Roman brother is known to be secretive and highly sexual?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  I can’t decide.  I’m stuck on the highly sexual part.

Q8)  Which character in the MOTV series has pale hair and eyes and is referred to as an albino?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

Q9)  Which character in the series is serious, driven and said to have “magic hands”?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

Q10)  Which is YOUR favorite character in the MOTV series?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

If you picked mostly A’s you are attracted to Alex.  If you picked mostly B’s you want to get naked with Nicky.  If you picked mostly C’s you are lusty for Lucian and if you picked mostly D’s you are gaga for Gray.   If you have a combination of all the letters you are hooked on Laura Wright’s MOTV series and can’t wait for your next MOTV fix.



Leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of ETERNAL BEAST by Laura Wright plus swag. Good luck! 😀

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For those on Twitter, we’re currently having a contest to win a download of SOFTLY AT SUNRISE by Maya Banks. Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/mad4rombks (or just send me a tweet @mad4rombks) and answer the following question — Who is your favorite MB character? Use #MayaBanksRRaH with your reply. Contest will end on August 17th and 3 winners will be chosen to win a download, format is winner’s choice. 🙂 Good luck! Do not answer the question here, it must be on Twitter. 🙂

Rachel Kelly has traveled a long, hard road in her journey back to her husband, Ethan, and the Kelly family. Now, as she and Ethan are poised to move into their new home, safe behind the walls of the Kelly compound, Rachel wonders if she’ll finally be free of the ghosts that have haunted her for so long and if she’ll step into the sun after a past steeped in darkness.

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Returning from his latest Border Patrol assignment, Jeremy Hill seeks sanctuary in his twin brother’s home. The last thing he expects to find is an armed man already inside, or Meredith Samms, a gorgeous tenant caught in the cross fire. Then he discovers that the gunman’s attack is meant for his twin brother, who is nowhere in sight, and Jeremy must take matter into his own hands. Searching for his brother while trying to protect this girl next door, Jeremy finds himself caught up in the danger he’d become all too familiar with. in his world, everyone’s a target and anyone can be a suspect, so Jeremy has no room for emotions. But what Meredith stirs within him may complicate this unexpected mission to the point of no return…


Thank you for inviting me here today to talk about my newest release, COPY THAT, from Harlequin Intrigue.

People ask authors all the time where book ideas come from.  Honestly, coming up with the idea is the easy part.  Putting my butt in the chair and writing is the tough part. With this book I didn’t even need to come up with the idea.  My Intrigue editor, Denise Zaza, kind of did that for me in my newest release, COPY THAT.  This is how it came about…

About a year ago we were emailing back and forth about ideas for books for a new Intrigue contract. She said she’d love to see a new take on a mistaken identity story. I loved the idea and started thinking about a potential plot.  The next day I was just about to send her the idea when she called. She said she’d been thinking about the mistaken identity issue and would love it if I’d write a suspense centered on a hero who is a twin.  She even had a cover in her mind that would show the hero and his twin. The how, why, plot and characters were up to me.  All she asked was that the twins each get a romance in some way, even if I wanted to write two novellas and connected them in one book.

The idea of two romances, two suspense threads, two heroes and two heroines, all in 55,000 words, scared me a bit.  But it was a good challenge.  And, really, do you know how many ideas go through a writer’s head when the charge is – write twin heroes in a mistaken identity situation? Lots.  Really, lots.  The range of possibilities had me thinking and the idea of writing the book struck me as so much fun. Lucky for me, the writing did turn out to be fun.

Jeremy and Garrett Hill are protectors by nature.  They fall in love with women who don’t have gun-toting jobs – one is a kindergarten teacher and the other is a salesperson at a wedding dress store.  But the best part?  Figuring out when to have the main hero, Jeremy, use the line: “I’m not Garrett.” Once Jeremy utters the line the fun really starts.  I hope you think so, too.

And as for that other mistake identity idea, the one I was thinking about when my editor called?  It’s the plot for my November Intrigue, SWITCHED. 🙂


To learn more about HelenKay and her backlist, visit www.helenkaydimon.com. And for a chance to win COPY THAT (digital or print) just leave a comment below. Good luck! 😀

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Where our Heroine recovers nicely…


Lady criminologist, Miss Emma Wallingford, unknowingly finds herself tangled in the dangerous final mission of Lord Derick Aveline, a spy who also happens to be her long lost first love. But when deception, however sweet, is the name of the game, no one can be trusted. And every love—and every life—is at risk.


Hello! Heather Snow here and I am thrilled to be continuing my blog tour for Sweet Deception here at RR@H Novel Thoughts and Book Talk. Thank you for having me back again! What I am doing for this tour is pulling back the curtain of Sweet Deception a bit, sharing a few of my favorite passages from the book each day while letting you in on the thoughts behind them. You can keep up with the stops (or go back and read ones you missed) either on my website (www.HeatherSnowBooks.com) or my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AuthorHeatherSnow).


Yesterday, we talked a bit about how Emma momentarily reeled at being faced with the one man she’d always loved after not seeing him for years and the realization that her feelings were not as buried as she’d thought. Yet, intrepid heroine that she is, she soldiers on…


“I’m certain Lord Scarsdale will agree that explanations can wait until after we find his missing upstairs maid.”


The sharp, sizzling pop of lightning served as harsh punctuation to her pronouncement. A low rumble of thunder followed quickly behind. Emma glanced over her shoulder at the window in time to see the first fat drops of a summer storm splash against the panes. Fig! If Molly were outside and injured . . . Emma mentally kicked herself for the bit of time she’d squandered mooning like a schoolgirl over a man who obviously didn’t even remember her. She returned her eyes to the table and scanned the map again.

“My missing upstairs maid?” Derick repeated, sounding dubious.

“Yes.” Without raising her gaze to him, Emma held up a hand to forestall any more questions. She ran her finger over the map. If her calculations were correct, the only feasible place Molly could be that they hadn’t already searched was this area to the east of—

“Miss Wallingford,” Derick growled, in a voice that demanded her attention.

So he did remember her.

“As these are my resources you seem to be marshaling,” he said, “I expect an explanation.”

She looked up at him then, annoyed. Had he just referred to his staff, and some of hers for that matter, as his resources? Emma narrowed her eyes, considering the possible ramifications of ignoring him completely. She had more important things to do than appease his “lord of the manor” sensibilities, particularly when this lord hadn’t bothered to grace this manor with his presence in more than a dozen years.


I had a lot of fun creating strong characters who were great foils for one another. On any other mission, our aristocratic master of espionage is accustomed to being fawned over, or at the very least, obeyed. So of course his heroine would have to be a girl who ‘knew him when’. Emma cuts Derick very little slack, taking away his tried and true methods and making him work harder than he’s ever had to in order to achieve his goals. And, of course, pushing him to become the man only she could help him to become…

I hope you enjoy Derick and Emma’s journey as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Please look out for SWEET DECEPTION, available now, wherever books are sold. I’ll be happy to give away a copy of my debut, SWEET ENEMY, the first book in this series. To enter, simply leave me a comment and answer the question: Do you enjoy books where the main characters already have a history? What are some of your favorites?




Heather Snow is a historical romance author with a degree in Chemistry who discovered she much preferred creating chemistry on the page, rather than in the lab.  She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two rambunctious boys and one very put upon cat.  Find out more or connect with Heather at:


Facebook www.facebook.com/AuthorHeatherSnow

Twitter www.twitter.com/HeatherSnowRW




Rainy Day Books (my local indie)
Amazon (Kindle Edition)
Amazon (Mass Market Paperback)
Barnes and Noble
The Book Depository (free shipping worldwide)



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With his rugged good looks, vast wealth and family name, hell-raiser Hutch Carmody is still the golden boy of Parable, Montana. But he’s done some growing up—making peace with his illegitimate half brother and inheriting half of Whisper Creek Ranch, which should have been all his. These days, Hutch knows there are some things money can’t buy: like the heart of loving, ladylike divorcée Kendra Shepherd.

Kendra’s quiet mansion reminds her of what she wants most—a devoted husband and the pitter-patter of little feet. She can’t get Hutch Carmody out of her mind. But a rough-and-tumble cowboy like Hutch, coming home for family dinner? Seems crazy! Then again, crazier dreams have become reality under the vast Montana sky.




Can you tell us about your Linda Lael Miller Scholarships for Women?

Full information is available on my website—www.lindalaelmiller.com—but here’s an overview: each year I give away $10,000 in special scholarships, based on essays explaining the applicant’s goals, what the money will be used for, etc.  A number of people read the entries very carefully—in fact, each one is read several times, to assure that the awards are fairly given.  I began the program several years ago, as a way to give something back—and I still fund it personally.  At this point, I’ve given away something like $75,000.  Having been a single mother myself, I have a special place in my heart for women raising children alone—I was very poor in the early years and I know the struggles and the heartache involved well—though we also consider women who are older, and want to change their lives for the better.  Over the years, I’ve received a number of graduation photos and lovely thank you notes from winners, and they always warm my heart.  I believe very deeply that the scholarships benefit the children of these women if only by proving that somebody out there cares.



To follow Linda Lael Miller’s blog tour, visit http://booktrib.com/booktrib-blog-tour-nyt-bestselling-author-linda-lael-millers-big-sky-mountain/


And for a chance to win BIG SKY MOUNTAIN, just leave a comment below. Good luck!

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Recently, an author who has become a new auto-buy for me announced that she will be starting a street team. My heart sank and it took everything I had not to respond with PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF BABY KITTENS, DON’T DO IT! Why the strong reaction, you ask? First, let’s take a look at what a street team is.

The street team…

Long ago, before the age of digital books, a street team was simple. They went to book stores, passed out bookmarks and front faced books on the shelves. That last part may not have been exactly kosher, depending on the store, but that’s what they did. Things are different now. Street teams mostly promo books online. They tweet, FB, blog and review the books. The purpose of a street team is to spread the word about the author’s new book. In return, most street team members get ARCs, swag, sneak peaks at future books, etc. Good idea, in theory, but then it goes a little sideways.

The problem…

Let’s say Author Sue decides she needs a street team. She puts out a blog post, tweets and Facebooks an all call. “Hey, readers! Sign up here to promo my upcoming book and I’ll give you free stuff!” Let’s say 35 readers respond and now Author Sue has her very on street team full of eager readers ready to spread the word. The problem – Author Sue has just attached her name and business to 35 strangers. She doesn’t know the details of what they do or how her name is going to be used.

I can tell you from personal experience what they are likely to do. Maybe I have 3 reading friends that are on that street team. Friend A posts on FB about Author Sue on the first morning. I click the link, I’m intrigued by the blurb. I preorder the book. Then friends B and C post, too. Then all 3 do it again around lunch time. Then once again that night. Have to make sure they reach everyone, regardless of what time they are online. That’s 9 promos on day one. But, wait. I follow these reading friends on twitter and they did they same thing there. Bump that up to 18 promos. And they repeat that pattern every day. By mid-week, I have cancelled my preorder. The promos keep coming. By the end of the week, I have seen 126 tweets and FB statuses about Author Sue’s book and have decided I never, ever want to read any of her books.

That’s not counting the RTs I see on twitter from other members of the street team, the promo emails that are forwarded to my email, or the overzealous members that add me to Author Sue’s Street Team Facebook page without my permission. In the span of one week, I’ve went from pre-ordering a book to never wanting to hear the author’s name mentioned again, all without Author Sue saying a word.

Street team members, if you are reading this, know your reach. If you have 200 friends on Facebook, those are the only people you are reaching there. Talking about the book three times a day, every day, doesn’t change that. Same for twitter. Have 500 followers? That’s all your “Buy this book!” tweets are reaching. All you are doing with the ceaseless promotion is alienating the friends and followers that used to care about what you had to say.

Authors, this is your business. Be careful when entrusting it to a bunch of strangers. And if you do, make the rules clear and know how your name is being used. Your street team won’t be the ultimate loser when it all goes sideways.

As for me, I’ll sit over here with my fingers crossed, hoping that I won’t be spammed to death with street team promo about my new auto-buy author. There are way too many books out there for me to spend money on something that annoys me.

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Eve Berlin announced her winner in the comments section.


Please email Eve: eden_bradley@yahoo.com with ‘RR@H winner in the subject line and she’ll send your PDF copy of PLEASURE’S EDGE right away



wins The Bloodgate Warrior by Joely Sue Burkhart



wins Cherished by Maya Banks and Lauren Dane



wins her choice of a Browns Siblings novel by Lauren Dane


Brunette Librarian

wins an ARC of Silver Mine by Vivian Arend


Margaret Murray-Evans

wins Wild Texas Rose by Jodi Thomas



wins Seven Sexy Sins by Serenity Woods


Congrats! To claim your prize, please email mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces). You have 48 hours to email before a new name is chosen.


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