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Midsummer Cover_smallAfter dating her childhood sweetheart Max on and off for years, aspiring actress Nicola Charles is finally ready to move on. It’s time for her to focus on her stage career and stay away from Max–before he can break her heart again.

Max regrets hurting Nicola, but he wants another chance. So when his play loses its leading lady, giving Nicola the part seems like the perfect opportunity to win back his old flame.

But the course of true love—and a theater production—never do run smooth. As Max fights to reignite Nicola’s love, the onstage antics can’t rival the bedlam backstage: a neurotic cast, a prickly crew, and an evil diva of a director who’s got designs on Max.

As Nicola and Max battle to keep the drama onstage, Max can’t help wondering if their romance will end with the last performance. Or have the two of them finally captured what they’ve dreamed of all their lives? True Love.




Favorite Actor Books


One of my favorite “tropes” in romance novels is the actor hero/heroine. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get this right. One of my biggest pet peeves is when the lead character is an actor but you never get to watch him act!


I can never get enough of actor books, though, which is probably why I’m writing the Stage Kiss Series, a whole series of nothing but actor heroes/heroines! The first book A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S FLING came out this month, and tells the story of two reunited lovers trying to work out their issues amidst all the bedlam backstage at a theater company.


See, I like books where you see the character on set, working on their part, getting their costume fitted, on location, etc. All the nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff. (I’m also a sucker for DVD extras and commentary tracks, incidentally…)


One book that really gets the actor stuff right for me is BETWEEN THE LINES by Tammara Webber (the first book in her Between the Lines NA series). I love this book because we see the actors working on location, working on their scenes, auditioning. And the book is really sexy too.


Speaking of working on location, THE WHITE KNIGHT by Josh Lanyon, a M/M romance, has some great on-location scenes for its actor hero. Also, it’s Josh Lanyon, who is an incredible writer, and the couple in this book have great chemistry. (It’s number two in the series, though, so probably start with THE DARK HORSE if you’re a series completist like me. 😀 )


Another favorite of mine is ALL OVER YOU by Sarah Mayberry. The heroine is a writer and script supervisor on a soap opera, and the hero is one of the stars who’s started directing for the show too. She’s sassy, quirky, and a fan of vintage fashion. The hero is smoking hot and a little awkward sometimes, which is charming. And the way they hook up is by being thrown together on a big project for their show. It’s an actor book AND a workplace romance.


OK, so if I’m a really picky “actor hero” reader, you’re probably wondering what my very, very favorite actor book is, right?


That would have to be AGAIN by Kathleen Gilles Seidel. This book features a Regency era soap opera (with lots of Georgette Heyer in-jokes for all you Regency fans), the hero is an actor, and the heroine is the head writer/creator of the show. Fabulous romance and so much juicy acting stuff! This is one of my favorite romances period; Seidel is a very talented author. The heroine is a tomboy and wicked smart. The hero is just wonderful: tender, nurturing, but he’ll still take you down if you mess with his woman.


Are any of you fans of the actor hero trope? Did I leave some of your favorite books off this list? Tell me, tell me! As you probably know by now, I’m always on the lookout for another great actor book. 😉



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