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The Marchioness of Wick is about to get a second chance at life…whether she wants it or not. After twenty years in a loveless marriage to a duplicitous British aristocrat, Claire Heyworth Barnes finds herself broke and alone. Encouraged by her dynamic American sisters-in-law, the shy royal decides to start over in New York City. When she lands a job with a famous interior designer, Claire accidentally reconnects with the first—and only—man she ever loved.


Benjamin Hayek has never forgiven Claire for the heartless way she left him when they were teenagers in the south of France. And even if he could, Claire’s not sure she has the courage to contend with how he makes her feel. Can they build a new love from an old flame? Or will a bitter history and a complicated future stand in their way?

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Dear Lillie,


Thanks so much for having me here at Romance Readers at Heart! Being asked to write “on any topic” is particularly vexing for me and when I am vexed (or happy or sad or breathing) I turn to Twitter. So I asked The Great Twitter what I should write for your blog and Ann Marie Gamble asked:


Is it tough to read recreationally these days?


Her question took me back to my last month in college. I remember, when I was about to graduate, I had a “to do list” that consisted of at least five ten-page papers and myriad final exams and group projects and moving out of my college apartment and getting a job and All The Things. Of course, I chose that moment to start reading Marjorie Morningstar.


I just couldn’t put it down. There I was in the midst of the most pressing academic responsibilities, at the most pivotal crossroads of my young life, and instead of looking harder for a real job or trying harder for the A instead of the reliable B, I followed the exploits of a rather unlikeable protagonist through her rather unlikeable exploits right through all Seven Hundred And Sixty Two pages to her VERY unlikeable end.


The irony is: I finished all of those final exams; I wrote all of those final papers; I graduated from university; I did all that. And do I remember anything from my Japanese Civ final (other than the fact the professor used the word hegemonic on the final and none of us knew what it meant)? No. But I remember so much about Marjorie. About her obsession with Noel. About (what I saw as) her capitulation to normalcy. About how bittersweet it is to give up obsessions. When are obsessions dreams worth pursuing? When should we give them up? When are they healthy motivations to achievement? When are they destructive paths to self-loathing?


And what is more germane today, Japanese Civ or Marjorie? You guessed it. Marjorie.


The happiest people I know eventually do what they love: their recreation becomes their occupation. So it is with my writing. So it is with Claire Heyworth, the heroine of my newest book, IN LOVE AGAIN. (See how I did that?) All Claire ever wanted was to have a loving family in a beautiful home—dreams that seemed modest to her young, privileged mind. But her first husband basically made her feel like those were shitty dreams.


So when she starts over in New York City and she is able to get a job working at an interior design firm—getting paid to do what she loves—it is a twofold victory. Not only is she earning her own living for the first time in her life, but her interests are being validated by everyone around her. Then she reconnects with a man who is also eager to start a family—a part of her own dreams that she had been forced to abandon years before. What can I say? Claire had a hard go of it so I thought she deserved the glamorous job and the hot, loving hero. So sue me.


I think when we put our dreams out there—dreams like I want to write books! Or I’m 38 and I want to have another baby!—sometimes they really can come true. A lot of that dream-coming-true-business has to do with that recreational bit. The loving bit. I think they’re related.


I’d love to hear your blog visitors’ thoughts about dreams versus obsessions, recreation versus occupation. When is it time to dig in? When is it time to move on?


Thanks so much for having me!




Megan Mulry writes sexy, stylish, romantic fiction. Her first book, A Royal Pain, was an NPR Best Book of 2012 and USA Today bestseller. Before discovering her passion for romance novels, she worked in magazine publishing and finance. After many years in New York, Boston, London, and Chicago, she now lives with her husband and children in Florida. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, or on her website.



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