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Judi L and Misty

wins The Bodyguards of L.A. County series by Cate Beauman in digital


 Linda Thum

wins In the Arms of the Heiress by Maggie Robinson


Tory McCord

wins Hot Summer Nights by Jaci Burton, print or digital


Congrats! To claim your prize, please email mad @ romancereaderatheart.com (without the spaces). You have 48 hours to email before a new name is chosen.

The Digital First Read-a-Thon excerpts and giveaways will run throughout the month of July.

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Coming October 1, 2013 from Lyrical Press


Satellite Of Love

Drawn To the Rhythm, book 1


satelliteofloveReluctantly on her way to a blind date, second grade teacher Maureen detours into her mechanic’s garage because her brakes are squeaking. Her regular mechanic isn’t there but his very intriguing brother Michael is. Michael tells her that he can’t let her drive home with her brakes in that condition and offers to take her out to dinner in his 1972 Plymouth Satellite. Maureen can’t believe how instantly and powerfully she’s attracted to this grease monkey and neither can any of her friends, but since he’s only going to be in town for a week, she doesn’t want to waste an instant.

Except that grease monkey, is no grease monkey. He’s Bear D’Amato, rock’n’roll drummer and in a week he’s headed back to get ready for a world tour with his band, Touchstone. When he first meets Maureen, he just wants to go out with her a few times like a normal guy, but as the relationship deepens, he realizes he wants more than just a couple of dates. He wants a lifetime.

Maureen is shocked by his revelation, but she realizes she wants a lifetime too.

Now all they have to do is convince the rest of the world.





“You’re with Bear D’Amato?”

Maureen looked to her other side. The girl talking to her had short black hair and a tattoo of roses around her neck. She would have been perfectly comfortable in that silver dress Michael picked out yesterday. In fact, it might have been too conservative for her.

She licked her lips. “I did him last tour. He’s good.”

“Shut up, Cyndy,” Jenny snapped. “It’s not like that.”

“Not like what?” Cyndy asked.

Jenny tossed the orange peel in the trash and split up the segments on a napkin. “He’s off the market.”

“Oh, please. He’s a man.”

“Just don’t.”

“Now girls.” Maureen stepped between them, holding out her hands to keep them separated.

Michael grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her against his chest. “Maureen, come on over here and meet the guys.”

Maureen considered reminding him that she’d already met the guys, but Trent had an arm around Jenny and was picking orange segments out of the napkin she still held. Jenny looked like she was in heaven and since Jenny was the closest she had to a friend in this room, she didn’t want to interrupt. Plus, she needed to have a conversation with Michael. Jean was walking Cyndy to the door. Greg, Alan and Rumballs were talking to a guy in a black t-shirt wearing a headset. The other girls preened in front of the mirrors. This was as close to privacy as she was going to get until they went back to the hotel and if she didn’t ask him now, the question was going to eat its way out of her chest like the monsters in Alien. “Did you have sex with that girl?”

Michael glanced over his shoulder and frowned. “Maybe. I think so.”

Maureen tried to draw a deep breath, but it caught on the steel bands around her lungs. She didn’t expect him to have been a saint, but to not remember? Another steel band tightened around her head and the room went a little flat and sideways.

“Listen baby, those girls don’t mean anything. When you’re out on the road they’re everywhere. It’s like exercise.” He flushed.

“You weren’t jogging with her.”

“No.” Michael slouched.

“And you’re going to be out on the road soon.” Maureen folded her arms to keep her body from flying apart. How had she gotten mixed up in this?

“Yeah, but it’s different now. Why go out for hamburger when I’ve got steak at home?” He stroked her cheek.

“What if you get hungry while you’re out?”

“Baby, I’m not going to.” He put his hands on her neck and leaned his forehead against hers. Her view shrank to just him. Just his eyes. “I love you, Maureen. Ever since I met you, everything’s been different. You’re all I need.”

“What if the hamburger is particularly insistent?” Cyndy looked like the type to take no as a challenge. And there were thousands of girls like her. Maureen bet there were a dozen in the building right now. None of them would think twice about having sex with him. They might not even think of it as cheating. He might not think of it as cheating. “If I’m going to marry you, I need to know you’re going to be faithful.”

“I promise you I will give new meaning to the word faithful.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Maureen bit her lip. If he cheated on her all of these people were going to know. They would be laughing about how naïve she’d been believing he wouldn’t be with another woman when so many willing ones were available.

But she could see his eyes. All she could see was his eyes and eyes never lie.

“You have nothing to fear. I am forever yours. Faithfully.”

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