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I got the following in my inbox today and I have no idea what series this is. With the reader’s permission, I’m posting it here on the blog, with the hopes that someone will know what series she’s looking for. Thanks!

Hi Mad,

I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I have been trying to find a paranormal romance series and can’t put an author’s name to it.

I think the series starts out with 3 sisters/cousins kidnapped the same night. Three vampires, one the King of the vampires, have decided to take the girls and kill them as revenge against their father (or grandfather) and his testing and killing of their kind by a pharmaceutical company. The King is the first story but once he bites her he finds out she is his mate. The first 3 stories run simultaneously and tell how all three girls are the mates of the men who take them. I know the one girl was in the bathtub when she is taken and her guy is really rough with her.

The stories continue and we find out that the first girl’s brother and uncle are werewolves. I am trying to find the brother’s story because I think I lost the series. I know the brother’s sidekick (who I think is a demon) has a romance is with the brother’s mate’s mother. That story ends with I think the brother’s girl giving birth but the brother has so screwed things up he isn’t welcome at the birth but busts in when she is having trouble.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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