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There’s something about the beach and the ocean that pulls at me. Maybe it’s because I live in Oklahoma. There’s no beach in Oklahoma. There are lakes—lots of them. But a lake is not an ocean. There are no sandy beaches here, no planting yourself in a beach chair and staring at water that never ends.


I’ve taken a lot of beach vacations in my lifetime. I’ve been to Hawaii several times. I’ve been to Australia, and have spent several vacations in Florida. I’ve lived in California—both northern and southern, so I know beaches and oceans and I’m always happiest when I’m near the water. There’s something so calming to me about the waves and sliding my toes in the sand. Put a drink in my hand, stick me in a chair and plant me in front of the ocean, and I’m good for an entire day.


So when it came time to set up Riding To Sunset, the sixth book in my Wild Riders series, I knew I wanted to set it in Florida. Daytona Beach, exactly. First, it’s a biker’s haven. They have Bike Week there twice a year, so they’re accommodating to bikers. And second—the ocean, of course. I’ve made many trips to Daytona and I love walking the beach there. There are also great shops within walking distance of the beach.


Elena Madison is the heroine of Riding To Sunset, my novella in my newest release, Nautier and Wilder. She runs an art shop near the beach and lives above the shop because she, like me, loves the ocean, so she can step out on her balcony and listen to the waves crash against the shore.


Jed Templeton is the new guy in the Wild Rider group, and he’s tasked with a formidable operation—keeping watch over Elena, who is a very important to General Grange Lee, leader of the Wild Riders. Jed is charged with keeping Elena safe.


Jed loves the scenery in Daytona, both on the beach and what he finds when he meets Elena. Their chemistry is undeniable, and hot right from the start. But Elena is strictly hands off. She’s an assignment, and nothing more. But chemistry is one of those unavoidable things, as we all know.


I hope you all enjoy the beach, and Jed and Elena’s story in Riding To Sunset.



So here’s my question for you. Have you been to the beach, and if so, what’s your favorite beach spot? If you don’t like the beach or you haven’t been, just leave a general comment. The winner can choose any of my Wild Riders backlist books, in print or digital.




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