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Hi Everyone!

I’m Lorie O’Clare. Many of you know me as the author of the lunewulf, as well as other shapeshifter books, including Cariboo lunewulf, Malta werewolves, leopards, black jags and owls. I also write erotic romantic suspense. A lot of you will remember my FBI series, my erotic island books, and of course, what I’m here to talk to you about today, my bounty hunter books.

Hot Pursuit releases on March 26, 2013, this Tuesday. I hope many of you pick it up once it comes out. I think you’ll really enjoy this erotic, action packed, romantic suspense. This is Ben Mercy’s story. He is recently hired on at King Fugitive Apprehension, one of the most successful bounty hunting agencies in the country.

Hopefully today I can wet your appetites and share more about HOT PURSUIT with you.

Ben Mercy has just received his private investigator’s license, which is required in the state of California to be a bounty hunter. It’s been a rough start. Ben is a felon, and although wrongfully accused of the crime, has done time in a minimal security penitentiary. It took a lot of hard, cold cash to clear his record.

Ben hates being in debt to anyone. He works hard, lives hard, and is willing to get his hands dirty to get the job done. When his best friend, Micah Jones, aka Micah Mulligan, is suddenly wanted for heinous crimes and disappears without a word to anyone, Ben doesn’t blame him for not saying goodbye first. He’s been on the inside and wouldn’t wish it on anyone—if they’re a good person.

A million dollar bounty is on Micah’s head. That’s enough to bring other bounty hunters around looking for Micah. When one of the top names in the business ransacks Ben’s apartment looking for clues as to where Micah has run, Ben knows he must warn his best friend. He heads up north to where he knows Micah had headed, Zounds, California, a northern fishing community. All is not as it appears in this picturesque town. Everyone in Zounds appears to have something to hide, including a hot little number named Zoey Cortez.

Zoey doesn’t know a lot about bounty hunters, but she’s willing to learn more about Ben Mercy. If it’s wrong to wish that he is in Zounds to take her oppressive warlord of a father to prison, then so be it. Ben won’t tell her why he is in Zounds but he is willing to take her on the ride of her life.

As the suspense thickens, the pages get hotter, and action and sensuality sizzle, Ben and Zoey learn a lot about each other, and where their paths were meant to take them. Each comes to the other with baggage they must sort through, and sometimes that is best done with someone you love. Their relationship smolders, growing hotter toward that anticipated climax. Finding Micah might save both of them, and Zounds.

HOT PURSUIT is the latest book in my bounty hunter series. There are six bounty hunter books, each about a different bounty hunter. They are: PLAY DIRTY, GET LUCKY, STAY HUNGRY, RUN WILD, SLOW HEAT and HOT PURSUIT. With these books, it doesn’t matter if they’re read in the order released. I know some people are picky about that. And I understand. If I like a book I am instantly at the author’s

website making sure if it’s part of a series I read starting from the beginning. The bounty hunters don’t need to be read in order, however, to fully understand the storyline and characters. Each book is about a different bounty hunter, all of whom work at KFA, King Fugitive Apprehension.

You can learn more about HOT PURSUIT and read the first chapter on my website. www.lorieoclare.com

I’ve included an excerpt from HOT PURSUIT below, but before scrolling down, I have a blog contest just for you. Read the excerpt below. You can click on the link to head over to my website (www.lorieoclare.com) and on the home page there is a link to read the first chapter from HOT PURSUIT. Read either, or both, and post a comment below about something that intrigued you about the book. Tell me what grabbed you and made you want to read more. Of course, be honest, if nothing sucked you in, say so. There are definitely no F’s issued for honesty. J One winner will be selected from the comments posted and win an ARC (advance readers’ copy) of HOT PURSUIT. The winner will be announced on March 30th, this Saturday. I don’t discriminate on where you live. I’ll mail the advanced copy to the winner regardless of where he/she lives in the world.

I’m really excited about Ben’s story. I can’t wait for everyone to read it. Let me know your thoughts. They mean more to me than you know.

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