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down-and-dirtyHe was a dare she’d never been able to resist…

Cat Thomas has never been the kind of girl to stick. A self-professed infatuation junk, she latches on the newest, hottest guy on the block, then finds a reason–real or imagined–to dump him. When she accepts a dare to rekindle her high school flame and jump in bed with her brother’s best friend, Shane Decker, she knows she’s in trouble. She can’t resist the man, even after all these years apart, and that just won’t do.

Shane has come back to town for a couple reasons. The biggest one? He’s tired of living away from those he loves, including Cat. But now she’s spooked and will do anything to drive a wedge between them, including trying to fix him up with other women through an online dating service.

What does he have to do to make her see that settling down doesn’t mean settling, and he’s ready to spend a lifetime proving it?


Thanks so much to the ladies at RR@H for inviting me by today! I thought it would be fun if, instead of me rambling about my book, we got to know each other a little! I’ll start off with MY top five pet peeves. THEN, I’ll ask YOU guys to list YOUR top five pet peeves in comments! And one random  winner will get a $10 Amazon or B&N gift card and a digital copy of Down For the Count, book 1 in the Dare Me series. (unless their pet peeve is contests. In that case, I’ll pick another person.)

  • People who say “No offense, but,” and then unleash the absolutely most offensive observation ever. “No offense, but you look pregnant.” FOR REALZ??? Well, “No offense, but you’re a *%&(#ing %&#hole.” Doesn’t take the sting out of it, does it?


  •  When I unload and load the dishwasher, and the sink is all shiny and nice, and one of my kids comes and cavalierly tosses a bowl STILL FILLED WITH CEREAL into it. Who is going to drain the milk and then wipe all those Cheerios into the garbage when you walk away? THE SINK FAIRY?


  •  People who bring babies to R rated movies. I am ALL about kids in kid or even PG family movies laughing and talking back to the screen and sometimes even crying. I am NOT all about going to watch The Rock exact revenge on his enemies for killing his family and then having to listen to someone’s baby cry because they’re bored or, worse, watching something that they are emotionally traumatized at having to watch. Do what the rest of us who’ve had kids did. Accept the fact that you will have no life until they’re old enough for you to leave them home by themselves, and get in line for Pokemon.


  • Talking to a computer instead of a person when trying to get customer service. I have about a three question tolerance for this. If they’re just trying to funnel callers to the right person with a FEW broad questions, I get it. Beyond that, when it delves into the most twisted version of that childhood game “Telephone” that’s when I start feeling stabby. It’s like, “Why are you calling today. Please say ‘purchase a ticket’, ‘check a reservation’ or ‘cancel a reservation.’” And I’m like “Cancel a reservation.” And it’s like “You said Camping for Taxation, is that correct?” And I’m like, “Um, NO. That wasn’t even an OPTION.” And it’s all “I’m sorry, we don’t offer adoptions.” Me: -_-


  •  Maggots. To clarify, I have never seen living maggots. And, to put a finer point on it, I don’t think they qualify as a pet peeve, per se. More like an all-encompassing fear. I just feel like this was a good opportunity to let people (and all things holy) know that I am REALLY adverse, and want it to go on record that I’d very much prefer that my maggot-free state continue from now until long after my death. Hence my cremation demands. So it is written.


Okay, so that’s me. What about YOU guys? What drives you nuts? It doesn’t have to be rational. It could be “The sound of my husband chewing lettuce” and I won’t judge. This is a judgment-free zone!


Oh, and if you’d like to learn more about my Dare Me series, click HERE for the first chapter in each book!



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