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Leah Baron has spent her life focused on the vendetta passed down from her father. When con man Charlie Hanover left town years ago, he took the town’s money and Leah’s mother with him, costing Leah her home and leaving her father a bitter, angry man. When Charlie’s three grown sons show up in Sweetwater to claim her former home, Leah knows it’s her job to stop them and reclaim Shadow Hill. Her job would be a lot easier if sparks weren’t flying between herself and Declan Hanover.

Declan is no stranger to being judged for sins he didn’t commit. As Charlie Hanover’s son, it’s the norm. Now he is out of the military, looking to put down roots, and Shadow Hill looks like the perfect place to do it. He knows it will be hard work but the hardest part will be getting himself into prickly Leah Baron’s good graces and her bed. They have a lot of issues to work through and trust to build before either can start looking toward the future and any shot at happiness.

In the first chapter, I was really worried I wouldn’t like Leah. She comes across as judgmental and is blind to certain facts but I was quickly given glimpses into why Leah is that way. She was spoon-fed this distrust as a child and it’s all she’s ever known. It made for a realistically flawed heroine who had to struggle and grow throughout the book.

She’d been trained from a young age to despise Charlie Hanover. Her father pounded her responsibility into her brain back when her days were filled with crayons and dolls. Her task was clear: one day she would grow up and right the wrong, get Shadow Hill back in the Baron Family.

Declan was just yummy. The sexual tension between him and Leah was electric and he was willing to brave so much adversity to be with her. Also, the scenes with his brothers were priceless and has me very excited for their stories.

“Someone has to save you from your dick and its bad decision making. If you want to climb all over Leah Baron, I plan on being there to make sure she doesn’t stab you n the back while you’re thrusting.”

Small town romance, great secondary characters,  a fantastic blend of humor and drama, and the strong friendship between Leah and her BFF made this my favorite contemporary romance so far this year. It had a Romeo and Juliet feel, with a much better ending and a cast full of smartasses.


Favorite quote:

She appeared ready to kick his ass and totally capable of getting the job done. “You better not yell at her or I will take you out. Right here where little kids drink their milk.”

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 19, 2013
Format: Print and digital

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