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Darach is a spell, a magical being called from a far away realm to help Jana in a quest to save her best friend, the Crowned Prince. Darach’s power comes from the earth and, when he is part of the earth, his magic is replenished. To stay close to Jana at all times, he ‘rests’ in her earth-created necklace. The inexpensive circle of turquoise is their connection. He is her anchor as she dances through time and that connection must not be broken.


[Jana’s]Her fingers rose to touch the pendant around her neck. An inexpensive circle of turquoise, more blue than green and polished to a satin finish, it was elegant in its simplicity. It had been her mother’s, given by her father on their wedding eve. He’d handed it down to Jana when she came of age. If only he could have handed down her magic as easily.


The hulking cloud solidified. A man formed in the wispy swirls. He stood well over six feet and had long, dark-oak hair that fell to the middle of his back. A wide brow topped a proud nose and firm chin. Eyes richer than deepest earth locked with hers. Jade silk pants that hugged powerful legs were tucked into leather boots. His matching thigh-length vest hung open, baring his broad chest and thick arms. A gold band wrapped around one upper arm. Strange gloves with steel tips that protruded like claws hung from a leather belt around his trim waist.

He could have been carved from the very rock of the mountains…

“I am Darach. I am no coward.” An arrogant sneer angled one lip high as he raked her with a scathing look. “Your magic is weak and your form even weaker. Does this world not have any mightier warriors than you?”

That smirk grated Jana, shot into her spine and stiffened her back. “Many, but this is my quest and you’re here to help me so get used to this weak form.”

“If I must.” A sarcastic nod of his head substituted for gallantry. “I await your call, my charge. Do not fritter away my limited time in this realm.”

He imploded, sucking into a tight plume of lilac smoke. The smoke barreled toward her chest, spearing her necklace. A hush breathed into the room as warmth emanated between her breasts. She touched the tiny gemstone that now held a living spell.


What better way to celebrate the release of TIME DANCER than to commission a unique replica of that necklace, a circle of turquoise wrapped in silver? Since Darach also has the shifter ability to become a grizzly, there’s also a bear charm included. The winner can choose to wear it or to remove it. After all, Darach didn’t STAY in the necklace. He traveled with Jana on her adventures as a living breathing (and gorgeous) man.

darach necklace

darach necklace 2

If you could dance through time, back to any place in your life, where would you dance to and why?


One commenter will win the Time Dancer necklace. Another will win digital copies all three books in The Eldwyn Chronicles.


MYLA BY MOONLIGHT- named as FINALIST in the 2010 EPIC AWARDS for Fantasy Romance and Long & Short Reviews nominated for BEST BOOK OF 2009

SALOME AT SUNRISE – 4 stars from Romantic Times Book Review, Romance Junkies – 5 Blue Ribbons, Long & Short Reviews awarded BEST BOOK July 2011

TIME DANCER – Releases February 11, 2013 from Carina Press

Time waits for no man. But for a woman…
Everyone has a duty in the Royal castle—everyone except Jana Haruk. Despite her promising magical bloodline, her gift is weak. As a Reminiscent Seer, she knows only what happened in the past, not what will happen in the future. When the crown prince’s life is threatened, Jana vows to do everything she can to help her brother-in-law—including asking the queen, a powerful sorceress, to lend her some magic.

The queen summons Darach, a spell in human form. The arrogant and mysterious man soon discovers that there’s more to Jana than meets the eye; she is a TIME DANCER, someone with the ability to move backward through time in her dreams. With Darach as her anchor, Jana can explore the past and try to figure out who is behind the attacks on the prince.

Despite her attraction to him, Jana knows little about the handsome warrior. The past is tying them closer to each other with every trip, but Darach is bound to return to his homeland when his mission is complete. Their time together is running out.


Inez Kelley is a multi-published author of various romance genres. You can visit her at her website http://inezkelley.com/  Follow Inez on twitter at @Inez_Kelley or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/inez.kelley

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