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Luke Dubios and his team are called in to find a missing DEA agent and their surveillance is focused on Diamond Mine, a strip club where Olivia Taylor is a dancer. Luke never imagined he’d be attracted to a stripper but from the first sighting of Olivia, he can’t deny what he feels. And when word comes in that Olivia may be the key to finding the wayward agent, Luke grabs the opportunity to get close to her.

This isn’t what Olivia had planned for her life. All she wanted was a life of stability, to finish her education, make enough money to support her family, meet Mr. Home Every Night For Dinner and settle down. Instead her mother was diagnosed with cancer for the third time and Olivia has been taking off her clothes for the last year to pay the medical bills. The first six months weren’t too bad, then a customer attacked her in the parking lot, kicking off a chain of events that leaves her in debt to Vince Angelo, strip club owner and mafia member. Now she’s his girlfriend and doing whatever she can to stay out of his bed.

When Luke approaches her about helping his team, she refuses out of fear but when she uncovers some horrifying truths about Vince, she knows Luke is her only chance at saving herself and her mother. As they work together, they give in to the attraction but both agree it can never be serious. Luke isn’t looking for a commitment and Olivia knows the former SEAL can never give her the stability she needs. Soon, they discover that love isn’t always logical.

I was a big fan of Midnight Rescue, book 1 in this series, and while Midnight Alias has a much different feel it’s every bit as good. It’s not quite as dark and Luke is a little bit goofy. His feelings for Olivia are something he’s never experienced before and leaves him befuddled, causing him to blurt out things he never planned to say. Some were funny, some were sweet, and all were honest, making Luke a fantastic hero. I wasn’t as invested in Olivia but the two of them together were perfect.

Heart pounding suspense with plenty of steamy scenes, Midnight Alias is definitely a recommended read for any romantic suspense fan.

4.5 stars

Favorite quote:

He hadn’t realized how perturbed he was until he sat down his coffee, opened his mouth, and something unexpected popped out: “I want to fuck her.”
Trevor’s mouth fell open.
It suddenly occurred to him that he was in the vicinity of the world’s last remaining gentleman. “I mean, have sex with her. Make love to her, whatever.”
“I know what fucking is,” Trevor said dryly. “I’m more perplexed by why you felt that was something you needed to share with me.”

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Format: Print and digital

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