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I have a thing for tropical locations. I’ve written quite a few books set in Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean. There’s something about the sand and the ocean that gets to me. Maybe it’s because I’m landlocked here in Oklahoma, and the feel of sand between my toes and the view of ocean as far as I can see is my idea of the perfect getaway. So when I want my characters to take a vacation, I send them to my idea of nirvana. Some people like to go snow skiing, maybe tour ruins or climb a mountain. Me? Put my butt in a beach chair, hand me a tropical drink and I could stare at the sea for days on end, my mind drifting, completely empty. Ahh, now that’s relaxation for you.

In my current release, No Strings Attached, Ella Hicks hasn’t taken a tropical vacation to spend mind numbing time on the beach. She’s looking to get laid. A widow for the past five years, she wants to get away from the familiar and everyone she knows and have a no holds barred fling with a complete stranger. That is, until she meets up with her friend and business rival, Clay Mansfield, who thinks sex with a stranger is the worst possible scenario for Ella. So he offers up himself as a safer alternative—her companion for the duration of the vacation. He’s offered to indulge her every fantasy, and it’s an offer Ella can’t resist. And after, they can go back to the way things were.

Or can they?

I had the most fun writing this story. First and foremost, because I got to—at least virtually—revisit Hawaii, one of my favorite places in the world. Lush and tropical, it’s always been one of the best vacation spots, and Ella and Clay have a wonderful time there. I’ve been to a few of the islands, and love them. There’s always so much to do, from snorkeling to swimming, driving around the islands to visiting the stunning beaches and waterfalls, nonstop shopping to gorging yourself on amazing luaus and enjoying Hawaii’s rich history. I can’t wait to head to the islands again.

If you were going to have a sexy, romantic vacation, where would you go?

I’m offering up a $25 gift certificate to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble to one commenter here. And hey, if you win, you can search out some books on my backlist and find out how many of my characters I’ve sent to the tropics. 😉






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We have the cover for High Passion, book 2 in Vivian Arend’s Adrenaline series! So pretty!

high passion

LIFELINE: an elite search-and-rescue squad based out of Banff, Alberta. Specializing in high-risk rescue missions, this team goes wherever the job takes them…

Alisha Bailey left a life of privilege for the dangerous but thrilling world of search and rescue. Denying the lure of attraction to her teammate is another sacrifice she’s made to prove to everyone—including her family— that she’s more than a pretty face or a business commodity.

Since their training days, Devon Leblanc has used the competitive fire between them to hide his fascination with the petite beauty. When a natural disaster forces their rivalry aside, heated passion finally flares between them. Sexual pleasure slowly gives way to a new appreciation for more than each other’s skills—on the field or in the bedroom.

But when unexplained accidents begin happening to the Lifeline team, their newfound unity may be their only hope for survival…

Releases September 3, 2013

Vivian also has the first chapter of High Risk, book 1 in the Adrenaline series, on her site. Just click the cover below to read the excerpt!


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