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Thea Moretti has spent the last year filling the void left by her husband’s death with loud music and meaningless sex with firefighter Ronan O’Roarke. When the emptiness becomes too much, Ronan is always there and that is all Thea wants. When Ronan invites her to help him decorate his tree, Thea realizes that their arrangement is about more than just sex and that’s not something she’s ready for. It’s up to Ronan to show her that life is about more than just surviving.

This is one of the best Christmas romances I’ve read.  It’s a seamless blend of sexy and angst that had me fully invested from the first page. I ached for Thea and the darkness she was fighting. And Ronan was the perfect hero. Strong, steadfast and sooo sexy. It was one of those books where I almost dreaded the end. I couldn’t wait to see them happy together but I didn’t want to say goodbye to this couple. Truly fantastic and inspiring, I recommend this to any erotic fan that loves the angst.

BREATH ON EMBERS can be purchased individually or in the Red Hot Holiday anthology from Carina Press.

Favorite quote:

“You don’t have to be better, or healed, or over your husband. You just have to be here. That’s all I’m asking for. I’m not asking for forever. I’m just asking you to be here, now, with me.”

5 stars


Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 3rd, 2012
Format: Digital

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