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Cool Canadians, Hot Contemporaries


November 20, Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy share a release day at Samhain Publishing: ROCKY MOUNTAIN ANGEL and GETTING HOTTER. We’re stopping off at some of our favorite blogs to ramble for a bit and share some COOL or HOT excerpts, just for fun. The theme for this post?

Cool Insights



Viv: Cool insights, ie, the things that make one of the characters go O_o Whoaaaaa…. Actually, both our excerpts involve relationship secrets, you know, things that make the other character go O_o. Not that I just repeated myself or anything.

Elle: LOL!

Just reading your excerpt now. Are you telling me Allison really doesn’t know the effect she has on Gabe? I always know when my clothing is transparent.

Viv: Hey, she’s been living alone for years! She has other things on her mind…

Elle: True, and Gabe is too much of a gentleman to be overt about his attraction. Seth, not so much.

Viv: LOL Seth doesn’t WANT to be a gentleman.

Elle: Nope!

Viv: I love Seth.

Elle: Me too. Some people will, some won’t.

Viv: You think? Oh, no. He’s a playboy, a bad boy, and he’s got some growing up to do. What’s not to love? Hang on and watch Miranda tame the wild beast.

Elle: Hey, you don’t have to convince ME of that! I love him. Anyway, question for you…you’ve been married for a while—do you still gain new insights even after years and years together?

Viv: Oh definitely. 28 years together and my hubby still shocks me at times. Because we change… That’s the neat part that makes being with a person for a long time fresh and new.

He’s NOT the man I married, he’s even better.

Elle: Awwwwwww! I like that.

Viv: It’s true.

Elle: Look at us, all serious in this post.

Viv: It had to happen, in payment for the post regarding…well, we won’t discuss that again.

Elle: LOL Nope.

Viv: Off to the excerpts?

Elle: Yeppers!

Viv: 😀


Getting Hotter


She met his inquisitive gaze. “This is the first time I’ve kissed a man since the twins were born.”


And then some more silence.

Seth was staring at her like she’d grown horns and a tail, as if the fact that she hadn’t been making out with men left and right was truly astounding. The longer he stayed quiet, the more uncomfortable she became, and the discomfort only skyrocketed when understanding dawned on his face and she saw him grasp what she hadn’t said.

“Shit, you haven’t had sex in six years?” he blurted out, each word dripping with incredulity.

She managed a quick nod. Her cheeks were so hot she knew she must look like a tomato.

Six years.”

She finally found her voice. “Seven, if we’re going for accuracy here.”

Seven years?”

“Yes, and stop looking at me like that.”

“Seven years!”

She heaved a sigh, wishing he would quit acting like her admission was so damn unfathomable. Lots of people went without sex.



Rocky Mountain Angel


She poked him in the chest. “You telling me you were touching me just because you’re mad at your father? I call bullshit.”

She was a smart one. He’d told Ben that, and here was more proof. “I’m touching you because you’re a beautiful woman. And you’ve been living under my roof for a month, and seeing you wander around in that thin bathrobe is driving me crazy.”

Allison’s mouth fell open. “Thin?”

“See through. Completely. Damn, when you stand in the kitchen getting coffee in the mornings? The light shines right through the window, and I can see every curve and hell if I don’t want to go back and take another shower. Cold, to make me stop from thinking about peeling the fabric off you and—”

Her hand covered his mouth. “You should have told me.”

He licked her palm, and she smiled, the smile turning to a gasp as he slid his hand over her ass and cupped her butt cheek. “You would have turned even redder than you are now.”

She nodded, pulling her hand down his chest, her gaze following her fingers. “So…what’re we going to do about this?”

“Buy you a thicker robe?”

Allison stuck out her tongue, and he had to hold himself back from wanting to lean in and catch it with his mouth. Start kissing her all over again, maybe remove a few of her layers.

Lay her out in the full sunshine and examine every single part of her in minute detail, preferably with his mouth.




COOL CANUCKS, HOT CONTEMPORARIES is brought to you by two writers who are good friends in spite of their extreme opposite lives: big city/small town, west coast/ east coast, married/single.

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GETTING HOTTER, book #8 in the Out of Uniform series by Elle Kennedy is available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Samhain Publishing

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Vivian Arend‘s ROCKY MOUNTAIN ANGEL (Six Pack Ranch #4) is available at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Samhain Publishing



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