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Former Navy SEAL Brady McGrath has no trouble attracting female attention. But women never stick around long once they learn he can read feelings through touch. When an old Navy buddy hires him to protect his sister, he doesn’t need extra-sensory abilities to know someone wants something from Gemma Cavanagh—something worth killing for.

Gemma’s finally getting a handle on her own unique ability to make things disappear–even making them reappear on occasion. When someone breaks into her house and hacks into her computer, she’s certain her soon-to-be-ex husband is to blame—until the police show up on her doorstep with the news he’s been murdered. And she’s their number one suspect.

After barely escaping a firebombing, Gemma and Brady are forced into hiding—and forced to confront the chemistry between them. But as they desperately search for the killer, can Brady help Gemma harness her abilities—and keep her from finding out about his own dark past?

After finishing this book, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it overall. It started really strong. Gemma’s separation from her husband and resulting feelings from it came across as believable. Not only was I sympathetic for her but I genuinely liked her.  I also really liked the instant spark of attraction between Gemma and Brady and how they were both cautious to act on it. Gemma and Brady both have psychic abilities. I know many readers don’t like those abilities mixed in with their romantic suspense but I love it. Seeing that in a blurb basically guarantees that I’ll want to read it.  Gemma’s ability was pretty unique. She calls it “filing.” Things vanish around her and reappear in different locations. As a child, she could control what vanished and where it reappeared but after a difficult period in her life, she lost that control.

Unfortunately, the psychic abilities were one of my issues with Now You See It. They didn’t play a significant part in the suspense until the last two pages  nor was it used to move the story along. It was just something the hero and heroine had in common and I felt that could have been replaced with something like a simple interest in antique cars and it would have had the same impact. That was a disappointment to me.

The romance itself was a slow build. The first kiss isn’t until 49% and by that point, I was wanting to yell at them to get on with it. However, once they finally decided to act on it, it was really good!

Then there is Brady. I alternated between wanting to love him and being confused by him. Brady the computer geek, Brady the former SEAL, Brady the psychic, and Brady the former task force member never jelled for me as a complete character. There was too much going on with him for me to fully grasp who he was and connect with him.

There were parts of the book I totally enjoyed and other parts I had issues with. I wanted to love Now You See It more than I did but I will likely read book two in the series when it becomes available. It’s not at the top of my wishlist but this series has a lot of potential.

3 stars

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 5th, 2012
Format: Digital

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