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Inez Kelley has revealed the cover for her next Eldwyn Chronicles book! So pretty!



book 3 Eldwyn Chronicles

Life and love hinge on just one moment in time…

Jana Haruk’s magic was nothing more than an amusing trick until an undiscovered power manifested in her dreams— the ability to move backward through time. In the past, she must break the curse that now threatens her loved ones, threatens the Crown and endangers her homeland. She needs a guide to teach her, a spell called from afar.

Darach is that spell, a tracker with the magic to delve into the depths of Jana’s soul. Solid as the very Earth he is born of, he alone can guide Jana to a time of darkness, evil and the beginnings of a blood curse. Death stalks Eldwyn’s royal line, and if Jana and Darach are to save them, they must trust each other beyond the bounds of life and peel back the layers of time itself.


Available February 2013


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