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I was walking down the street the other day, doing my thing, passing other folks on New York City streets, when a strange sensation passed over me. One that felt like I’d done this before. Now, you could say “sure Terri, this isn’t anything new because you’ve walked the City streets for over a decade so of course this will feel familiar”, and you’d be right for saying it, but this felt different. This sensation definitely belonged in the déjà vu category, the place where situations aren’t what they seem but that have a lot more meaning than what we give them credit for.


Hi. I’m Terri Herman-Ponce and this is what I write about. Situations that have already happened, events that feel familiar, and people you meet for the first time that, for some reason, connect with you on a deeper level than those who’ve been in your life for decades.


I’m fascinated with past life theory and the unexplainable. I’m not sure I believe in past lives completely, but you have to admit that there’s something to be said about the very example I gave above – meeting someone for the first time and yet knowing, absolutely knowing, there’s more to your relationship with that person than that first chance encounter. How is it you can bump into someone you’ve never seen before and yet feel like you’ve known them forever?


I don’t know the answer to that, but part of me thinks there has to be more to life than what we see. Do we keep coming back until we get it right? Are we given second chances to right previous wrongs? Maybe. Maybe not. But boy does that give me a lot to play with. Imagine the possibilities of having the opportunity to undo a life altering past mistake, or to make life and your relationships even better because of it!


It all comes down to decisions and a belief in what may not be, at the outset, truly believable. And this is how I challenge the characters in my books. I put them into situations that stretch their philosophies and their relationships, sometimes almost to the breaking point, only to make them come out stronger in the end.


So the next time you pass someone on the street and experience that fraction of a second where you think – hey, do I know you from somewhere? – think about it a little more. You might just be surprised to realize you really did know them before. Only not in this life.



Psychologist Lottie Morgan knows something is wrong when she starts reliving memories of a lover she’s never had. At first, she attributes them to fever-induced dreams. But when the fever disappears and the visions don’t, Lottie thinks she may need therapy of her own.


Then she meets Galen. Their first encounter is as intense as it is eye-opening, and Lottie is unprepared for the fire Galen arouses in her. His revelation that they shared a passionate relationship thousands of years ago explains the memories and entices Lottie into wanting to learn more about her past. Her decision, however, comes at a price. Galen may hold the answers but he’s a growing temptation as well. One that could destroy the devoted, lifelong relationship Lottie has with her current lover, David. One that could also cost her life. Someone else knows of Lottie’s past and is determined to stop her from uncovering secrets they want kept hidden.


As parallels between both of her lives emerge and the memories escalate, Lottie becomes caught between two lifetimes, two men and long-buried deceptions that present an opportunity to right previous wrongs. Unless Lottie repeats her past mistakes.



Terri Herman-Poncé is a communications manager by day and a storyteller by night. Born on Long Island, New York, she absolutely adores red wine, the beach, Ancient Egypt, sunrises and the New York Yankees—though not necessarily in that order. The youngest of five children, Terri lives with her husband and son on Long Island. In her next life, if she hasn’t moved on to somewhere else, Terri wants to be an astronomer. She’s fascinated with the night skies almost as much as she’s fascinated with Ancient Egypt.

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