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Daughter of a world-famous motocross champion, and head-on competitor with three brothers, Captain Leah “Princess” Girardi was born with a need for speed. No one tells her what to do, especially not men with chauvinistic “girls can’t be fighter pilots” attitudes.

That’s what ended her brief relationship with Captain Mike “Strap Happy” Templeton. Now, six years later, he’s been assigned to her squadron, and whoa damn, he’s filled out nicely. Plus he’s cultivated a Zen-like chill factor that pulls at her hormones.

Even after four tours, Mike’s the new kid in the 64th Aggressor Squadron. That’s not the only thing new. Since he last saw Leah, he’s learned a few things about himself. A female who outranks him still makes his teeth grind, but in the bedroom he craves the rush of pain inflicted by an adoring, powerful woman.

Their reunion is an explosive revelation. Leah is the beautiful mistress he’s been searching for, and she takes to her new role like a natural. But Leah’s aware one thing hasn’t changed. Loving him is still an all-or-nothing proposition. She’s not sure her reckless streak is wide enough to risk her career—and her heart.

Warning: This book contains a hot stud on his knees, a woman wielding a paddle, and filthy-gorgeous femdom sex. Also: dangerous rock climbing, two amazing motorcycles and some bad tequila.



Have you ever noticed that the internet barely seems to exist from within a romance novel? Not from without—authors and readers alike spend plenty of time talking about them on the web. But heroes and heroines never really seem to be aware of the internet

Leah from Hold ’Em  has a flying simulator game on her smart phone. And in Inside Bet, Jon has an iPhone. (Bet he got the iPhone 5 delivered the very first day, too. He’s just that sort of guy.) But heck, Ryan in Double Down still gets discs from Netflix. That’s practically a luddite. (I’m teasing. Completely teasing. I know excellent stuff is sometimes only available on disc.)


But really, how many heroines call up their dude and hear him say “I was just surfing Reddit.” When that’s totally what would happen in real life. Or how many heroes shut the ESPN ScoreCenter app to watch the hot heroine walk by for the first time. (Wait. Don’t steal that. I can work with that.)


So why do we writers do that? Why forget the very technology that we’re working on and through?


I honestly don’t know. I’ve raised a question I don’t even know the answer to in my own writing.


Somebody did not plan out their blog post very well…


Maybe it has to do with all those other little details that make up life that don’t make it into novels. We don’t mention when the heroine has to go pick up her dry cleaning—unless the dry cleaners is in the middle of being robbed and it’s the sexy, dangerous hostage negotiator she ends up with. We’re constantly teased about how morning breath doesn’t exist in Romancelandia, but really, that’s the boring stuff, isn’t it? The tedious little annoyances that we have to deal with every single morning. Who needs to read about that? When a character drives from plot point A to plot point B, we don’t describe every movement that results in the car turning on and driving.


Maybe the internet has pervaded our life to the point where it’s something we don’t even think about. It’s a tool, a means of communication and entertainment.


It’s not exactly an exciting plot point. Unless the heroine researching a bad guy. Or a blind date. Leah doesn’t have to research Captain Michael Templeton. She knows him already—in fact, she thinks she knows him too well.


Good thing the internet can’t warn her she’s in for a hell of a surprise.




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Now that the first three of the RT BookReviews 4½ Star Top Pick “Vegas Top Guns”  series have been released, readers can anticipate the final two installments, HARD WAY  and BARE KNUCKLE, in 2013.


November brings the m/m Christmas-themed CAME UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR , described as “masterful” by Publishers Weekly. In January, LEAD AND FOLLOW  will launch the five-part “Club Devant” series of erotic multi-partner romances set in a hot New York City burlesque club.


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