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Are you all ready for the holiday season? These covers are making me wish it’s December already. 🙂 All these gorgeous covers for ROMANCING THE HOLIDAY by Jaci Burton, HelenKay Dimon & Christi Barth. This will be released December 3, 2012 through Carina Press.

You can purchase the full anthology with all three stories in it or purchase them separately. Here’s the main anthology cover.

These are the individual covers. I’ll update the back cover blurb for HelenKay’s and as soon as I get my hands on it. 🙂

Tori Lewis had a perfect working relationship with Brody Kent, until a year ago, when a flaming hot kiss changed everything between them. With passion dancing a wicked tease around them, they have to decide which direction their relationship is going. But Tori doesn’t want to risk losing her job and the only family she knows, while Brody wants to shake things up and make Tori his. Can he convince her he’s worth the plunge into the unknown?

Caitlin McIntyre is in love with her best friend and hates that he’s about to propose to someone else—for all the wrong reasons. But she won’t tell him how she really feels. She can’t bear to risk their friendship. So when Kyle asks for her help in creating a romantic holiday proposal, how can she say no?

A business merger might not be the most romantic reason to propose to a woman he barely knows, but Kyle’s determined to win the respect of the dying father who’s never seen him as quite good enough. Kyle’s always depended on Caitlin’s friendship, while trying to ignore the physical response she arouses. So he turns to her when it comes to time to craft his proposal, not realizing his decision will affect their relationship, forever.

This Christmas, Kyle and Caitlin get one last chance to admit their feelings for each other, and find a mutual happily ever after, before he commits his life to another woman and Caitlin leaves town and him…for good.

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