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In tight quarters, anything can happen.

It’s been a rough month for Navy SEAL Cash McCoy. Fresh off six months of celibacy during his deployment, he almost got into a hot blonde’s panties before they were interrupted. Since then, he still hasn’t gotten laid. The reason? He lost her number. And no other woman has replaced her face in his fantasies.

Then his CO asks him to keep an eye on his sister for a few weeks. Just until her psycho stalker ex is transferred. Cash’s new houseguest is none other than the same gorgeous, quirky blonde. And just his luck—his orders include an emphatic hands off.

Jen Scott is having none of it. Now that she has a second chance, she’s not letting Cash slip away. Orders be damned, he’s the one man capable of helping her explore her sexuality. She’s even willing to break her own rule—never date military men—to get the gorgeous SEAL into her bed.

Except Cash makes it clear he wants more than she bargained for. Much more. Not just her body, but the one thing she promised herself she’d never give to a man in uniform. Her heart.

Warning: Sexy SEAL? Check. Sassy heroine determined to seduce him? Check. Scorching hot sex bound to make you blush? Double check. A threesome and some man-on-man action? Triple check. You’ve been warned.


I think I need to stop reading romance novels.  Maybe even stop writing them too.  See, I have a problem: I have hugely unrealistic expectations of real-life men because romance-novel men are just so damn perfect.

Romance-novel men are always the perfect amount of alpha—dominant, strong, protective, but they also respect a strong woman, and when they show you that sliver of vulnerability every now and then, you just melt.  They have that perfect sense of humor, kinda sarcastic, a tad dry, always good-natured.  They’re gruff on the inside, but secretly sweet and generous on the inside.  They’ll totally call you out on your bullshit, but not in a mean way.  They challenge you, but never humiliate or belittle you.

Romance-novel men are sexy.  And awesome.

And fake.

Every now and then I have to remind myself of that.  Take a step back and say “romance heroes aren’t real, dummy!”  No man is that perfect.  No human being is that perfect.  People have flaws, and I don’t think you’ll ever find someone who meets every single item on that “perfect man” checklist.  Or if you do, they’ll end up coming with one deal-breaker you hadn’t anticipated…“hey, this guy’s strong but vulnerable, and he makes me laugh, and he’s sweet and generous, and he challenges me—oh, wait, but he’s also a serial killer.  Darn.”

This idea of perfection has been weighing on my mind, especially since the hero of my latest release, Feeling Hot, is pure perfection in my eyes.  Cash McCoy is a Navy SEAL with that aforementioned gruff exterior but a secret sweet side he doesn’t usually show.  I fell in love with Cash when I was writing him.  I usually have a crush on all my heroes, but Cash McCoy?  Head over heels in love with the guy.  Alas, he is not real.  But boy, how I wish he was.

The romance genre is filled with amazingly perfect heroes.  I think that’s why romance novels are so popular—they offer that escape readers crave, a glimpse into a relationship that thrives despite heartache or struggles, incredible men that readers can fall in love with.  But I wonder if there are some people who shouldn’t read romance novels—like me! I develop crushes on fictional characters—not just my own, but other authors’ characters.  I mean, I was pretty much planning a wedding between me and Rhage from JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series (not only is he not real, but he’s also a vampire, for Pete’s sake! Double unreal!)  And I would probably skip town and abandon my friends and family if it turned out Cash McCoy wasn’t a figment of my imagination, and he showed up at my door to whisk me away.

Is that healthy? Probably not.  Am I totally serious here?  Not totally.  But I have noticed that I sometimes seek out qualities in a partner that I’m not likely to find.

So…perfection. Does it exist only in romance novels, or have you found that perfect man you usually only read about?


Stop by and comment, and you’ll be entered into a draw to win an e-copy of Feeling Hot, the seventh book in my Out of Uniform series, which features super sexy SEAL heroes.  Who are totally perfect, of course J




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NT: Hi Christi! Thank you for being my guest today.

Christi: Thanks for letting me visit.  I’m really excited about sharing this entire trilogy with readers.

NT: When did you know you wanted to be a writer? How long did it take for you to make your first sale?

Christi: I spent the summer I was 13 knocking out 60 pages of what must’ve been a truly horrile historical romance.  I was a bookworm, and not allowed to watch much television, so writing gave me something to do over vacation.  Then I discovered I couldn’t stop – the ideas just kept swirling around in my head. But fiction writing isn’t seen as a highly practical career choice, so I just dabbled as a hobby.  As the hobby sunk its hooks into me, I finally mustered the motiviation to finish an entire book four years ago.  It sold within a year, and I’ve sold every one I’ve written.

NT: You have a new release this month, PLANNING FOR LOVE. Can you tell us about it?

Hopeless romantic Ivy Rhodes
 Bennett Westcott
request the pleasure of your company for
their disaster of a courtship

Wedding planner Ivy Rhodes is the best in the business, and she’s not about to let a personal problem stop her from getting ahead. So when she’s asked to star in the reality TV show Planning for Love, it doesn’t matter that the show’s videographer happens to be a recent—and heartbreaking—one-night stand.

Bennett Westcott admits he didn’t handle his encounter with Ivy very well. But looking at her beautiful smile—and great body—through a camera lens every day? He can’t be faulted for suggesting they have some no-strings fun.

The more time they spend together, the more Ben realizes Ivy isn’t the wedding-crazed bridezilla he’d imagined. But if he doesn’t trust himself to make a relationship last, how can he convince Ivy to give him another chance?

NT: Do you have a writing routine? What is your average writing day like?

Christi: I usually write at night (dependent, of course, upon things like Grey’s Anatomy and White Collar).  I can plot any time, especially at the gym, but the actual hands on keyboard is between 9 pm and midnight.  Not just because I have a day job, but my creative brain is definitely a night owl.

NT: Is there anyone you use as a sounding board when you’re stuck on a scene?

Christi: I have an amazing group of critique partners.  My chapter (shout out to Maryland Romance Writers!) of RWA is filled with talented authors.  I do have a core group that beta reads my books and I can call on in a pinch.  The best part is that we reciprocate at the drop of a hat.  People call writing a solitary business, but I feel that I have a huge support system.

NT: What was the most interesting thing you had to research and what was the hardest thing to research?

Christi: I joke that I don’t write historical romance because it requires too much research.  You’d think contemporary romance wouldn’t require any, right?  I wish!  For this book I had to find out how much people on reality telelvision shows make.  Interesting (yes, they are VASTLY overpaid). My most difficult research was on poisons that anyone can make from their garden (that combined with my drug trafficking research for book #3 must put me on some FBI watch list).  The most fun research so far, however, was for the last book in my Aisle Bound trilogy.  I just finished researching and writing an aphrodisiac dinner & drinks.  Soooo much fun!

NT: When not busy writing, what do you like to do in your spare time? (If there is such a thing *G*)

Christi: I’m a complete bookworm, and I adore to cook – the more ingredients and difficult recipe, the better.  I love having people over for dinner and stuffing them to the gills – and my husband always does the dishes, so it works out perfectly.

NT: What are the latest additions to your TBR? What are you most eager to read?

Christi: Such a long list!  I can’t wait to dive into the start of Victoria Dahl’s new trilogy.  At the beach this week I’ll be devouring #2 in JR Ward’s Fallen Angel series and Kristen Higgan’s Somebody To Love.

NT: Any advice to aspiring authors? What craft books helped you that you would recommend to aspiring writers?

Christi: My most fervent and most obvious advice is to write.  Nothing happens until the words are down.  Force yourself to treat it like an already paying job and do it five days a week.  Two fabulous craft books are On Writing by Stephen King and How I Write by Janet Evanovich.  Also good – 45 Master Characters by Victoria Schmidt.

NT: What can your fans look forward to from you in the near future? What are you working on now?

Christi: The next book releasing is a Christmas novella, Ask Her At Christmas.  It will be in the Romance the Holiday anthology, where I’m honored to share page space with Jaci Burton and Helen Kay Dimon.  But books 2 & 3 of the Aisle Bound trilogy are also looming (I’m deep into book 3, Friends To Lovers, right now).

NT: If someone has not read any of your books, which would be the one you’d recommend they try first?

Christi: Absolutely Planning for Love.  It is my favorite, and jam-packed with humor and heart, romance and some pretty hot sex, if I do say so myself.

NT: How can readers contact you?

Christi: Please visit my website for more information on all my books, and a contact form.  Swing by my blog, or follow me on Twitter and Pinterest, too!

NT: Thanks for being our guest today!


If somebody turned your life into a romance novel, what drink best describes you, and why?

Leave an answer below for a chance to win a digital copy of Planning For Love?

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Ever since his abduction by the Eternal Order of Vampires, Gray Donohue has finally found his true calling: vengeance. He will stop at nothing to bring his fellow Impure vampires the freedom they deserve. Now if he could just release his primal need for the beautiful vampire who saved his life-and rules his thoughts and desires . . .After nearly killing the senator she was assigned to protect, Dillon is now in mortal danger. The jaguar within her has been unleashed, and she can no longer control it. Sex is the only thing that can tame her shift. And Gray is the only man who can make her surrender to a passion strong enough to overpower her inner beast. But she doesn’t want to surrender-she wants her life back. Because she is determined never to belong to anyone, especially not Gray-the man who destiny claims is her mate.


Q1)  What shape is Alexander Roman’s True Mate markings on both his cheeks?

a) key shaped

b) heart shaped

c) star shaped

d)  none of the above

Q2)  Which one of the Roman brothers has ribbed fangs?

a) Lucian

b) Nicholas

c) Alexander

d)  None of them have ribbed fangs

Q3)  Which character in the Mark of the Vampire series has the ability to hear the thoughts of others?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Synjon Wise

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

Q4)  Which one of the Roman brothers  is known to be sarcastic and crude?

a)  Alexander

b)  Nicholas

c)  Lucian

d)  None.  They are all perfect gentlepavens.

Q5)  Which character in the MOTV series is has a twin mutore (beast) brother?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

Q6)  Which Roman brother has the ability to mask himself from another’s view?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  None of the brothers have this ability

Q7)  Which Roman brother is known to be secretive and highly sexual?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  I can’t decide.  I’m stuck on the highly sexual part.

Q8)  Which character in the MOTV series has pale hair and eyes and is referred to as an albino?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

Q9)  Which character in the series is serious, driven and said to have “magic hands”?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

Q10)  Which is YOUR favorite character in the MOTV series?

a)  Alexander Roman

b)  Nicholas Roman

c)  Lucian Roman

d)  Gray Donahue

If you picked mostly A’s you are attracted to Alex.  If you picked mostly B’s you want to get naked with Nicky.  If you picked mostly C’s you are lusty for Lucian and if you picked mostly D’s you are gaga for Gray.   If you have a combination of all the letters you are hooked on Laura Wright’s MOTV series and can’t wait for your next MOTV fix.



Leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of ETERNAL BEAST by Laura Wright plus swag. Good luck! 😀

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