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Hi Novel Thoughts – thank you so much for having me on your blog today!


I’m here to tell you a bit about my new release from Samhain Publishing, called Seven Sexy Sins. Here’s a blurb from the book:


The road to passion is paved with guilty pleasures.


Faith Hillman is in a bit of a pickle. She’s been commissioned to write a series of magazine articles on spicing up your love life. She’s got the theme—the “Seven Sexy Sins”—but there’s one major problem. She hasn’t experienced any of them.


Ever since Faith’s older brother gave Rusty Thorne a black eye for kissing her on her eighteenth birthday, he’s kept his distance, waiting for the right time to make his move. This is it. She needs a research partner? He’s the man for the job.


When sex-on-legs Rusty offers his services, Faith is all over it—with one caveat. The notorious heartbreaker must sign a confidentiality contract. Just to keep him safe from her brother’s wrath, of course….and her heart off Rusty’s long list of conquests.


As they work their wicked way through the list, the implications of the contract hit Rusty as hard as the handcuffs binding his wrists to the bed. For it isn’t just Faith’s touch that rocks his world. It’s the way his heart likes it that blows his defenses out of the water. And makes him wonder, when the contract ends, if he can bear let her go.


Warning: Includes rebellious hero who enjoys inserting Tab A into Slots B, C, and even occasionally D. Also includes highly inappropriate use of a Mars Bar.



That warning even makes me blush, and I wrote the damn book. Anyway, hopefully this gives you a bit of an idea of what it’s about.


So what are the Seven Sexy Sins? I’ll be around the Internet over the next few weeks promoting the book, and talking about the Sins on different sites. So if you want to find out about all seven, you’ll have to hunt me down! Check out my blog for more details about where I’m appearing. (http://serenitywoods.blogspot.co.nz/)


Anyway, Faith relates the Sexy Sins to the seven deadly sins, and the first one she comes up with is Envy. She equates this to watching sexy movies and looking at sexy magazines, thinking that women who are finding their love lives a bit predictable might discover some ideas to spice up things in the bedroom. It’s certainly an eye opener for her, as she’s never watched a porn movie before. This is what happens when they first put the DVD on (it’s called Ocean’s Eleven Inches, by the way):



They watched for a few minutes in silence. Eventually Rusty looked down at her and started laughing.




“You know those glasses you can buy in joke shops, where the eyes are on springs and fall out as you lean forward?”


She glanced at him before looking back at the screen. “Are you surprised? I mean…this is my first porn movie. It’s a bit…”


“What?” He ran a light finger along her jaw and she looked up at him. His eyes were tender. “You okay? You want to turn it off?”


“No, no…” He totally had the wrong idea. “It’s just… It’s more…um…explicit than I thought it would be.”


“You thought they’d be having tea and crumpets? You know the definition of porn, right?”


“Don’t make fun of me. I thought it would be more…suggestive and arty. Almost, I don’t know, kind of pretend. This is very…real.”


“I’m not making fun of you, sweetheart.” He bent his head and kissed her. “There are some films like that. And I think they probably appeal more to women. Slightly more romantic. But I think guys prefer this sort of stuff.”


She pressed her lips together, still feeling the brush of his mouth. “Do you?”


“We’re a pretty basic species.”



In spite of the fact that he’s fancied Faith for years, Rusty’s a bit nervous about their first time together, until she takes off her shirt, and then he pretty much forgets his nerves and thoroughly enjoys himself—so much so that they actually fall off the bed at one point. But I don’t want to spoil the story for you. Want another, sexier, snippet?



Faith gasped as he stretched her, filled her. He stopped moving, his mouth millimetres from hers, exchanging breaths with her. Their eyes met. All amusement fled, and a deep, dark desire clawed its way up her, a hunger she’d never felt before. She’d never, ever wanted a man this much, never craved someone with this intensity.


He breathed out in a long, controlled exhalation. Lowering his lips to hers, he kissed her deeply. Then, very, very slowly, he began to move.



It’s probably best if you read the book with the air conditioning on, by the way.


Serenity x



To find out more about Serenity Woods, visit www.serenitywoodsromance.com. And for a chance to win a digital copy of Seven Sexy Sins, just leave a comment below. Good luck!




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