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wins Savage Awakening by JD Tyler



wins If I Fall by Kate Noble


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Cover WTFery

We’re always posting about the gorgeous covers we find online but tonight I saw a couple that just begged to be posted. Not because they were AMAZING but because they’re the opposite.

First up is this one. At first glance, I thought the guy was sitting on the toilet. On second glance, I thought he was taking himself in hand under that red scarf or blanket or what have you. I remember seeing this in the RT magazine months ago and it was still one I remembered when we were talking about awful covers on Twitter tonight.

Second cover, I saw this come through my GoodReads feed and at first I thought it was her shoulder that looked like that until Lillie said it wasn’t her shoulder, it was her boobage. She looks like she’s about to fall over from the weight of it. :X

Have any covers jumped out at you for the wrongness of it all? Share! 🙂

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