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by Lucy Monroe

ISBN-10: 0425239802
ISBN-13: 978-0425239803
A Children of the Moon Novel #4

When Erik, the only living dragon shifter, and prince of the Ean, killed her brother, Ciara was left alone to face her prophetic dreams. Now, in order to find the wolves’ sacred stone and save all the Chrechte from destruction, she needs her enemy’s help.

Erik was only protecting the children of his people, but that day in the forest left a mark on him as well. Controlling his dragon’s fire is the most difficult thing he’s ever done—until he and Ciara are forced to face not only their shared tumultuous past, but a hallowed bond stronger than they realize. As avowed enemies and predestined mates, their quest ushers them into a world of great danger, and a passion hotter than the dragon’s fire.


Available September 4, 2012


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Every great romance comes with a risk…

After a duke’s betrayal, the resilient Sarah Forrester reinvents herself as the Golden Lady: society’s leading light, the beautiful and witty life of the party. It’s all a façade of course-one that protects her from another intimate disloyalty. When her old friend, Lieutenant Jackson Fletcher, returns to London, he is determined to rediscover the true and trusting Sarah he once knew. It’ll take more than a kiss and a promise. It might even call for an innocent and necessary deception.

Then Jackson is enlisted to help capture the lead suspect in a murder— a man who happens to be Sarah’s most ardent suitor. Jack must continue the deception, and weathering this newest and gravest betrayal will be Sarah’s ultimate test. But as Jack’s passion for her grows, he must also reveal his own secrets. And as the killer turns his attention to his pursuers, more than love and trust is put at risk.



Hello, and thank you so much to Fatin for having me on Novel Thoughts today!  I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my latest novel with you all, If I Fall, and a very difficult hero, one Jackson Fletcher of his Majesty’s Navy.


If I Fall centers on Miss Sarah Forrester, who having been dumped by a duke, reinvents herself as the Golden Lady – the most sought after young lady of the ton.  But only her best friend from childhood, Lieutenant Jackson Fletcher, can tell just how deeply she’s been hurt.  And he will pull out all the stops to find the true Sarah Forrester beneath her façade. But Jack isn’t without his own problems – he’s a lieutenant in the British Navy at a time where there wasn’t much action for the British Navy.  The Napoleonic Wars and the conflict with the United States of 1812 were long over.  There wasn’t a lot for a navy man to do – no hope to pin his future on.  In fact, The Lieutenant’s Lament, written by William Nugent Glascock in his Naval Sketch-Book in 1834, illustrates many a young officer’s dilemma:


As sure as a gun,

We shall be undone,

If longer continue the peace

A top we shan’t know

From a futtock below

Nor a block from a bucket of grease


That’s only the first verse.  The poem goes on for seven more.  But it perfectly encapsulates the problems of the navy man in peacetime.  And since Jack’s ship was heavily damaged while at sea, he has no idea if it’s going to be fixed, or if he’s going to be able to find a position on another one.


Often times in romance novels – especially in historicals – the hero is a man of purpose.  He’ll be rich and have estates to tend to, or he’ll be poor and on a quest to either marry for money, or earn it through the means of the day – gambling, investing, piracy.  But what happens when the hero has his purpose taken away from him?  When he is stuck in a limbo, not knowing if he’s going to set sail at any moment, or if he’ll be land bound forever?


I discovered, in Jack’s case – it makes him very mischievous.  And who better for Jack to focus all of his mischief on, than the other lost soul in his life, Miss Sarah Forrester?  But mischief often leads to trouble – and soon enough, Jack and Sarah find themselves mixed up in a mystery that makes all their problems seem insignificant.


So what do you think?  Do you enjoy a mischievous hero?  One lucky commenter will win a copy of If I Fall!  (US only).  And if you want to read more about Jack and Sarah, I have exclusive excerpts up on my website at  www.katenoble.com.


And of course, I’m always on facebook (www.facebook.com.katenoblewriter) and twitter (www.twitter.com/katenoblewriter)


Happy reading everyone!



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