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When Tinch Turner lost his wife, he gave up on living. Now he spends his nights brooding, boozing and brawling. When one of his escapades lands him in the ER, he finds himself staring up at the beautiful new doctor in town. For the first time in years, he feels a spark, but Addison Spencer wants nothing to do with the unruly rancher—or any man for that matter. She’s only in Harmony four months, long enough for the trouble she left behind to be over. But then a vulnerable little boy barrels into both of their lives, forcing them out of the past —and into a future where love is just down the road…


JUST DOWN THE ROAD is my 34th novel and I believe one of the best I’ve ever written.  Whenever I write I always think about the kind of story I love to read.  I want to laugh and cry and fall in love.  I want to care.  I want to stay with the story longer than planned because I just have to know what happens next.  I think, as you read JUST DOWN THE ROAD that I will take you on that journey.  You’re going to love my people, not because they’re rich or famous, or powerful, but because they’re kind.  They’re trying to survive in a world where doing what is right matters.

My story opens with a rancher named Tinch Turner who is grieving the loss of his wife and best friend the only way he knows how, but working too hard and fighting just as hard.  He’s lost the light in his world and sees himself as just waiting to take his last breath.  Only problem is, he runs into is a doctor who sees her job as fighting to keep people alive, even him.

Doctor Addison Spencer moves in just down the road from him and before either realize it they both become involved in the same cause.  One little boy pulls them together and makes them both forget their own problems because his needs are so great.

I like to write my stories like life, with people’s worlds circling around one another and sometimes colliding.  The stories that happen in Harmony are like that.  Some ending as others begin but all richer for being together.

JUST DOWN THE ROAD is my fourth stop off in Harmony, Texas.  Though the books are related they don’t have to be read in order.  However, for those readers who love series, you might want to start with the first, WELCOME TO HARMONY.  Though the stories are different, you might have fun watching the way a few of the people grow through the books.

Step into my stories.  You’ll find a home in Harmony.

Jodi Thomas





A big thank you to Jodi for joining us today!

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The life of Lark Jaansen, hunter in Clan Gennessee, has been shaped by violence and unrest and it defines her future. Well-trained and resilient, she’s met her militaristic match in Simon Leviathan, a warrior not of this world. Locked in mutual admiration, and a desire so hot it burns, Lark and Simon have something else in common: they love the dark, and as a shadow is cast over their world, they’re each coming into their own.

A mysterious war has been waged among the Others. As witches and humans turn against each other, as fae retreat in fear, and as vampires rise, Lark and Simon discover that an unseen force is behind it. A single, hungry entity older than recorded history has returned to gorge on the magick of his victims. He is the Magister, nothing less than the end of time. Finding him is Lark and Simon’s first hope. Surviving him is their last.

Release date: June 5 2012


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Everyone knew the earl of Penhollow needed a wife, so one thunderous night the villagers gathered together to ask the ocean to deliver a bride to the bachelor lord . . .

When Pierce Kirrier rescues a mysterious beauty from the billowing ocean waves, he has no idea who she is or where she came from. But at first sight of this enchanting maiden, he knows he must claim her for his own. Taking her back to Penhollow Hall, he pampers her like a princess, determined to win her trust and her heart.

For Eden, awakening in an elegant bedchamber in a remote corner of Cornwall is like a perfect dream. In Pierce’s arms she has discovered true love, true joy, and a passion she never imagined could exist. Yet she knows in her heart that, once her secret past catches up with her, her dreams could be shattered . . . forever.

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“When a Chattan male falls in love, strike his heart with fire from above . . . “

They call him Lord Lyon, proud, determined–and cursed. He is in need of a bride, but if he falls in love, he dies. His fervent hope is that by marrying–and having a son–without love, perhaps he can break the curse’s chains forever.

Enter beautiful Thea Martin–a duke’s headstrong, errant daughter and society’s most brilliant matchmaker. Years ago, she and Lyon were inseparable, until he disappeared from her life without a word. Now she is charged with finding Lyon’s bride–a woman he cannot love for a man Thea could love too well.


Available April 24, 2012




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