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Nia Hollister doesn’t scare easily. Come hell or high water, she intends to find her cousin’s killer. She returns to Ash, Kentucky, for answers. What she doesn’t expect is to ache with desire every time she sees Law Reilly. If any man can help her escape the nightmares for a while, it’s him. But can she allow herself to take comfort in those strong arms when a murderer still roams free?

Unknown to Nia, as she quietly slips into Law Reilly’s home, is that she’s being watched—by someone who is waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Timing is everything, though he can’t wait forever. If she’s not frightened, she soon will be. Nia has made a vow to find her cousin’s killer. She should be careful what she wishes for.



Why I Hope the FBI Never Needs to Question Me

  1. Should they ever confiscate my iPhone, they’d discover they’d asked Siri this question a hundred time… Where can I bury a body?
  2. Should they ever confiscate my computer, they’d discover that I have researched a hundred ways to dispose of a body.
  3. Should they ever go through my web history, they’d discover that I’ve researched the best way to abduct people.
  4. (Are you all looking at me a little shifty yet?)
  5. Should they ever looking some of my bookshelves, they might think it’s a shrine to death and sex crimes.  Books on the most dangerous poisons, books on the most dangerous serial killers, an encyclopedia of serial killers, a handbook about drug-facilitated sexual assault
  6. Should they grow through my browsing history, they’ll see that I’ve done research on unusual ‘souvenirs’ that a killer might keep
  7. (The only souvenirs in my house are from trips.  Magnets, books, pictures.  No body parts, clothing, etc, I promise)


There are weirder things that I could tell you that I researched while working on my Ash trilogy, but that would be giving away spoilers.  There is a really gruesome detail I discovered for my stand alone RS title, STOLEN, coming out in the fall, but that’s really spoilerish.

Here’s to hoping that if the FBI ever does need to question me, I can show them the books I’ve written and claim, It was all for research!  I swear!


There was one really, really weird but cool but morbid thing I discovered while researching for the Ash trilogy and I won’t tell anybody what it is until they’ve read the book and emailed me who the killer is and then made a guess what the detail might be.

But it’s cool, and it’s weird…if you wanna know what it was, read the book!  😀

A quickie excerpt…


Sleep evaded her, but Nia didn’t want to sleep anyway.

Nia was happy to stay in that chair, floating along in that little twilight place between sleep and wakefulness.  Zoning out.  That’s what she was doing.  Zoning out.

But when a fist started pounding on the door, it damn near scared her to death and she shrieked, struggling free of the blanket, ending up in a tangle on the floor.

Something crashed against the door.

She heard somebody call her name.

Confused, her butt hurting, she looked up and stared at the door, shuddering in its casement.  Law— ?

Another crash against the door.  Damn it, he was going to tear the damn door off the hinges! Swearing, she shoved to her feet and rushed to the door, throwing it open just as he was about to throw himself against it a fourth time.

“Damn it, are you insane?” she snapped.

He caught her around the waist, jerking her against him.

Stunned, her head spinning, she stood there, her face pressed against his neck, the scent of him flooding her head.  Right when she’d almost caught her breath, he pushed her away and stared down at her.  “Are you okay?  Why in the hell did you scream?”

Then he was craning her head this way, that way.

The concern in his eyes was doing weird little things to her heart—as was the fact that he’d all but busted the door down because he’d been worried, but still.  Scowling, she pulled away from him and smoothed her shirt down, noticing that she was still wearing the wrinkled T-shirt she’d pulled on when she’d called the sheriff’s department.

“I’d been sleeping,” she said.  “I…well, I fell out of the chair when you knocked.  Guess that’s what you heard.”

“I…oh.”  He frowned, shoved a hand through his hair.  It was standing up in spikes and tufts, like he’d been doing that a lot lately.   He had the grace to look a little abashed, but that faded about three seconds later, replaced by an annoyed look.  “I heard you had some company last night.”

She cocked a brow.  “Well.  That small town gossip really does get around, huh?”

“Why didn’t you call me?”

“I called the sheriff’s department,” she pointed out.

“Yeah.  I’m glad you did.  But you could have called me, too.”

Something flashed in his hazel eyes…something that looked like hurt.  It made her uncomfortable, she realized.  And it made her wish even more that she had called him.

“I wanted to,” she said quietly, unaware she’d been planning to say it until the words were already there, hanging between them.  “But I…hell.”

Tired, she pulled away and dropped down on the side of the bed, clasped her hands between her knees.  “We still don’t even know what we’re doing together, do we, Law?  Other than sex and me waving a gun at you and you trouncing my ass, we have no history.”

“Do we need a history for me to worry about you?”

She looked up, watched as he crossed the floor.  He crouched down in front of her, reached up. He cupped her cheek and rubbed his thumb over her lips.  “Do we, Nia?”

“No…I don’t guess we do.”  He was melting her.  Working his way so deep inside her already. How did she handle it?  How?




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The Book


The Tease


She swallowed again and lowered her head slightly in a show of submission.

He slid his fingers underneath her chin and prodded her upward once more. “Never look down, Ren. You may submit to me. You may obey me. But never, ever, will you look down like you’re lesser. Eyes and chin up always. Show me the proud, spirited woman who chooses to give me the gift of her submission.”

Tears burned her lids and she fought to keep them from falling. She met his gaze with fierce gratitude. For understanding her. For accepting her and for wanting her to be strong.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. Just a whisper. Like a salute to the woman she was. His acknowledgement of who she was.


The Blurb

He awakened a need within her…

Cole is successful beyond his dreams. He can have any woman he wants, but there’s only one he can’t stop thinking about. His childhood sweetheart, Ren. He’s never forgotten his first taste of innocent love and the desire that consumed them—or the pain he brought upon her…

But now she belongs to another…

Her long ago brush with submission awakened a longing in Ren that drove her to walk the darker edge of desire. She’s become a beautiful woman at ease with her sexuality and unapologetic about her need for a dominant man. When Cole finds her again, he’s gutted that she belongs to another. Ren’s current master agrees to give her to Cole for a short time, but then she must return to his keeping. And though Cole agrees to this bargain, he knows he will never be able to let Ren go again…


Available April 3, 2012


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