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The blurb:

As a second daughter, Grace Andreas never had to worry about the intrigues of the Elder Races. But when her sister, Petra, and Petra’s husband are both killed, Grace inherits the Power and responsibilities of the Oracle of Louisville, as well as her sister’s two young children – neither of which she is prepared for.

Yet, she is not alone. Khalil, Demonkind and Djinn prince of House Marid – driven by his genuine caring for the children – has decided to make himself a part of the household both as their guardian and as an exasperating counterpoint to Grace’s impudence toward the Elder Races.

But when an attempt is made on Grace’s life, she realizes that Khalil is the only one who can protect her – and offer her more than a mortal man…


The review:

How do I write this review without it sounding like a gushy, slightly stalkerish, fangirl squee? After trying to rewrite it half a dozen times, I’ve realized that I can’t. It is what it is; I’m embracing my inner fangirl.

Dear Ms. Harrison,

Last year, I fell in love with Dragon Bound. I bought and read the next installments in the Elder Race series on release day and while I enjoyed them, none of them came close to my love for Dragos and Pia. And then, oh happy day, an ARC of Oracle’s Moon arrived in my mailbox. Khalil intrigued me when I read about him in previous books and by the end of chapter 3, he owned me. His adorable confusion with why Grace acts the way she does and his total devotion to keeping the children safe totally melted me.

As the book progressed, I saw a side of Khalil I wasn’t expecting. He wasn’t a centuries old Djinn bored with life, he was desperate to experience the new feelings Grace and the children gave him. The unconditional love of the children while he still felt like he failed his own child, his curiosity and delight in feeling sensations as a human would. Watching a Djinn go on his first date was both touching and hilarious. And the sex scenes…ohmygod. Khalil was my first Djinn hero but if they all have that kind of mad skill, I’ve obviously been missing out.

I can’t leave Grace out of my letter of love. So strong, so flawed, and so realistically human. Grace and Khalil together were just perfect. Struggling to understand each other, willing to sacrifice anything to keep the other safe and happy, and Khalil’s reaction when Grace is in danger? I can’t say much since it is a huge spoiler but that was the moment when I declared Khalil to be my favorite hero. Ever.

In conclusion, thank you for giving me my new book boyfriend. He’s my #1 and I promise to keep him safe and revisit him frequently.


The Unexpected Fangirl

My favorite quote from Khalil:

Not everything that happened was a disaster. You had fun up to a certain point. You laughed and were happy. I was watching you. I understand the stories your face tells so much better than I did before. I know what your happiness looks like now.

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