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In her ten-year career as a stuntwoman, Ellie Morgan has experienced her share of thrills. None compares to the rush of being behind the wheel of a race car for her latest movie shoot. Certain she was born to race, Ellie’s ready to shift gears—but a secret from her past holds her back.

Quinn Reynolds is tired of being in the driver’s seat of his family’s company, Formula Racing Design. He’s ready to sell—if he can get his co-owner and brother, Mac, to agree. Quinn’s not sure what he wants to do with his future, but almost as soon as he meets Ellie, he knows he wants her to be part of it.

Though Ellie tries to resist her attraction to the charming businessman, she’s quickly in danger of losing her heart. But after narrowly escaping “accidents” both on and off the set, it becomes clear that getting involved with Quinn could be downright deadly…


I have to thank Fatin for letting me return to Novel Thoughts! I had a ton of fun the last time talking about Dangerous Race, so I’m thrilled to be back.


You’ll have to excuse me today, I’m a little over the moon about the release of my second book, Danger Zone. The road to Danger Zone has been filled with more amazing twists and turns than you can imagine. For starters, I had the awesome opportunity to narrate the book for Audible. Some of you may know that my background is in acting so I decided it couldn’t hurt to offer myself up for the role as narrator when the opportunity presented itself. But, I’m going to tell you a secret. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. I had never listened to an audio book before. I love to read. I love to have the book in my hands and turn the pages. I love to flip through and reread my favorite parts, be it the action or the love scenes. And you can’t really do that with an audio book. But, I discovered something in my preparation. I love audio books. Now, granted, like anything in life, there are exceptions to everything, but some of the narrators out there are astoundingly fantastic at what they do. I listened to a few books that made me feel as much emotion as reading would have. And honestly, that was my fear. I can interpret the way I read a book, but listening to one is different because the words are interpreted for me. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s less freeing when reading. But give the reins to a talented interpreter and it’s so fun to listen to a book. Now, as the author, I know I delivered my book the way I want people to hear it. The question is if I succeeded in the presentation. Like anything in life, that will be a matter of opinion. I fully realize I can’t please everybody all the time, but I try to please as many people as I can most of the time and that’s all I can do.


So, there you have it. I’ve bared my soul to you guys because I feel at home here at Novel Thoughts. I hope no matter what your preference is for enjoying a book that you keep reading (or listening) for a lifetime. Either way, let me know, what’s your preference when it comes to books? Are you a reader or a listener? What turns you on about audio books and what turns you off? I’m so curious to know.


Thanks for letting me play today! I had a great time!
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