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A woman on the edge.


Cassandra Belle is about to break the story of the century. But one well-placed bomb devastates her plans and leaves her on the run and in a fight for her life and her heart. Caught between wild allure and primal need, Cassie is torn by the desire to submit to both of them.


Two enemies on a mission.


The sexy Fae lord Helcyon wants to protect her, but his pleasure leaves her quaking at the loss of control. The dangerous Wizard Jacob wants to save her, but his war with the Fae frightens her even as he captivates her with passion.


With her enemies closing in, Jacob and Helcyon must challenge everything they’ve ever known to work together or risk losing her.



An Interview with Heather Long

Questions Provided by Cassandra Belle, Media Consultant


Belle: Hi there, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me. I made notes for this conversation, as I’m sure you already imagined, I have a lot of questions.  But in case we get ahead of ourselves, why don’t we start at the beginning?  Oh and happy release day!

HL:  Thanks, I appreciate it and that plan sounds good to me.

Belle:  Glad you think so.  Where did the idea for Cassandra’s Dilemma come from? Why did you throw me under the bus for this one?

HL: Well, it comes from my love of Urban Fantasy. I love stories where fantasy meets contemporary whether it’s Wizards hanging a shingle in Chicago, or witches banishing Aztec gods in Dallas or Elves that race cars.  I devoured those kinds of books when they were first gaining popularity in the late 80s and early 90s.  But few show us what happens in the immediate aftermath of that revelation, we always see them either still in hiding in that contemporary setting or a few years later after the dust is settled

Belle: But I get blown up in the first few pages.  Could your dust have been a little less painful?

HL: I was always told what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.  It’s also true that not everyone wants the Fae out in the world.  If you were able to make the announcement with no flack, it wouldn’t be much of a story, would it?

Belle: But I run into so many other problems, you’d think that press conference could have gone off without a hitch.  Not to mention it completely killed my Donna Karan. Smoke and blood do not come out.

HL: True, but look at whom you met because of the explosion.  That explosion changed your life. You want readers to be invested in your journey and nothing earns you sympathy like life threatening danger, despair and loss.

Belle: Now that you mention it, did you have to introduce me to two great looking guys in the space of as many pages?

HL: I didn’t, you’d known one for months before you met the other.

Belle: Well, yes I know. But you made it very difficult for them. They don’t even like each other.  It was like being in the middle of this constant push-pull between them.

HL: Because having two, totally hot guys pant after you is such a hardship.

Belle: Well, no.  They really do take my breath away; it’s so difficult to even think clearly around them.  All I want to do is…

HL: *snaps fingers* Eyes on the prize, there chica. Let’s get back to the Q&A.

Belle: Of course, you’re right.  So let’s talk about the Fae.  Why are they so secretive?

HL: Sorry. You have to save some things for the readers to learn.

Belle: Okay, what about the Wizards? Why so much animosity with the Fae? Why couldn’t things have worked out there?

HL: Nope. Sorry.  Why don’t you tell me what solution you would have suggested?

Belle: *frustrated sigh* they are so hard headed, but they didn’t hesitate to defend me.

HL: So you think a common cause can overcome centuries of animosity and conditioning to hate each other?

Belle: Maybe. Jeopardy does seem to pave the way to potential solutions.

HL: So, you think creating more problems is the way to solving that issue.  Good to know. *takes notes*

Belle: Wait a minute, you blew me up, shot at me, bli–

HL: I gave you Helcyon and Jacob.  You needed to deserve them.

Belle: Not that I’m complaining, but they needed to deserve me, too.

HL: Do they?

Belle: Oh yeah. I think so. *grins* Why are you writing that down?

HL:  Just making notes for the next book.

Belle: You better not hurt them.

HL: And if I do?

Belle: You’re going to have to deal with me.

HL: I think I can handle that.  Go back to counting your blessings, they start with H and end with J.

Belle: *grins* you do realize no one likes a smart ass.

HL:  So I’ve heard.


Cassandra Belle will be happy to answer any questions you might have, at least those not covered by a non-disclosure agreement.   Cassandra’s Dilemma is available exclusively from Siren today!



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