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Hello! I want to thank Fatin for having me on the blog and allowing me to share my character interview with Callum Lennon. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Melissa Schroeder and I write in genres from historical to futuristic and in heat levels from sensual to erotic. I am best known for my Harmless series but I am branching out this year and writing a couple of paranormal series, one being The Cursed Clan.


If you want to find me around the web, here is the info:







Our hero is a brooding sort, who lives in Edinburgh complete with a kilt (and yes, he wears it in the story). I met with him via Skype because well, hubby wasn’t really happy with the idea that I hit Scotland by myself with four very sexy highlanders.


Callum looks to be a man in his mid to late thirties, short black hair and with the most gorgeous blue eyes. He is in charge of Lennon Enterprises, a vast company that he and his cousins control.


MEL: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me via Skype. I understand that you had to get up extra early to talk.


CALLUM: No problem, lass. I believe in getting an early start to the day.


MEL: Your company is huge so I can understand that you would have to stay on top of things.


CALLUM: It helps if you can delegate, and it also helps having people you can trust.


MEL: Yes, you run the company with your cousins.


CALLUM: Yes. I am the CEO. Angus is in charge of everything technical. Logan is an artist at heart, so he handles out advertising while Anice handles out publicity. Fletcher handles our security.


FLETCHER from off the screen: Did I hear my name?

He pokes his head in front of Callum. Another gorgeous Lennon. His hair is light brown and his had green eyes. Add the Matthew McConaughey smile, and he is deadly to a girl’s composure.


MEL: Good Morning, Fletcher.


His smile widens.


FLETCHER: I would say it is good evening for you, love. When Callum told me he was going to talk to you, I was saddened that it was only going to be over the computer.


MEL: I have a trip to Hawaii next week, so I can’t make it to Scotland.


FLETCHER: Hawaii? Tell me what island, and I’ll be happy to join you.


CALLUM: Shoves his cousin out of the way. That’s enough of that.


FLETCHER: On my way. Give me a ring, love.


CALLUM: Rolls his eyes. Working with the family can be a blessing and a curse.


MEL: So, tell me about Phoebe.


CALLUM: He smiles and his entire demeanor changes. Phoebe came to work for us a few months ago.


MEL: Love at first sight.


CALLUM: Laughes. No.  First, she is English, so she already had a strike against her. We argued the first time we met, but I forgave her.


From off screen.


PHOEBE: Likely story.


CALLUM: You know I did, love. Of course, it didn’t happen overnight.


Phoebe comes onscreen and Callum pulled her onto his lap. Her long red hair is pulled up tightly behind her head and she is already dressed for work in a wool suit.


PHOEBE: Callum tends to forget that he didn’t really trust me for a good long while.


CALLUM: But I have seen the errors of my ways. He nuzzles her cheek and gives her a kiss. Now, if I could convince her to marry me, we would be happy all around.


PHOEBE: Rolls her light green eyes. Not until we solve the entire curse. Which, I might remind you, we need to work on today, so hurry up. Bye, Melissa. She gives him a kiss then pops up out of his lap. I am going to have a spot of tea and then we will get to work.


Her footsteps recede and Callum offers me a smile.


CALLUM: I must do what Phoebe wants, so I’ll have to  let you go.


MEL: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. Good luck convincing Phoebe to marry you.


CALLUM: I need all the help I can get, so I thank you. Goodbye, Melissa.


MEL: Goodbye.



Callum’s story is on preorder now at ARe and will be available next week everywhere. Here is a little blurb:

As Laird, Callum Lennon feels he has always failed to protect his cousins. Callum’s impulsiveness caused the death of his father and the experience has scarred not only his body, but his soul. From that point on, he made sure to always go with the more logical choice in every matter. When his younger cousin Angus finds clues that might help break the curse, Callum begrudgingly hires Phoebe Chilton to investigate. Callum doesn’t like bringing outsiders into their family affairs. Their life would become fodder for the tabloids if anyone were to find out about the curse. It doesn’t help that the instant he meets Dr. Chilton he’s attracted. But, he doesn’t really have a choice because she might be their last hope.

An expert in archeology, Phoebe has always been dwarfed by her parents’ shadow. Their high standards had her in college by thirteen and earning a second PhD by twenty-two. But her career and her broken marriage have left her needing something more than just diplomas and degrees. She wants to prove that her interest in legends, especially Celtic legends, is as important as her parents’ work. When the Lennon family contacts her, she sees the opportunity to win a massive research grant. With a long-time rival breathing down her back, she jumps at the Lennons’ offer her, hoping it will ensure her the grant. But uncovering the Lennon family secrets, and her attraction to Callum, could prove more than she can handle.


Forces outside the family are determined to ensure that they fail. When an old enemy threatens both the well being of the clan and the fragile new love, Callum will have to choose between believing his mind or his heart.



For a chance to win a digital copy of CALLUM, just leave a comment below. Good luck! :D



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