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YOURS TO KEEP by Shannon Stacey

This past summer, it seemed that everyone was talking about this book. Early reviews were coming in and all were positive. I’ve never seen so many people with such varied reading taste agree on a book. I read it myself and understood why. It’s just that damn good. Heart-warming, sexy, and tons of LOL moments makes this the most flat-out fun book I read in 2011.


Friends have been telling me for over a year that I needed to read Dangerous Passion and I finally gave in a few months ago. I am SO happy I did! Our hero, Drake, is a criminal and isn’t apologetic about it. I loved how different this was compared to most books I read.

TURN IT UP by Vivian Arend

Geeky hero!! That’s why I loved this book. I mean, I could tell you about the preggo heroine, which is an auto-buy for me. Or all the sexy times. Or zany family members who kept me giggling. Or the sigh-worthy ending. It even has one of my favorite book quotes…

Max smoothed his hand down her back, rubbing and caressing. It was the most frighting thing to hold his heart in his arms like that.

But really, this is all about the hunky, geeky hero for me 😀

DRAGON BOUND by Thea Harrison

Top-notch world building, humor, a growly hero and a tough heroine has made Dragon Bound a comfort read for me. I loved everything about it.

ANYTHING BUT MINE by Linda Winfree

I was looking for a small town romance and this series was recommended to me. That person didn’t warn me that Anything But Mine would rip my heart out and make me replace the tissue box with a roll of paper towels. No exaggeration, I sobbed through at least a quarter of the book. It wasn’t an easy book to read and doubt I’ll be reading it again anytime soon but I’m so grateful I took a chance on it.


My biggest book wish for 2012 is more urban fantasy from Lauren Dane. I need to know more about ass-kicking Rowan, her hot vamp honey Clive, and her evil but awesome foster father. I rarely love a UF on the first book but this one had the perfect balance of romance that just works for me.

IMMORTAL RIDER by Larissa Ione

Love it. Love it, love it, love it. A tough but vulnerable heroine, a hero that literally goes to hell for her, and a cast of secondary characters that I love and some that I love to hate.  I can’t wait for the next book!

CIPHER by Moira Rogers

I’ve been waiting not-so-patiently for Kat and Andrew’s story since the series started and it was worth every second of the wait.  Starting off with one of the powerful prologues I’ve ever read, it was a roll coaster of emotion. Southern Arcana is one of my favorite series in romance and Cipher is the perfect example as why.


I don’t read many historicals but this was Maya Banks and I know I can’t go wrong with her books. I loved the first book in her new historical trilogy and this one was even better. I giggled, I sighed, I cried like a baby. It was fantastic.

TAKEN BY FIRE by Sydney Croft

I’ve been reading the ACRO series since the beginning, before I’d ever heard of Larissa Ione and her demons or Stephanie Tyler and her SEALs. The series has been such a wonderful mix of PNR, erotic romance, with a touch of urban fantasy thrown in for good measure. I’ve followed this series and, while a few surprises have been thrown in along the way, I thought I knew what to expect from the book ending the series. I never saw Taken by Fire coming. Yes, it had the sexiness and action I’ve come to expect from a Croft novel but I never expected it to break my heart. I watched a couple I’ve loved for years fall apart, be put back together, then shatter. I saw a heroine fight like hell to overcome darkness only to fall short. I cried until I had to set the Kindle aside because I couldn’t see the screen. Then I came back to see one of the best HEA I’ve ever read. And that’s why Taken By Fire is my favorite read of 2011.

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