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He sees her when she’s sleeping…


Undercover DEA agent Caleb Black is home for the holidays—possibly to bust his own father.  But maybe Caleb’s con-man dad isn’t the one running drugs through the small town of Black Oak. Maybe it’s the green-eyed goddess who runs the New Age shop and has Caleb under her sultry spell.


Pandora Easton saved the family store with two words: sex sells. And her delectable aphrodisiacs really work, as she’s proven with notorious bad boy Caleb again and again and again. Little does she guess that, in the end, her most potent potion will be the truth….



I know I’m not alone in loving a bad-boy hero.  Especially a bad boy with a heart of gold who treats women with respect (see, I do have bad boy limits).  There’s something a little wicked and naughty about a bad boy hero, even one like Caleb Black, who is supposedly reformed and walking on the right side of the law.  And in Caleb’s case, even though he worked for the DEA, he spent all his time undercover.  Which meant he was still dancing on the edge of wicked.


I loved writing Caleb and all his bad boy goodness, especially in contrast to his best friend, FBI Special Agent Hunter.  Now, Hunter was just as sexy as Caleb.  Just as smart, good looking, and intriguing.  But for me as a writer and a reader, it’s always those bad boys that draw me further.  I just can’t quite figure out why.  Good guys are often just as sexy.  Definitely more reliable.    And so much easier to bring home to the family.  So what is it about bad boys that draws us in?


Maybe the unpredictability?  That wicked gleam in their eye that tells you they have all kinds of secrets, and most will make your body melt?  The hint of wildness that invites us to unleash our own inhibitions?  The lure of the forbidden?  The promise of excitement?




How about you?  Which kind of hero do you love more?  A good boy?  Or a bad boy?  Could you fall for a hero who is a con artist?  Or would you prefer the hero who’s working for the FBI?  And the really big question…  Why?  What is it about that kind of hero that tugs at your heart? 



Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy stories for Harlequin Blaze since her first book hit the shelves in 2007.  When not obsessing over deadlines, she’s shopping for cute shoes, scrapbooking or hanging out on Facebook and Twitter.  Come by and visit her on the web at www.tawnyweber.com


In December of 2011 Tawny launches her Undercover Ops series with SEX, LIES AND MISTLETOE.  The second book in the series, SEX, LIES & MIDNIGHT is on shelves in January 2012, quickly followed in February by SEX, LIES & VALENTINES.  Be sure to follow Tawny on her Holiday Survival Tour as she celebrates these three books with contests, giveaways and lots of fun.  You can read the first chapter of SEX, LIES & MISTLETOE on her website, all you have to do is join the Reader LoveFest!



A big thank you to Tawny for visiting with us today!


For a chance to win a copy of Sex, Lies and Mistletoe, just leave a comment answering Tawny’s question. The winner will be drawn on Sunday. Good luck! 😀


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